Newly Distributed Light Codes: A Few New Manifestations Of The New Earth.

Newly Distributed Light Codes

Since October started life has gotten a lot more interesting. It has for a lot of reason(s). The most important reason has to do with our own personal, individual and collective development, for this entire year so far. We are developing to such a high degree, that the lines are becoming so blurred, in regards to life before this new cycle and life now as we are living within it. In October, a new layer of this has occurred. The energies are once again pummeling the earth and everyone, in new ways and at higher levels than what we have experienced before.

Which means more lines are becoming blurred. While the old becomes replaced by the new in every way, expect life, people, the world to look like this in the weeks and months to come. It takes time for new concepts, ideas and information to materialize on this earth and in the various realities. This week however, I saw and felt these new changes materialize and that is all because of these Newly Distributed Light Codes. 

This week I am going to have to stick to writing another Energy Update. It just feels like I need to continue with this pattern. I have wanted to write this article all week long, but for some reason it was another one of those weeks where I could not. I have been experiencing this all month long. I can never seem to stick to the day I want to get the article done, the information I want to share to be shared on any specific day that I choose. All month long. Now my higher understanding of why this happens, why it has been happening to me, is simply that… I am just not ready to share it. I am either not ready to understand the information, what is going on yet, or, I am and it just is not the right time for me to share what I know. This time around I am ready. I feel good. I understand everything I need to. Now I can share it by writing what I know. Its’ later than expected but here it is. 

There have been two huge Energy Points that I have picked up on, that I have moved through during the month of October. At least for me. This is what I have seen. This is what I have felt. This started for me on {Oct 6th} and then again on {Oct 17th.} The first point we moved into a higher layer of codes and energies. Then it stopped. Then the second energy point I experienced began last Saturday. It has yet to stop for me. I have been slammed, pummeled, bombarded by what I can feel are repeated Newly Distributed Light Codes that we have received all month long. Earlier, this month I could not understand why I felt like I was at a stand still. I felt trapped. Stuck. Like I was being kept in one spot. I did not feel, see, or experience anything new materialize at all. After that Saturday. When a second layer of these new light codes were implanted onto earth. That is when I started to feel and see new concepts, ideas, information being sent to me. I knew what was going to transpire in many way(s) and why. Both personal and collective. After those events happened to me and for me like I knew that they would, thing’s once again ended. No new materialized information about The New Ascending Earth.  Not until November. It is going to be a real energy shift, a real reality shift for everyone. 

One of the few reason(s) why I chose to call this website New Ascending World. Was because we are and the world is literally Ascending into a new world. That has been going on for years, decades. Now these manifestation(s) are starting to take place, but at an increased rate. Sure, there is a lot of confusion and chaos going around. The new is here in very many new ways. I’m going to quote one of my other article(s,) as I feel it is the right time to do it. 

In November I felt such an intense energy for this specific month. I also sensed and could pick up on a potential Timeline Jump or Shift.

This was the most prominent month out of the three months, because there was, from what I felt, a potential for a great timeline shift to occur. Which greatly depends on the American people. That was what I felt greatly for that month in terms of the American people making a gigantic Timeline Jump into a higher reality. I’m not saying this Timeline Jump will happen. I am saying, that there is the possibility that the world and the American people will move into a higher reality and frequency than they currently are existing in now. In terms of the energies. Prepare yourself because November is going to be huge. Especially in two areas. The Double 11 Portal Waand the lead up to the first Eclipse on Nov 29-30th.

I wrote this paragraph in an article at the end of September. I’m quoting it here, now, because I know it is connected to these Newly Distributed Light Codes. These October energies, light energies and codes are all what is going to help manifest this. I am not saying that it will 100% definitely happen. I know timelines. I know about timelines. Every, single event, on earth can shift the balance of any type of event, from manifesting into perfect creation. If what I do see as of right now happens, then it is because of these light codes being dropped down into me, you and everyone and literally filling them up with enough light. That is the greatest possibility right now. This could all shift of course. As it usually does in most cases.

This along with everything else going on right now, collectively and personally. These latest Distribution of Light energies from the one and only (God/Light) is what is driving the new earth world to manifest. There is so much that I see happening. Removal of old 3D lower thinking, ways of being, ways of life and the new is struggling to be created and manifested right now. It soon will be. Anything new takes time to be fully understood, integrated into specific people, in different locations, at certain times, so that it can be created and spread across this world. With so many different people living and existing at various levels, within different realities. It will take time. November is another opportunity, energy point, distribution access point, for these energies and these new concepts of the new earth to fully manifest itself. Then in December too. Then in January and in all of the 2021. So on and on it goes.

One other way the new manifests is within us. The first, second and third wavers of the first cycle. I can now add the now activated first wavers within humanity. The first group of the regular folks. They may not understand Ascension and Evolution. However, they are now feeling what we have always felt. 

All of October has hurt like hell. I am not going to fluff it up for anybody. I have hurt in way(s) that are both familiar to me and that are just not in anyway. My body hurts. My right arm and joints are hurting like crazy, aching  and in pain. Which I am not used to at all. I am increasingly plowed by incoming light energies. In the crown area. In the third eye area. The constant fast heart rate, pulsating and ear ringing has had me begging for relief. The head pressures and headaches started on the 17th and they have not stopped. They are what I have suspected. Increased brain and gland modifications. However, they have left me exhausted and weak.

On top of that I got hit with the actual flu and it has been excruciating to deal with everything all at once. Thanks to circumstances out of my control. It has been a hard week. 

If you have not felt well. Due to energy modification(s) and life circumstances. Hold on for dear life at this challenging time in our collective history, It is not easy. It won’t be easy. Just continue to move forward no matter what is in front of you. Never stop. Do what you need to, to uplift yourself as well as to survive. The new earth world is almost here and it is slowly being manifested. 

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