Halfway Through March 2021: It Has Been All Or Nothing.

For the entire month of March 2021 from it’s inception until this current moment. I have never felt the way that I have like this, in all the years that I have been on the Ascension path.

The physical pain has kept me pretty much immobile for two weeks straight. The Depression has been unrelenting and constant. I am tired. I am fed up. I am excited. I am disappointed. Everything, is rolled up into one big mood. It has just been all or nothing. All month long. I wish I was exaggerating. I’m not. Not even a little bit. This is after all the first March of the Age of Aquarius and first equinox. So, expect everything to be extra difficult. Extra painful. Extra evolved, because that is where we are. 

These last two weeks since transitioning into the month of March, have been unlike anything that I have felt inside this human body while being physically incarnated. If you have read my article(s) you know that I frequently mention how hard it can get for me and us on a physical level, when new downloads, energies, blasts of Divine Mother hit us. These vary depending on what we are individually embodying. What level we are on. etc. It can get extremely personal for many. What I felt (on a personal level) in early March was a whole entire different experience. There are reasons for it, which I will be explaining here in this article.  If your finding it difficult right now, or, are at breaking point. You are not alone. We all are. It’s not just the First, Second and Third Wavers and embodiers. Everyday, people are coping with these frequent blasts of energies. We do get the brunt of it, because this is what we are suppose to do. More or less. 

I initially began to feel my entire body get extra sensitive, as soon as, we entered March 2021 and then thing’s escalated to a whole new point when Mars entered Gemini. The most important thing that I need to mention involves Mars and the conjunction to the Pleiades. I may be late on this one. I’m sure many people have mentioned this. Maybe not. What I embodied and what many embodiers, wavers, as well as, regular folk embodied were The Pleiadian Distribution of Aquarian Light Codes. I have had a strong connection to the Pleiades and I have written about it on here, so when I realized that I was being blasted with codes and not just new codes. But, Aquarian Crystal Wave Light energies being distributed and handed down to us, I knew that I had to write about it. This was part of it. The other part of it was, all of the Solar wind, Solar stream, the amount of energy from the sun combined really amplified everything. As of today. I have not really managed to fully heal from all that I went through on a physical level. What I embodied. It is all very new. It is all very fresh. It was and has been like nothing that I have gone through in years and I’ll be explaining why that is. 

Since March 1st I have been working really hard. All embodiers of light energy have. Often times over these ascension years, my only reason for being placed on this earth has been to take the hit after hit. Which happens for a small period, but then I sort of acclimate to that layer. Then I get used to it and how it feels. That has been the back-breaking work. We do the work and we sort of move on. This time it has been a bit harder to do that. 

Prior to when I first began the physical aspect of my awakening. I realized early on that a lot of who I was changed. I used to get very depressed a lot of the time, it would be deep periods of just intense and profound emotions that were hard to sort of crawl through. It was heavy emotions all of the time. Most days it was because I was picking up on the world-wide energies. That does play a big part of why I felt so low. Most other times it was something that was being worked through within me, a sort of release within my area, or, my province, from the world at large. I could literally feel chains being removed. It comes from multiple places these intense emotions and when you fall into those periods where you have great depressions. It comes from many different areas. It can also be internal. Your working away at life times worth of experiences, thoughts, mentalities, egos you had, memories, it is a lot. I used to go through these long periods where I would be depressed. When I physically activated, those periods of Depression stopped for me. I never really went through big emotional depressions after physically activating, So since March 2014 – I have not really gone through those big deep, long lasting, spells of deep depression like I used to go into. Not until early March 2021.

When I say I have been and continue to be depressed. I have and I am. Which let’s me know that what we have just embodied since March 1st. It was that strong. It was so strong that I have fallen into that position again. Which let’s me know that what we are embodying is once again removing all those chains, emotions, small trapped aspects that were stuck within us, the earth, within humanity. Via the new codes from the Pleiades. Talk about a strong helping hand from our galactic family.  

Work. One thing that became crystal clear to me over these last few weeks, has been just how much back-breaking, blood shedding, pain inducing, get through it, live or die, work that I and many of us have been doing over these incremental ascension years. The image of the person literally with the world on his/her shoulders, carrying in some small aspect the world, holding the timeline gates open, holding the space, or, whatever may be for themselves and humanity. This rings very true. We have been doing this all along. At times I have loved doing it and then other days not so much. It will not last forever, because one day we will be done what we need to be done. We can return back to home dimension and source light. I have never had to drag myself as much as I have had to in March 2021 and I’m sure you have had the same exact feeling’s that I have. Give yourself a pat on the back, for getting through these last few weeks. It has not been easy and there is no doubt so much that we still need to get through. The Equinox is coming up. Then April. Then May. Which is going to feel better, but intense and I mean gigantic. I am not looking forward to what I am feeling is coming in May, but I understand that it needs to happen and it will. No fear, just mental preparation for what is to come. 

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