Another Big Shift For Humanity: It’s A Shock To The System.

Last week. I sensed and felt that humanity moved through another huge shift, and boy did that really change a lot of thing’s. This isn’t anything new that I have written about before, that I have this year so far, or, that I had wrote about all of last year. However, this one was different. This shift was one of the biggest ones that I have felt thus far, which surprised me, because of how amplified it can still get as we move through the remainder of 2021. 

Many people, are starting to realize that something is going on. They still have no idea that this is Ascension related. I’ll mention it again, because I have been this entire time. It is a world-wide awakening. Many people are activating. Many more people are experiencing the Ascension Symptoms, the body changes, learning about themselves after decades of not paying more attention to who they are. Many more people are experiencing moments of closure, their lives are falling apart around them. What was once familiar, normal, and a constant no longer is. All there really is for humanity right now, is the incredible opportunity to grow and evolve right now. It’s a shock to the system. 

The very first week of April was incredibly difficult for all of humanity. There were more volcanic activity and eruptions. There were more shifts within various realities. There were more deaths (both prominent and unknown to the world.) There were more awakenings, more activations, and many globally who were making that physical and conscious shift into the new light earth. There was a lot of closure. Many people leaving physical reality and many more people having to adjust to their new normal. There were also, more of the new groups of light beings coming to earth. To assist and fully live on the new earth and in the beginning stages of The Aquarian Age

Over the past couple of thousand years, there has been an increase in World Systems that were introduced and put in place on this earth. Over time these systems have grown into what we today consider, normal aspects of our daily life. I’m talking about the systems that run the world. To the point where we do not question them. We do not understand them fully and completely. Neither do we truly examine them, or, those who implement these system(s). A lot of people have just blindly followed them. These systems include: (Religion, Education, Politics, Government, Technology, Tourism, Banking, Media, Economy.) Just to name a few. Never, have I lived in such a time period where everything is run off of, or, connected to another system. I have had multiple past life recall(s) and I have never had to deal with all of these systems, like I did in those other lives and at those other times that I lived them. Everything, is about the system(s) in play right now. The only real problem is that, it’s just too bad the Ascension and Evolutionary processes, don’t give a damn about any of these systems that have been put in place.

Since Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process began and we entered the Age of Aquarius, all of these old systems, have slowly been tumbling down like a deck of cards. Many people have become increasingly frustrated since 2020 began and it has increased in 2021. They are annoyed at the fact that they can no longer enjoy these systems like they once could. The reason why they can’t enjoy them, is because many of them will not be remaining the further we get into this specific age. These old systems must be removed, so that, the new can be imagined, creatively manifested, then implemented into new earth and for all of humanity. It’s hard for people who have no idea about the Ascension Process to grasp this, they cannot understand why their freedoms are being taken away from them. They don’t want lockdowns. They don’t want shutdowns. They don’t care that other people are physically awakening and that some of them are dying in the process. They don’t care that the government knows about this process and what is really going on. They don’t care and they just don’t know. It’s a shock to the system and to the system(s) of the world right now.

Many of us who have been on the path for years and decades, we know who we are and what we’re doing. That we are evolving higher and brighter each day. That this is what we have been doing day in and out. We understand the darker aspect of what this is, that there is a negative agenda going on in all of this. There are a lot of distortions, lies, cons, game playing going on, control, fear tactics and a whole lot of b**ls**t. Not enough people telling the truth. Too many people trying to control every part of this, as we have moved along. I have been doing this work for 7 years now and many others even longer. We know when there is a lot of the negative agenda being thrown around, right now, it is being thrown all over the place. I have just stayed “Home” and done my work since this entire great awakening began. I have not felt the need to do anything else other than that, at times, I watch the lies and cons, but mainly, I stay home and ignore what I know is the negative agenda at play. It’s not just the dying systems, for me, it’s witnessing the shock to the system that humanity is having to go through. That is the hardest part for me. I cannot witness any of that. This is nothing new. We agreed to be here, to go through this and to move through this new age. That is what I am going to do. 

This latest early April shift that happened last week, was another one of those moments for me where I had to live through it and make it out alive. There were a few patterns that I picked up on. The first: involved humanity having to embody another big wave of Divine Mother that returned. The second: involved those Circular White Light Energies and Codes that made an appearance again. The last: I experienced more right side of the body pains, upgrades, changes, and usually it is always my left side. Which means that side of my body was doing something. Which isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. It was a pattern that I noticed. There were also a lot of closures, old realities being removed and usually that only happens during Eclipses, or, during specific astrological transits that usher in big change. So, this was big. There was a lot going on. While it has calmed down now this week for me and I am getting a good long break. There is more coming in May and June with those eclipses. With more embodiment of Divine mother and those Circular Light Codes. 

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