Living In February 2021: A Little Coating Of More Aquarian Light.

Over the last few days and from what I could perceive, starting on Feb 24th another wave of these brand new Aquarian Light Energy Waves, began hitting and coating the entire earth. This is not new. It happens from time to time and I have written about it many times on here. The various embodiment waves and those events for the First, Second and Third wavers seem to change. One wave becoming stronger than the next. 

This specific period felt easier, but there was a lot more internal buzzing, heavy energetic roaring and noise like never before, intense right side head pressures and pains, along with the need to stay as still as possible. I have never felt and or heard the internal roaring, electric light like, noise, be so loud. I instantly felt that this noise and the internal buzzing was coming from the sun. It felt as if it was speaking out from space and moving directly right into my body. Everyday, people who are around me began to act more out of it. They began to feel, be, and react to thing’s in a way which was much more lost, confused, unhinged. These specific people have no idea about the current energies, so, they cannot help but feel them in the way that they know them. Which is not knowing them at all. Which is why a lot of them cannot understand why they act in these way(s).

February 2021 has been a pretty big month especially on the evolutionary scale. Which is why; I feel like I need to focus more on what is going on with these energies and events for this weeks article and write a little bit about why it has been happening. It has become increasingly obvious to me, that as soon as February began a lot of the readers on my site had stopped showing up. Which is normal from time to time. It just means that everything and everyone goes quiet. This time I got that sense and much more. It also means that there is a lot going on. A lot going on physically. As it has been feeling unbelievable lately. There is a lot going on with life, circumstances, natural events, energetic events, which are keeping people busy. I know that when it goes quiet, that we’re enduring another ginormous shift and period of embodiment. 

I need to just mention the one image and the two gifs that I found online. I have to speak about them, because they are pretty accurate to what I have been seeing for a long time now.

The middle image is exactly how these waves of light have shown up for me. Not necessarily the same color. The two gifs are exactly how I see these Aquarian wave energies as they are in motion. The first one, showing the waves and then how they spread out and make like a blanket, or, coating, then it spreads. It is exactly how I have seen these new energies as they land on earth and the surfaces on earth.

The past few weeks have felt like I have been moving quietly towards this path of Light, right into this new area that I have never been in before. I know this place as New Earth. Not the old Earth. But, the very new earth that we entered in 2020. I know that many of you reading this now have also felt these different feelings, sensations, perceptions and ideas about where you are. That you are in a different space altogether. That the space you entered at birth and that world is long gone. Well, that is true. You are correct in how your perceiving physicality right now. The world you once knew. The world which you probably thought was strange, that you could not breathe in, live in, because it felt so disgusting, dark, negative, dense, crushing, is long gone and that is because we entered new earth in 2020. This new earth world is happening so that we can enter a new cycle, one where the Piscean age, the Piscean beliefs, the Piscean way(s) of life, year-by-year, slowly get dismantled. Which is why a few of us have been talking about the Aquarian Age online and for decades. However, as of December 21 2020 we are now in the Aquarian Age. We’re making that transition and you’re here to help make that transition. 

My OOB sojourn back in Early February was significant. It was important because I actually saw Divine Mother and Divine Feminine and more of her aspects in one of her magnificent waves returning to earth. Which is what happened all month long. Which happened in January. In 2020 and 2019 but at slower paces. It is so interesting how subtle life is at times. Like you can barely feel it at all. Until you notice it. Then you realize that this is what is happening. This is how February 2021 has been feeling. This is how these specific waves of Aquarian Light manifested and it continues. This month has been extra hard no doubt. I know that I have said it time and time again, your probably tired of hearing it, or, your glad because you can relate to what I am saying. With that said. Something, felt extra different in February to me and that began at the end of January. On a physical level it was off the charts and that is because of these energies. From the end of January and into early February I felt like this oozing mess. I also felt this way non-stop from December 2020 and it only started to ease up half-way through February. Then, a few thing’s happened which really made a big impact on our North American continent.

The North American continent has been getting slammed, hit, as well as coated and heavily blanketed with wave after wave of Light energies. New Aquarian Light Coded Waves. The whole entire world is right now. Oceans, forests, lands uninhabited and inhabited, animals, islands, trees, plants, everything. However, there seems to be a huge impact on this continent than in any other one. The events are more disastrous in this continent. The after-affects, how people handle it. How people react to these waves and the return of Divine Mother, Feminine, Woman, it isn’t pretty. It isn’t a harder energy. It does feel different. Not as soft or softer as most might think. It feels like this because we’re not used to it. We have not, did not, could not, for whatever reason(s) feel this Divine Aspect before. Now we are. This is what has been happening in February 2021. More Divine Mother returning. In big waves one after the other. Will the majority of the population be able to handle it? No. Will it not sit well with people?. Yes. Will it benefit all people alive right now to feel these energies? Oh, yes. Very much so. Which is the whole entire point. Here are a few physical challenges, that I have been dealing with since this wave happened on the 24th. 

Internal Buzzing: Since about Feb 24th. I have felt a resurgence of electric energy, pulsations, throbbing, roaring, loud noises, move throughout my head and body. These energies have been coming from the Sun from what I can sense, it has never felt that loud and or intense until now. Which means were in the new a little more.

Sleep Is Mandatory: As if this is a new one. Since Feb 24th. I have noticed my sleeping patterns are becoming more erratic once again, which usually happens, because as I embody I need to leave physicality at any time that I feel that I need to. Which is at any time.  

Right Side Of The Head: Since about Feb 24th. I have felt a resurgence of the head aches, migraines, pressures, in the right side of my brain, right side of my head, but in a good way. I felt a re-balancing taking place. 

These were the three major physical symptoms that I felt with this new incoming Divine Mother wave. It was not as physically painful as it usually is, but it was potent too say the least. As I see energies, events, as well as, events which involve future energies and how they manifest. February was extra hard. March is going to be and feel even more difficult and especially because this is the return of this aspect of divinity. I’m not sure that most understand this. It’s coming from every corner, it’s coming from every crack now. Prepare yourself. Take care of yourself as much as you can right now. As thing’s are going to get turned up slightly higher than before. Especially, as we approach the Equinox point on March 21st.

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