October 2020 Brain Unifications: Unifying Of Our 3D Brain(s), Into Our New 5D One.

Unification Of Our 3D Brains

October started off calm and quiet for me like I wrote in my last article. However, after Tuesday Oct 6th things became quickly clear to me, that it was going to escalate. Then it did. In new and different way(s). By the weekend of the 10/10 Portal Way, the energies had amplified greatly like I knew it would. Then it manifested in very new ways for me. The physical manifestations of these October energies; I experienced a re-balancing of my entire brain. A unification and merging of my two-brain half’s that I did not expect, but that was a serious welcome to me as I felt myself re-balance in various moments, on and off, throughout this past week. 

My article for this week is going to focus purely on, the physical changes, that our bodies have been undergoing for this entire year. Our Light Body is constantly changing all of the time and this year, our bodies have been changing at warp speed. They have been changing in way(s) that we do not understand and to be honest that does not feel comfortable to us. So, it has felt so important for me to share a little bit about what I have experienced, and it is all connected to these October 2020 energies. 

This entire year I knew that my one and only mission, job, light work, that I was called on to do, was to just embody and embody all that I could. That was the guidance that I received in December of 2019. Then, more intuitive messages and even more nudges occurred in January, until I finally quit my job due to worsening physical discomforts, due to the entire world moving into a completely new evolutionary cycle of the Ascension Process. Meanwhile, covid-19 hit, and the world was thrown into a pandemic at the same time that these new energies and this new cycle began. Ever since, I have been home until I started working last month again, because I could no longer avoid earning income. During this time, I have experienced weird symptoms, advanced physical pains, aches, discomforts and plenty of moments where I felt like I was close to dying. On the verge of physically exiting my physical body, because it all felt so NEW and at the same time dangerously advanced.

My entire experience this year on a physical level has left me feeling frustrated and tired. Frustrated, because I could not find anyone online who felt the way that I did. No-one was talking about it. No-one was writing about it. Even today, I see no indication online of any physical symptoms that I have experienced, no dates they experienced them on and it really used to bother me. It also left me feeling confused and seriously pissed off. How can I be experiencing and feeling things’ happening, that other people, who are always writing about it, are not writing anything about, this entire year that has completely changed my and every other embodiers life? I mean what the hell is going on here with some people in that online community. Am I and the first, second and third wavers actually the only ones going through the hardcore physical stuff? It did not make any sense to me at that time. 

All year I have been increasingly frustrated at the lack of information and knowledge, that has not been provided, by anyone, about anything. Then it hit me. That I needed to stop going to them for self-validation.  I have had to completely trust myself much more this year, because that is what I needed to do for this year. Rely more on myself and not try to go outward for validation for what I have been experiencing. It kind of helped me release a lot of that internal anger that I felt. Was I still pissed off about no one mentioning the physical pains, associated with the new energies of this brand-new cycle? Yes! I just knew what I needed to do for myself, and I learned how to not to be so angry, about not having other people there, to verify, what I already knew was going on within my body and why it was happening. 

The physical symptoms for this year were all new, strange and they lasted longer, than what I experienced in my early years of embodying. The start of this year it was intense lower body aches and pains that went right into the nerves, veins, and you could feel them moving around in your legs. In February I felt intense brain unifications taking place. In March I felt so sensitive and a tightness in my throat, (I was later diagnosed with having thyroid autoimmune in August.) In April through May I had tightness in my left lower back and leg. By June and July, the eclipses nearly took my life. I ached all over the place, bones were out of place. In August into September. I was hot all over the damn place. Hot flashes, sweating and this lasted for weeks into September and that started to calm down for me. In October, I have felt extremely cold and have had the brain unifications return back for me like they did in February.

This is a big part of it all. However, the most important part of this article is the fact that (The brain and it’s two halves have been merging, for me and for all of us with these October 2020 energies.

In 2020, when we entered this new cycle. We had no idea that the changes to our 3D bodies, would be and or feel anything like this. However, these changes for the first 10 months of this year, they have happened, because we were not just in this new cycle. We were also shifting from those 3D way(s) of being. We shifted and so did our body and internal organs. Especially, our brains. What has happened to me and for me since The 10/10 Portal Way, involves modifications to my brain. It has been re-balancing and finally beginning to merge into a whole, unified brain. Because of this, all other parts of my body have been going through the same process of evolving themselves.

The unique thing about all of this brain unification in October 2020, is that I am also a conscious, active, creator in this process as well. I am not just hoping for it, I am working and envisioning it. I am creating this merging, unity, and collision between my left and right sides. Combining the fractured aspects of myself to fully, become one. One big brain and really feel and be aligned. Which I have not felt for such a long time. 

Another, important thing that I noticed. Is that In October 2020 it has been my right feminine side, that has been activating much more than usual. More right sided pressures and sudden head pains for a few seconds. In February, the same thing happened, except it was on my left side. More masculine left side energies. 

October 2020 has been all about balance. The sun is skipping through the sign of Libra right now, until next week. So balance, unification, working on everything within yourself and becoming completely merged. This has been an important theme not just this month, but for this entire year. Continue to take care of you, because only you can be all that you need to be. A fully merged 5D Human Light Being. 

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