The Entrance Into April: What Is That Physical Vibrating Going On Inside My Body?

Towards the end of March; I began to feel the energies and physical life ease up. It was only slightly, but it was enough time for me to get a good few days break from embodying. It was a break from all of the aches, from all of the pains. A break from those intense, heavy emotions, those feeling’s and thought’s that I was experiencing. A break from noticing how different I was compared to my family and where we each are on our individual paths. A break from the world. A break from knowing what I know and slipping back into a more mundane schedule. A break from everything that is associated with being a physically incarnated Light Embodier.

That break only lasted for a few days. As soon as April began, all the physical pains have now started back-up again and we’re in another big shift. No whining, or, complaining about it. I am just grateful for the break I had. Any break from the energetic pounding that I get. That you get. That we get. Is a treat. So, I take those few days and I try to make the most of them. They are a gift when they do happen. 

I have had some unusual physical symptoms happen to me, over the last seven years, since I began my physical Ascension Process, but nothing as strange, or, unique, as what I have experienced, for most of the month of March and now into early April. I do need to emphasize that I have experienced just about everything, or, at the very least a small aspect of each weird symptom as they have come over the years. I have already felt this very aspect of the physical symptom that I am going to be writing about today, it’s just that this time it came with other symptoms that accompanied it (which made them feel different to me.) This happens a lot more than you would think. The symptoms we experience change and they evolve. It is the natural part of evolution. Once humanity evolves. What we feel inside changes as well. I always experienced this specific symptom that I will be writing about all on it’s own. Lately, as I have gotten older, embodied more, cleaned more of my energy up, transmuted, released, shifted, evolved and have gotten more in tune with myself. This has really changed. Everything, feels slightly familiar but in a whole new way.

The ascension symptom(s) that we have all experienced so far in Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process, have mimicked the ones that we had experienced from all of those years of living in Cycle One Of The Ascension Process. The only difference has been that they have accelerated to a whole new level. The Ascension Process moved up another level, so did the Ascension symptoms.

Humanity also moved up another level on the evolution scale, so did the symptoms. So, when the general population is being bombarded by daily news of people being activated, on a physical level, by the second cycle of the current ascension and evolutionary process. They find themselves freaking out by what they see. They have never experienced this before. They have never seen it before. They have never had to come face-to-face with the Ascension process, not like this, neither, have they had to come face-to-face with what it feels like to physically embody what earth is, or, what the wavers and light embodiers have for decades. Who could blame them really? Could you imagine what it must be like for someone who cannot grasp what evolution and ascension is all about? What it is asking of them currently in 2021? What it asked of them and put them through in 2020?  It’s now (131 Million) of the world’s population, who have now on some level, physically embodied some form of the current Aquarian Diamond and Crystalline Wave Light Codes. It’s not just people either. The earth, as well as, the oceans, the trees, and animals across the world have also been embodying the new Aquarian Light Energies and Codes. It’s scary stuff for them, but it’s time to evolve. 

What I had experienced on a physical level changed for me when Cycle Two began in late 2019. Some say that it started in 2020. I go by what I feel and what I know. I especially equate cycle Two starting when the beginning of a new solar cycle happened. Which was in December 2019.

As of late, I have been struggling with how different many of the symptoms feel, one particular symptom that has changed for me is Internal Vibrating. I have also called this (internal shaking, vibrating, whole body shaking etc.) This began towards the end of March for me once again and it transitioned over into April. I’m not sure if this will be sticking around for the long haul either. When I initially experienced this symptom a few years back, I usually only just felt my body, or, whatever part of my body that was vibrating at the time vibrate. Now, because we are in cycle two I am vibrating and other parts of my body are also being triggered by the vibrating. It is not just my leg vibrating. It is my leg vibrating. My eyes feeling sore. My left side feeling extremely tight and there are hot flashes associated with it. The vibrating has been happening in my left leg for a few days now, almost a whole entire week. Whenever it happens, one, or, all of the symptoms mentioned comes along with it. It has been such a strange experience. I’m not used to one symptom triggering off, multiple other symptoms, to begin modifying certain parts my body. Then again, this is cycle two of the ascension process, so the quicker I upgrade myself, well the better it is for me. The better it for all of us if that is what you are also experiencing.

What is Internal Vibrating? What does it mean? Is this serious? I have always known that when certain parts of my body begin vibrating, or, vibrate, whether it is one part, or, multiple parts of the body. It generally means that there are energies being embodied, in some cases, there is energy that is being worked on in that specific body part, or, that general area. There could be a blockage. There could be old codes in that area that are being removed, pounded, right out of you. Old energies that are being worked through and you could feel the energies working on it. A little movement from time to time is alright. If you are feeling it day in, day out and it just never stops. I would say that is serious. If it stops and you do not feel it for weeks and months at a time. Then it is fine. Which is usually the case for me. Everything, in our bodies work together. Our skin and our muscles. Our veins and our organs. All of these thing’s carry and hold light. The veins are one of the most important pieces of the embodiment puzzle. We carry light through our veins and each time I embody new energy, codes, light, my veins will pop out, get greener, and I’ll feel the light move through my Venous System.

I have felt Internal vibrating, shaking, whole body shaking, only some body parts tremoring, since I was first physically activated and it has worked in every single way. It is usually in areas where the body needs to hold more higher energy. It usually happens for me on my left side and in my left leg. I have felt it in other places as well. In some places that I never would have thought that I would feel it to. If you have also been experiencing the same symptom during this transition into April, then at least you know that you are holding more light energy in that specific area. We are in another big shift, this will continue through April in waves and then in gigantic waves as we approach the month of May. Take good care of yourself during these difficult times. Get lots of sleep. Drink lots of water and stay safe.

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