The Rest Of 2020: More To Come With Those October, November And December Light Energies.

The Rest Of 2020 Will Be Important

For this week my article is going to be a much needed Energy Update, because there has been a lot going on recently that I want to talk about. There have been many astrological shifts, events, as well as, a lot of energy downloads and new information being sent to our earth, to all people, to be embodied and finally understood by us right now via the Light Energies and Codes we have been receiving. There have also been a lot of physical symptoms and also a lot of personal intuitive messages coming in. In regards to the last three months of the year and those energies that I have been feeling. Which I feel is important for me to share openly right now. 

How was your September? I think it is safe to say that September was much easier, with multiple energy download events that left many of us capsized in our tracks. It was a much easier month physically for me. However, the downloads were greatly more intense which made thing’s feel almost as worst as it has been for the entire year. I am now speaking on a relatively (Personal) level. As I can only share my own experiences and share them with you. The exit from September and into October (for me) Does Not Feel as traumatizing, physically painful and or heavy as I imagined that it would be. In-fact, I feel like thing’s are getting less heavy and intense. This is how I feel and that might be different for all of you. Which is what I was clairvoyantly shown and told by a 5D Light being earlier this year. More division between the populations, although thing’s would ease up for me personally as we reached October. Along, with a few other Light Embodiers. With that said.

This week has and will continue to be a really intense, heavy and difficult one. We had Saturn station direct in Capricorn on Tuesday. The next day; I felt heavy, my legs felt like they were bloated and my feet felt like they were swelling from all the light energies. We have a Full Moon Tomorrow and so far today I feel alright, but my autoimmune thyroid issues are flaring up. Which means I know that the energies are entering me and spreading all over the place. Then on Sunday we have Pluto moving direct and all of this is such a relief to me. We moved quickly from 6, then to 5, now 4 and by Sunday October 4th, Pluto moves forward and leaves us with three planets in retrograde motion. 

These are intense, astrological and Light embodiment periods we are moving through. So, try your best to move through it as best as you can. 

Another important thing that I wanted to mention in this article involves the clear, intuitive, internal messages that I have been receiving, in regards to the last three months of {2020}. I had been receiving these messages from the start of September and they were so focused, especially in specific areas, in all periods of the last three months. Here are some of the important intuitive feelings’ that I received about October, November and December. 

I just want to start off by stating what I felt intuitively was going to transpire in October. I had already been told that there would be a slight relief for me and other Light Embodiers by October or after it. Which makes sense to me as I feel like thing’s are easing up for me. A lot of the physical issues and mental, spiritual issues have since ceased. In regards to the energies. Expect a surge of Light codes to be embodied and at times it will feel unpleasant, but necessary, for our continued advancement into greater depths, within our individual and collective processes. It does not mean that things’ will automatically look and feel less chaotic. It just means it will be easier for those of us, who have been doing this for years, to acclimate to this sudden new barrage of other level Light energies, that we have experienced so for this year. 

In November I felt such an intense energy for this specific month. I also sensed and picked up greatly on a potential Timeline Jump or Shift. This was the most prominent month out of the three months, because there was, from what I felt, a potential for a great timeline shift to occur. Which greatly depends on the American people. That was what I felt greatly for that month in terms of the American people making a gigantic Timeline Jump into a higher reality. I’m not saying this Timeline Jump will happen. I am saying, that there is the possibility that the world and the American people will move into a higher reality and frequency than they currently are existing in now. In terms of the energies. Prepare yourself because November is going to be huge. Especially in two areas. The Double 11 Portal Waand the lead up to the first Eclipse on Nov 29-30th.

In December we will all feel how intense it will be. Mainly, for December I felt and saw that the energies were going to be the main thing all of humanity was going to deal with. Just wave after wave of new light energies and codes. Also, we will have the second eclipse of the fall season and then the equinox and the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in 00.00 Aquarius. Which really will feel like the beginning of the Aquarian age and it will feel like we have fully entered into it. 

This is everything that I felt, saw, and all of these bits of information have repeatedly been blasting me for days and weeks now. The strongest events will happen in November and then to greater levels in December into January. We will really feel the difference. We will feel how materialized everything will become, as well as, how materialized these energies will be for everyone and the world. Hang in there. Take care of yourself and your bodies. Self love and keep safe where ever you are.

Just know that everything is changing and getting better even if it looks chaotic. More to come when we speed by October, November and December into {2021.}

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