Are You Earth Sensitive: Physical Sensitivities To The Earth In Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process.

All month long we have had solar activity reign for the entire period of March, as I write this I just checked out Spaceweather and it continues even today. We have had CME’s erupting, impacts of them reaching earth. We have had Geomagnetic storms, Coronal holes opening up and Solar winds exceeding 500 k/sec. On top of that an increase in earthquakes around the ring of fire, volcanic eruptions – especially (Fagradalsfjall) in Iceland.

There has been a lot of activity this March equinox. The question that one finds themselves asking then becomes: am I an earth sensitive? If your not sure and you have been feeling all of these earth related events, energy events, light activation(s) of specific locations on earth events, embodiment events. Then your not the only one that has been sensitive to the re-awakenings of various points, within earth, that is clearly embodying Divine Mother and light energy at this time. 

There were a lot of subjects, information, light intel and personal stories that I wanted to share and touch on last year that I never got the chance to. It was such an intense year and the majority of what I was doing was just embodying. Writing and embodying. Then hurting, aching, writing and embodying some more. In that order exactly! Due to the increase in solar activity, earth related tremors and eruptions this March and for this specific equinox. It has felt like the perfect time to write about all of these earth related activations, as well as, how sensitive I and those of us who are on the Ascension path and fully physically activated have felt. Not just in March, but in general. How we are all so sensitive to earth and the on-going changes that she is also going through. 

I knew that when I decided to return back to this earth reality, as a different identity, in a new body, that it would not be easy. It never is. Your literally returning back to a place where you have already been. If your like me, you remember all of those times you came here and in bits and pieces how you left. I have been here multiple times. I have returned here multiple times to help out this earth, time and time again during these specific changes in the ages, or, whenever earth and her inhabitants were about to undergo another gigantic evolutionary shift. This time was no different. That goes for you as well. You’re all here because you also agreed to do this again. To help out the earth as she goes through this next evolutionary change. Don’t worry about it. Your perfectly perfect where you are. There is no mistake. You’re all meant to be here, at this time, to help out and you will leave when it is the appropriate time. Relax. Pull up a chair, because you’ll definitely need to be sitting down most of the time. I know I have.

Here I am again, along with all of my other aspects, to accompany this one, tiny, fractured part of myself, do what I came here to do and hopefully soon when the time is right. I can leave. No matter how different you look, you can never forget your own signature. The thing’s that you have experienced in past lives, you never truly forget, but, in this life; I have experienced all sorts of personalized events that I never dreamed that I would. I never imagined that I would feel the way that I do, feeling the way that I have, because that is how sensitive to earth and these energies that I really have been. The sensitivity that I have experienced in this life, does not compare to any other life that I have lived. It has been extreme and it is a sensitivity to everything, not just to one thing here and a few thing’s there. It’s everything! It’s not like I am sensitive to earthquakes, but when Volcanoes erupt I’m not. I feel both of those natural events when they do happen. Which is why this March has just been so difficult. I’d say about 10% of the time I have been able to be functional. The other 90% of this month, I have been flat out on my ass. I have not been able to feel what I feel within myself, as the earth, continues to get blasted by Divine Mother and these new codes. 

What is an Earth Sensitive? An earth sensitive is another name for Light worker, Seer, Psychic, Light Embodier, A Waver, A participant. What does it mean? It means that you are in tune with earth much more than the average person. The average person basically comes to earth, but does not agree to physically become activated, nor to hold, or, understand anything about light energy, codes, or, that Ascension and the evolutionary process is even occurring. Which is fine. I always knew the majority of the population was not going to actively activate and begin embodying light. That’s what they chose. That is where they are. I am not here to complain about other beings and what they are doing. Live your best life. Most likely, you’ll be back either way. I have been focused on me and finishing this lifetime, because I need it to be my last. 

I have been sensitive to earth since birth. It got increasingly much more difficult when I physically activated in 2014. The events that have transpired on earth, since 1990, have affected me and effected me, in way(s) where I have been physically, emotionally and mentally left out of commission for periods of time. This period in March included. I have felt like I have been either about to die, or, about to lose my mind and on some days both. The 9/11 attacks. The 2004 Tsunami. The 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump. The beginning of Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process in 2020. The Covid Pandemic. The entrance into the Aquarian Age in December 2020. Those are just off the top of my head. There are so many more examples of these specific events: earth related and man created. The one thing that I want to focus on is this. We are connected to Earth and she is connected to us. I want you to read that again. I bolded that sentence because I need to make a point that we were created, we created, will continue to be created, to match the earth. There is an agreement before we come here, that agreement is that we are also going to be connected to the earth until we’re not. Which means if we witness, natural events, happening on earth, it means that something is being activated in that specific area of earth. Especially, for those specific people. I have experienced this in my area with small earthquakes. You will always be equal to the earth and her to you. If it happens to her, it will be felt within your body. 

It’s so strange. However, I’ve had these personal experiences. When it’s hot I’ll get hot flashes. When it’s cold I’ll be frigid cold. When something is erupting, awakening, being activated. If an earthquake is triggered. I’ll feel it in my entire body. It’s like something is internally shaking and erupting within me. We are so connected. It is really a wonderful thing, it’s also a really difficult thing because you can feel everything. 

One thing that I have noticed since January 2020, is how much more sensitive I have felt since we entered Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. When I existed within the First cycle of the Ascension Process, it all felt much less sensitive and when those moments where I could feel everything happened. They transpired for a specific time and then it stopped and I could move on. Since entering this second cycle, it is constant. I get maybe a few hours break, or, if I am lucky I can get a day or two. Otherwise, it is constant and it goes on and on. So, I have had to prepare myself every single time, for what is to come. I have also had to adapt to it. It just does not stop. The difference on a physical level have changed as well. I never used to sleep as much as I have now to these natural events, earthquakes sometimes wipe me out. I’m out of my body so quickly that It is frightening, because I have no idea if I’ll wake up again. My heart beats more often now due to solar activity, just quick heart beats over and over. Volcano eruptions make me feel weak, slightly hot with flashes, which is what I have been experiencing all week since a dormant 6,000 volcano erupted in Iceland. 

The March equinox is over. Despite that, what I am feeling most of the time has nothing to do with Light energies coming from specific portals, gateways, equinoxes, eclipses, full moons, or, from entering new space(s) and shifts due to the embodiment of light codes, due to the Ascension Process and Evolution. I am. You are just extremely connected to earth and all of the activity that happens on her.

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