October 2020 Started Off Quiet: All Those Clairvoyant Messages, They’re All Coming True.

All Quiet In October 2020

The start of October and this first week has been surprisingly quiet (for me.) When thing’s go quiet like the way they have for me, that usually let’s me know that I am about to enter the new, or, that I am already in the new. Then as soon as the energies start grinding their gears up again, full force, then thing’s become unsettled again. Then soon a new mission, or, a new phase will begin for me at some point in the next few weeks. Lately, over these last few days I have felt like I have been on hold. Just waiting for thing’s to pick back up again. However, despite my quiet week; it was filled with a lot of mental and emotional triggers.

The entire week really tested me, on every single level and it has thrown me into new situations, with new people (because I have had to start working again), but, at those same lower levels that I have always known. I have also had to overcome myself, my struggles, my challenges and my own emotions. So, if you have also found these early October energies started off quiet, but, then got increasingly more and more difficult. Hang in there. 

For my article this week I’m going to write another Energy Update. I feel it is important and I have wanted to write a little bit about what I have been feeling and experiencing with the light energies. Especially, those specific energies and codes from September and onwards into the month of October so far. Which includes a lot of events Finally happening now, that was revealed to me months ago, about the world, the energies, as well as, personal mission(s) that are now ending for me and a few other Light-workers.

To give everyone all a good idea about how strange, quiet and increasingly more and more difficult October has been and gotten. The farther we move into it. I had initially started writing this specific article mid-week and was set to write it, edit it, and then publish it on Wednesday. It’s now Saturday night. The quiet (for me) of these new energies has kept me in a holding place, the emotional and mental triggers then became all consuming and really messed with my mind. Now we’re heading into the second week of October. This alone was very unusual; I know at times I need to just stay silent and live through everything that I am going through. So, do all of you. However, this was an extensive period of time where nothing new was or has been manifesting for me. So, I needed to and have stayed quiet and doing much of nothing is all that I have needed to do. Plus, some specific areas have now reverted back to a stage 2 level of living where I’m from. I’m in (Ontario.) So, really doing nothing is all the energies seem to need me and probably many in this location and more globally to do right now. New energies manifesting but not fully manifested physically for humanity. 

Since August of this year; I started to noticed a strange pattern developing, in how I was physically embodying these latest and new light energies and codes. This all taking place over the course of the last three months. This strange pattern involves: The non-stop process of embodying these new codes, light energies, via the top of my head. The Crown chakra area (for me) has been extremely busy this entire year and that is not normal for me. I do not embody this much and like this all of the time. So, it has to do with what we are experiencing in Cycle Two. How hyperactive this entire year feels. Surely, it happened in August and with hot flashes accompanying it. As we approached September, the hot flashes stopped but those damn crown chakra pressures and downloads continued. In October, this specific level of embodying stopped. It’s left me wondering what was happening and why it had stopped. Then it started doing it again this past week as we approached a lot of solar activity, Mars being highly dominant in the sky and our approaching the first of the three end of the year Portal Ways. That let me know that the quiet was over and thing’s were once again beginning to accelerate once again. 

This entire month has felt extremely odd from the moment we entered it. Dead silence. Just a dreary silence, like something was going to eventually get loud. Then on Tuesday of this past week it all began to unravel. In new ways and that is where the new has begun to manifest in the physical world. 

All of September and into October. I have been seeing on a clairvoyant level new Light codes and energies that I have never seen before. They are still Triangle Shaped Light Codes, but they are entering through the Crown Chakra with beams of light pouring in. They have a shiny silver, rainbow tint to them, in the form of triangle shaped codes. They look very much like the two gifs that I found, exactly in this way. Accept that they are taking the shape and form of triangle(s.) They are so microscopic in sight, that they are entering me, you and all of us, in a way, where we are not able to fully see their shapes up close. 

They are very much flowing into me, you and us, gently through a stream of light. This light is then disposing them into our heads, brains, glands, hearts, organs and through out our body. This is what I have seen and experienced being embodied into me these last few months.

While I, you and we have all been embodying. There have also been a few Jobs and or Missions that are ending for me right now and a few other Light-Workers. I’m only mentioning this because it is what I was shown and told earlier this year, by the 5D Female Light being who shared this information with me about October back in March. Along, with all of the clairvoyant images and telepathic messages, that were shared with me that are now becoming physically manifested for us at this time. 

One of the most important missions of this year (for me) so far and I suspect (for others’,) has been the embodiment of these Cycle Two Light energies and Codes. This is what I have been doing and focusing on all year, Since I quit my old job and left all of those aspects’ and parts of myself behind. I did that because I had to. I had to move into this New Cycle Of The Ascension Process entirely. Which is what I did. You have also done this, or, you had to make similar life choices that forced you to move into this next cycle. Many people all over the globe, in every single country, is now having to do this for the first time. This 8 month long process for me is done. I have a new physical job. I have embodied and continue to embody these new energies at this level, while also still doing nothing but this all of the time. It doesn’t mean I won’t continue to do this. That other light-workers will not continue to do this. It means that we are now getting so used to these energies, in this new cycle and we will not have to feel the way we did this past summer. This past spring. This past year going into next year. 

It does not hurt as much. It is not as severe like it used to be. In-fact every day and every month, my body is getting used to being in this new world that is being created. With a matching energy frequency to match. This mission for many of us is beginning to end and will end in the next few months. October is getting easier and there is much physical relief, but, there are still a lot of people in the world who are still having to make that frequency match now. The world is in the second wave of these energies, and many people are still having to make critical decisions about their future and whether they want to stay or go. In any circumstances’ in their life.

Do stay safe. This is a very critical time for many thing’s to occur and there is still much to experience this year and into next year. Anything can happen to anyone at any time. Keep yourself safe and looked after in the best way possible. 

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