March 2021’s Equinox: Entering A New Timeline, While Moving Into It Alone.

These past few weeks in March have not been easy. They have not been fun. They have been down right depressing (for me) specifically, which means something new is approaching and a lot of ancient garbage is being released. Through me. Through you. From the entire world. 

If you’re like me. You have noticed recently that you have either moved into a new timeline, or, sense that you are about to move into a new one. Another high one where the space is rich with newness, because you have never walked through that space. Never felt that frequency of light before. This will become more apparent as the coming days, leading up to the equinox approaches. There is a sense of something new coming and if your wondering what that is. It’s a new piece of the Ascension Puzzle coming through to be experienced for the first time.

I have found it more and more difficult in March 2021 to deal with all the current energies that are entering our earth. I think this period of depression has now hit it’s peak and right on time for the equinox. My moods are atrocious. I am finding it hard to endure everyday people within my specific reality. My family members are increasingly problematic; I notice that where I am going is not where they are. I am feeling isolated. I am feeling very alone. I feel like no-one in my area, in this town, understands all that I do and embody. To top it off I am getting hit with wave after wave. Which hurts. I hurt. At the end of the day all I have is me, myself and I and all the multiple aspects of who I am. I could go on, but there is a reason why I am being more open than I usually am. There is really nothing else that I can say that can truly showcase just how horrible this month has been. You all get it because you’re all going through the exact same thing. In varying degrees of it. If you think that, that is being honest. Well, I could have blown up this entire article and really wrote these amazingly, descriptive paragraphs, telling you how it really has been like. I won’t. I could have. I just don’t think most people could handle that level of honesty.

This is all part of the entire process itself and you should not rob yourself of feeling everything. Whether you like it, or, you either really despise some parts of this process with a passion. Allow it. Express yourself. It’s healthy. It’s part of the process to be aware of yourself and everything around you. As well as your emotions and how you are feeling.

When I first agreed to return to this little planetary reality as an incarnated version of one of my aspects of my higher self, I initially did not want to come back here. I can remember having that initial reaction. Then they made it clear that this was another change that I needed to be involved with. I knew what to expect before I got here. I studied the landscape. I did my homework. I did my best to prepare myself in every single way that I could. I took classes. I learned new methods and familiarized myself with old ones. I did all of it. Then when I got here. Nothing I learned. All that I prepared for could not have really prepared me for how so much had changed. Despite being told. Despite being warned. Thirty plus years later, It is so completely different. It is over populated. It is evolving at greater and quicker rates that are alarming. There are multiple realities that are more than what sensitive, psychic, beings like you and me can physically deal with and mentally. It is crushing to the system. When you add the lies. The cons. The misrepresentation of organic information. It’s all too much to handle. Still, I came. Still, you came. This March, the first March and equinox of the Aquarian Age – something that I was briefed on before I got here. Is nothing like what I expected. I never thought that it would feel like this. I never thought that I would be like this. 

I first notice that I entered a new timeline on March 12 and to greater extents on the 13th. The day of the New Moon in Pisces. This is something that I have already experienced. I already moved through this timeline. It was a personal timeline and the first, second and third wavers will be moving into it first. This New Timeline is about entering into a space, field, area, whatever you want to refer to it, that we have never been through before. Part of why most of the Physically Incarnated Wavers feel so alone during these periods of massive change, is because we’re pretty much the only ones moving, changing, shifting into higher spaces first. We do it first. We experience it first. Part of this means that we sort of have to experience it first and if you have struggled like me this month, it is because your literally going at it alone. There are no books. There are no directions. There are no pamphlets about how you should act. How you will feel. What you should do. It is a totally personal and private experience, which you sort of learn to handle as you experience it more and more. These personal and private experiences will continue as more and more of the first, second and third wavers enter this timeline. Experience what they need to. Then the rest of humanity follows. For those who are ready to experience it. Not everybody is. This is where we are at right now. We’re almost at the equinox point, but, not quite yet and the lead up has been like dragging ones lonely corpse up a lot of stairs. It has been hard to get here. Even harder to remain here.

My one piece of advice: Oh, do be kind to yourself during this time period. This is not an easy thing to be living through. Not for you. Not for me. Not for anyone. Take care of you. Love you. Because you are what matters. Just try to move through this timeline, get through this equinox and you will feel a difference after we move away from the day of the equinox. 

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