Ascension Symptoms For 2021: A Few Minor Physical Things Have Changed Since 2020.

New Embodiment Pains In 2021

This week my article is going to be a much needed Energy Update. There is still a lot going on right now and these New Aquarian Light Waves of Energy are really influencing a lot of events, people, locations even more than before Cycle Two began in December 2019. In fact a lot of what I have been feeling in 2021 so far has changed, modified, moved or evolved to another level, especially in regards to what I am feeling and embodying within my physical body. 

This year has felt very different. In 2021 so far, everything to me has been both a mixture of embodying the current energies in a much more amplified way and everything feeling easier all at the same time. Which is a strange thing to say. It feels easier when it get’s easier. Then when those Aquarian Light waves hit, they hit and hit very hard which makes it feel like nothing I have ever felt before. So, there is a huge contrast happening right now for me in how I am perceiving these 2021 energy downloads. In regards to how it feels when I and or we embody.

This is 2021. Despite that. Despite what is going on around the world. Despite this being the second year of Cycle Two of The Ascension Process and how it has now included all of humanity and those who are incarnated on earth right now. In some form or another. There are a lot of people who are unsure about what is going on. I mean they have no clue. They are waiting and waiting for everything to slow down, or, to stop completely so that they can go back to whatever their life was like for them. There are people doubting why they’re experiencing what they are and the worst of all, why they’re now suddenly feeling the way that they do on a physical level. There are a few who have some kind of idea why this is going on. However, they have not evolved enough to fully understand it. They know something big is up, but they do not for some reason understand why it is happening. Then there are the tired first, second and third wavers who know fully well what is going on here and why. It is all happening for everyone on different levels right now. Which is normal because there are so many different levels, filled with many people, within those levels. It is completely normal and natural, but rest assured this is happening for everyone whether the majority of the population is aware of it or not. 

We are all embodying light energy in some way, shape, or, form, whether we are aware of it, or, whether we are completely ignorant of it entirely. Some people are embodying heavily. While other’s feel just a slight headache. That is fine. We’re all doing this. 

I knew that I would need to write this article eventually. However, I didn’t want to do it right away. I felt like I needed to experience things and 2021 before I wrote about some of the physical symptoms that I have felt, from embodying the very new to me and new to us Aquarian Age Light Energies. We recently entered the Aquarian Age and that happened on Dec 21st, with the potent and one time hit of Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in the sign of Aquarius on the December solstice. The lead up to that was physically excruciating and then we transitioned into January and that was an either survive it period or finally physically exit. We have obviously made it through that point and yes as I write this, everything feels more easier. Like I mentioned before. I just feel like I can handle everything so much better than before. Despite that, it really is still very hard on some days and of course living down here is not going to ever be or feel easy all of the time. It is still a day-to-day physical challenge to live life right now and even after moving out of and away from 2020. With all of that said. Here is a short list of Ascension Symptoms For 2021 that I have experienced so far. 

Ascension Symptoms For 2021

Head Pressure & Aches: So far in 2021. I continue to experience both left and right side head aches, pressures, pains, sensitivity, redness, as well as irritation that have to do with increased energy downloads.

These head pains and pressures begin from the top and go down into various parts of either my left ,or, right side of my head. There have been some days where I will not feel a single headache at all. These have slowly decreased for me as we entered February, because I have not felt much work in this area happen for the majority of this month. 

Weight Gain: So far in 2021. I have gained most of the weight that I lost last year back. In 2020. I lost a lot of weight. Without even trying to really lose anything at all. I have since learned that I have Thyroid Autoimmune disease. It has been really tricky for me, because I am not sure how thing’s will be for me on any given day. Then, when you add the embodying it get’s pretty tough. If you notice the back and forth weight lose last year and now your putting on that weight again. It’s due to embodying so much energy right now. Obviously, hormonal. Along with hormones changing as well as our DNA. 

The need to eat a lot more carbs, or, more than what you should has been a big theme. This symptom has returned for me once again and it may have for you too. 

Ear Ringing: So far in 2021. I still continue to hear the ear ringing, the tones, the music, the beats, the buzzing, the sounds of chirping, chimes, morse code language clicking. All of this has not changed. The only thing that has really changed, is that it seems to have gotten louder. It seems to have gotten more like this deep electric roaring sound in my ears. 

Seeing Flashes Of Light Energy: In 2021 I have seen light energy. I have seen flashes of light in my space, a lot of different colored specks, orbs, patterns, that have shown or come out in different areas. I have also psychically seen various different types of light energies, shapes, formations, patterns. The majority of them have been waves. There was an event early on in the year, when I saw circular white shaped light orbs falling down. They just fell all over the place. Then there are the triangular white edged ones that sort of look circle shaped. There is a lot of energy popping out at me, to be shown and seen by me. 

