Into September 2020’s Equinox: A Separation Of Realities & People Who Exist Within Those Realities.

September 2020’s Equinox Energies: More Energy Separations & Leaving People Due To Separating Realities.

The Equinox is a harbinger of energy. There are two periods throughout the year where humanity experiences alignment and so does the Earth. There are two periods throughout the entire year where this happens and it is during the Spring (March) and Fall (September) Equinoxes. During these two important periods the Sun is equal in day and night, which means that the effects of the Earth’s Axial tilt become null and void. Humans experience the Earth at her most organic and those who are sensitive to energies understand this, we can feel this very natural Organic Source energy within our bodies.

The Spring and Fall Equinoxes are the only current representations of Earth from long ago before it experienced the cataclysm that it did. The Cataclysm that altered the Axial tilt of this Earth and gave us the orbit that we see and experience in today’s timeline. In Ancient Civilizations before this event the Earth was in alignment all year long with equal day and night, the stars and constellations would have been in different areas within the sky. The energies would have felt more natural and the information from higher dimensions would have flowed more easily on Earth in those time periods. Higher dimensional information can be stagnant when it comes into Earth during this period, but these last few weeks they have come in clear and natural. Many sensitives feel it in their body but this is how Earth is suppose to actually feel like all year round. Ancient Civilizations were in the flow. 

Last Thursday we had the potent Super moon New Moon and today is the Fall Equinox. It has felt so palpable and this entire weekend leading up to this specific period, has felt like one of the craziest periods of this year so far. To add insult to how you and me and everyone has felt we have to continue to deal with intense energies, unusual physical body symptoms and the very many people who just do not understand what we all go through. I’m also not talking about COVID-19. The majority of what I feel isn’t and has nothing to do with COVID-19. It is a mixture of embodiment of Light Energies and having to deal with those specific people around me who pollute my space, field, with their negative energy. 

The true horror for me on a daily basis, for this entire year – has been me having to deal with the complete destruction of everything negative. That includes a good percentage of people on earth right now. I’m not saying that to offend anyone; I am just stating a fact that I know to be true. 

This week there is a lot that I want to say, a lot that I want to cover. Especially, in regards to what is going on right now. So, for this weeks’ article I’ll be writing a lot of personal information about my experience(s.) I’m doing this so that many of you who are reading this, can understand who I am a little better. That you can understand how (Personal) this lifetime is for everyone (Individually.) While, also understanding how it can be extremely personal for (You) to be experiencing the Ascension Process. How evolving and advancing to another level beyond yourself, as well as what you have known must be all about (You.) Not about anybody else. Only about (You.) From you, to you. As well as the inner work that you do. I’m focusing on this instead of say doing another energy update, because it is more important right now.

Besides, I feel like shit. You feel like shit. We all feel awful every second of every day. It won’t change this week, or even next week. We’re living our lives in the absolute best way that we can right now. Amid, a world pandemic. Amid, the world and it’s entire 7 Billion population finally physically entering The Ascension Process themselves. Now, that is not to say that everyone is going to actively be focused on their Ascension Process. Many, will not be. Many still will not care. Those of us who have for years been embodying and living it, we will continue to and those who have embodied the first wave of energies. Not Covid-19. The first wave of energies are slowly coming out of it, in time for the second group of human beings to embody their much needed Cycle Two of The Ascension Process energies. This was never going to look and or feel easy for anybody. 

Covid-19 is not what I have been embodying all year long. The New Light Energies and Codes are what I have been embodying all year long. Covid-19 happened at the exact same time, it is very real and it is allowing people who want to choose, on a soul level, to exit this world at this time. To be able to physically leave their bodies and return to their dimension. No guilt. No shame. No anger. No mistakes. Just because they could not, did not want to, or, would not want to continue on forward. That was their own individual personal agreement for this lifetime, as that person. 

Over the last few years and since I first got activated and began experiencing my own personal Ascension Process. I began shifting (Multiple times) and (Over an over again,) constantly up higher levels until today. I have been doing this work for Six in-a-half years. I have changed. I am unrecognizable to myself. Which is (in my opinion) a very good thing. I did the work and I made those changes as each energy embodiment came and went. I dealt with feelings of loneliness, I dealt with a lot of anger that I kept inside about a lot of things’. Experiences with people. Slights. Passing comments and arguments. All sorts of nonsense that we tend to keep bottled up inside. It unleashed itself from my body, like bombs and then turning into mini-explosions. All stupid things’ that I never dealt with. I still do till this day. I had to unleash some more angers from within myself, prior to the Fall Equinox and because I did not want all of that to carry over into the next phase. This end of the year phase. I wanted to have a clean slate. I wanted a clear head and a clean heart. 

A lot of the time when I am not dealing with situation(s), personal regrets, angers, annoyances and whatever else that is bothering me on the inside. I have had to deal with people. I have had to deal with a lot of people in very many way(s) in this life, with each person I have had to approach them and or the situation with them in very many different way(s). Why? … because people individually are all so different and unique. The ego loves to have it’s own characteristics, agendas, way(s) of speaking and of course way(s) of dealing with confrontation. I can be very direct. Other times I can stay extremely quiet. Most of the time and I mean 97.9 % of the time, I usually stay quiet because over the years my ego wants and needs have slowly been dismantled. I have some ego and I will not lie. We all do. If anyone says they are ego free, they are so full of shit. The worst thing about the ego is, it wants to always be right. So, when that idea starts fluttering around in a persons’ head. It makes them so damn delusional.