Leg, Ankle, Nerve, Vein Aches & Pains: In 2021 so far there has been a lot of lower extremities aches. I have recently noticed that as soon as February began, my legs and ankles, the veins, the nerves in my legs, ankles and feet were acting up. They would feel like electricity was moving up and down those specific areas. Which is what is happening with these new light energies coming in. The Pulsating at the bottom of my feet has not felt good either. 

The veins and nerves work together and they have been all year long so far. All that I can see, sense is light energy moving through them. Which is essentially going on. Which is why we feel those extra aches and sensitivities than usual. 

Tired But Extremely Wired: I have been tired in 2021. While I have felt this throughout the years, I have never felt so tired and needing to go and rest, but then I cannot because I am so wired from all the energy coursing through me. I am up even though I have gone to bed to sleep. I sleep throughout the day. I generally fall asleep whenever I need to. It makes it easier and I do not need to worry about it. I just trust my instincts.

Psychic Abilities & Seeing Dead People: I have seen a lot of deceased beings in 2021. I have always had psychic abilities since childhood. Over the years they have grown more and more. In 2020 it got more enhanced. At the start of this year it enhanced again. I have seen deceased people and over the last few years, this has gotten more and more of a common occurrence for me. If your psychic abilities have enhanced slightly, it is not just you. We are all more sensitive to other people, to what is happening right now. We are all feeling everything so much more. 

One thing that has happened more and more with me is seeing deceased people, over the past few years during these Ascension Years. Since, about November until now I have had to help at least three beings cross over in the town that I live in. All having died from different circumstances, during different weeks and months. Some, were able to return to the light quicker. One being stayed with me for two months. You never know how helping them transition will go. Each one is so unique in that sense. 

Dreams, Waking up Multiple Times and Travelling Again: The OOB experiences this year so far are strange. My dreams and the frequency of them, how I suddenly wake myself up and even my OOB travels have been strange this year. I feel like I am doing more this year than I did last year. I have been traveling through different dimensions much more this year, than I did last year. 

My dreams. The multiple dream sequences that I have been having have been very disturbing. It feels as if the negative entities have been purposely trying to create dreams especially just for me, to attack me, to chase me, to trap me, to steal the life force and energy from me while asleep. 

Ultra Sensitive To Everything & Everyone: This has continued into 2021. It is only natural that I and you have been feeling ultra sensitive over the course of these last few weeks. As well as throughout these Ascension years and decades. It can be hard to shut everything off and everyone. Especially, right now with what is going on. It is normal. It is natural. I do not really have any kind of tactic that helps with this. I try to keep myself busy. Anything, that works for me. I will do it. Just to not focus on what I feel which can be hard  to forget about. 

Tight Left Leg and Body Tightness: I continue to experience this in 2021. I experienced this in 2020 to a degree like never before and when I found out last June that I had Scoliosis, I knew that this was why I felt these dis-locations on one side of my body and tightness in my left leg. It is of course Ascension related and simply how I agreed to enter this physical reality. This was and is my role and my body was perfect for receiving all of the energy downloads that I needed. I find this one really physically challenging. So far, it is nothing compared to what I experienced last year. 

Hot & Cold Body Flashes: This continues to happen to me in 2021. During the course of 2021 I have felt extremely cold. However, I haven’t always felt extremely cold all of the time. I experienced hot flashes as well last year which ended in October. These are obviously temperature changes taking place. However, they can be hormonal changes. We are burning off a lot of density within ourselves and earth. While embodying new energies. The hot and cold comes with it.

This is what I have noticed that is currently happening for me on a personal level in 2021. If you are also experiencing these symptoms and you know that it is Ascension related, there are also plenty more than what I have listed here. However, what I may be experiencing might not be what you are. You could be going through much more than I, or, you could be going through something that is completely different. 

Remember that Ascension symptoms happen and you can feel them despite having any physical issues. I do have thyroid issues and scoliosis. I usually tend to feel thing’s on a much more physical level, because that is what I agreed to go through. Even then, on most days the physical discomforts are not as severe. If you are having serious issues, you can and should be checked out. Ascension can happen for people in many ways, part of figuring that out, includes taking an active stand on your health and your specific body type and issues. Listen and trust your gut instincts. I did. I went through those moments where I had to get an x-ray done. Where I had to do several blood tests to figure out my auto immune disorder. Just do it no matter what. Thing’s have gotten a bit more painful last year and the start of this year. So, remember to take care of yourself. 

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    Hello. I have been reading your posts and I am going through the same (almost exactly the same) as you. I am only not clear on seeing the dead people. I see people that I don’t know in my dreams that look lost and have a priest sitting next to them. But they don’t speak to me. But, I don’t know what this is about. I struggle to remember details of these dreams but they come to me as flashes of pictures during my day. It is as if something is nudging me during the day to remember or to sit down and figure something out. Can’t grasp the meaning or purpose though. All other symptoms that you describe are somewhat exactly what I am experiencing. By the way, I have been through hundreds of medical tests and examinations but physicians find nothing that is wrong with me . Hope you can give me some more information. Thank you

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