I have had over the years while living my Ascension Process, dealt with some of the worst kinds of people. Those of us who are awake, aware, much more sensitive, psychic, to everyone and everything, we tend to attract those who are the most darkest or hold that level of energy towards us. If your reading this and you have had some of the worst experiences with some of the shittiest people, you have to understand how strong your aura really is. How strong your light really is. How much of your light you really are shining in the world. Which is why most of us have spent a lot of our life in our houses. We’re that strong and they are so attracted to us, but they have no idea why and or how to then become like us. So, they feed off of our energies entirely. They drive us insane. 

Over the last few years I have had to (believe it or not) leave a lot of these people behind. I have had to shut the door on them. Friends and family members. I just could not physically and psychically tolerate them. Why? … It is all about energy. Every person has an energy. If you have a high frequency and you become in contact with another person with the same high frequency. It feels easier. It feels safe. It feels normal and natural. When a person with a lower energy enters your space and field, it is crushing. It is physically painful. It causes friction and you can feel it. Many times things’ have gotten so out of hand with these types of people, where it got abusive, violent, and verbally explosive.

One time an old co-worker of mine threatened to murder me a few years back. I didn’t know how to handle that! My first instinct was to file a complaint and it worked and I managed to get him off my back, we worked less on one another’s’ shifts’. The damage was done. I knew he was infiltrated and I knew I needed to stay away from him and keep him away from me. This is just one isolated incident. 

Over the last few years I have had to mentally say goodbye to a lot of my family members. They just were not on the same energy level. A lot of them were not even on the same earth reality as me. Until this year began as it pushed everyone into the same physical reality. Since, the pandemic began and you can also read about this more and more in my old articles. My sister and her three children moved into our house last year. Then the pandemic hit and they have been here ever since. I have had to deal with these darker people and who are in my family. It has been extremely physically painful to be near them and I will get physically sick from them from time to time, just by them being in my space, field, energy field (yes I am that sensitive.) As many of you are. Some of you are lucky to have family you can trust and count on, many others’ do not. I am not one of those lucky few. I wish I was. I am not. So, for me this entire experience this year has been a living nightmare.

There has been abuse. The mother to the children and the children to the mother. The father is out of the picture. Social workers have been called by outside sources multiple times. They are loud. They are aggressive. They cause damage. They make me and my mom physically ill. The house is a mess unless we clean our home and clean the energy. Many of them have been infiltrated by entities, they allow them into themselves. Three of them are being used by one and the youngest is the odd one out. 

This is the daily reality everyday. Many Light workers, embodiers, psychics, seers, ultra sensitive to people and negativity are stuck in the exact same boat as me. This pandemic has brought everybody from those lower world realities into the highest reality. We’re having to share our homes, spaces, fields, energies, with one another. Family and or friends. If you have supportive family members and friends that is great. I’ve been around the block with a few people: Friends and family members, enough to know that many of them are not a energy frequency match with me. For a lot of you they do not match with you either. That is fine. Many times we agree to these contracts with certain family, who are not on the same energy level as you are. It’s okay. It happens. It’s going to happen. Which is why for the last six in-a-half years I have had to say goodbye to a lot of people. 

As soon as this pandemic ends and they can move wherever they go. I have already told myself that I need to say goodbye and let them go. I cannot help them and they do not want it. It hurts them to be around us, just as much as it hurts us to be near them. Which is why I have said goodbye to many people over the last few years. There was no where else for us to go. That relationship reached the end. I could not and they could not benefit from the interaction in a healthy, normal, positive way. There needed to be a complete split up and in many cases if you experienced this in the past, or, your are right now. It is okay to let go of needing to feel like your obligated to that other person, or they to you. 

It is all about what level people are on right now. Many people are still making these decision(s), choice(s) and there will be more conclusions to a lot of relationships. It’s just an Energy Thing. I’ve experienced a lot of Energy division(s) in my life, but nothing like what I have experienced this year. It is right in my face all the time “They are on another level than you are” or, “Just feel them, how do they feel to you.” It is not just about separating from the earth world(s) and realitie(s). It is about separating from those you think are hindering your highest evolution, hindering your highest growth, or who you can not help evolve higher, or help grow. They just are not ready. They do not want to evolve. You then, have to focus on (You) and this is your individualized Ascension experience. It is all about (You,) because only (You) can do it for (You).

When making that conscious decision. Thank, those people who at times have left you behind. A person who left you, or, a friend, because they cleared the way for you to move forward without feeling guilty, ashamed, afraid that you might have hurt their feelings. If they were a rotten person, then thank them for finally leaving you alone. If you loved them and knew their was a toxic, friction, to your interaction(s). Thank them for disconnecting. If they were %^&*$#@ psycho than praise the highest light that you do not need to deal with them. Most of all … if you are not gaining the highest opportunity to evolve and experience things’ in this life that make you a better being. You have to move on and you cannot feel bad for doing it. 

This is what is happening right now and it will continue for the rest of this year and next year. It is all apart of The Division of World(s).

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