Next-Level Aquarian Age Energy: Unlike Anything That I Have Ever Experienced Before.

The physical challenges that I have gone through during the end of April have been exceptionally painful, as it usually is, when I embody more and more light. I felt weak. The usual heart thumping, bumping, fast heart rate returned with full force. The tightness on my left side returned. The need for more sleep and being in/out of consciousness returned too. Lack of appetite and then a gigantic appetite. These are some of the usual changes that my body goes through, when we embody more of these certain energies that we are alien to.

The sun has been emitting powerful eruptions, CME’s, different class solar flares – as well as other specific energy driven events for well over a week now. I have been calling these Next-Level Aquarian Age Energies. Solar blasts and waves are common occurrences for our sun, we have always experienced them. These blasts and waves felt different. Felt more Aquarian than Piscean. They also made my body feel very different. It hit me really quick and I rebounded exceptionally fast as well. That never happens to me. I tend to get hit and then it lingers and it’s gradual. This is what happened in the Piscean age. The Aquarian age is a little more different. Which I am now starting to realize. 

I sensed yet another one of those big shifts taking place for humanity on April 20th, and that initial shift happened because of a M-Class Solar Flare. Yes, the sun has been hand-delivering, some very brilliant new Next-Level Aquarian Age Energies and these were some strong ones too. I’m not new to embodying energies that come directly from the sun and neither are most other embodiers enduring the physical Ascension Process. It’s just that it’s been feeling different because this is the Aquarian Age. It’s also the first time that we have experienced high activity like this since entering Cycle Two. So, because of this, I have started to notice some patterns that feel different than they did before. When all of humanity was still in Cycle one of the Ascension Process. Unaware of any thing going on.

What I have really noticed is how different the solar eruptions, the waves, the flares, have felt in my physical body. I have been getting hit harder and faster, but for a shorter period of time. Which is what has been going on for me since December and into this year so far. Where as before, in cycle one I would get hammered for days and even up to a week. It was much slower to come on and it would gradually ease off when the integration was complete. This has been happening to me since April 20th. Whatever had exploded, erupted, and was hurled towards us, I suddenly felt it immediately hard and fast and it would ease up just as quick. Thing’s are very different in the Aquarian Age. Hard and fast. Which explains a lot of thing’s. Like why all of humanity is suddenly getting hit hard and fast with these energies. With these Next-Level Aquarian Energies. Another pattern that I noticed, is that all humans are getting hit with these Solar energies and are much more sensitive to the Sun. It’s not anything new, but what is new (is witnessing all of this) happening real time through my senses. Many new people being and feeling sensitive to the sun, more than they were ever before. Which means, that many have begun to be physically activated during these times. A third Pattern that I noticed is that whatever energies, lights, codes, plasma, energy matter, is hurled towards earth, from the sun. I have noticed that it is remaining and staying airborne within our planet. Can you imagine light codes being airborne in our atmosphere. In our water. On land. Well it’s happening and it’s changing the entire landscape, in a way where people do not even realize.

There are a lot of new changes, modifications, taking place on earth, for earth and all of it’s inhabitants. Myself included. Let me share some of my own personal experiences that I experienced this week, due to these Solar events and these new incoming Next-Level Aquarian Age Energies.

Friday, April 23rd – I began to experience fatigue. My body began to feel weak and this was escalating for most of the day. My appetite was slowly going away and I found myself not feeling really hungry. This sudden change in my body was brought on by a sunspot that exploded the previous day and it was classed a C3.8 class eruption. 

Saturday & Sunday Apr 24, 25thThese two days were some of the worst that I have experienced since December 2020 and January 2021. My scoliosis was acting up, my body was weak. I could barely eat anything. I was sleeping three to four times a day. I felt energetically steam rolled. On Sunday night, just as fast as everything changed physically. I began eating again. I regained my energy fast and was feeling back to normal by the morning. These were the days that I experienced seeing new forms of light energies other than the waves, diamonds and triangular light energies. I began seeing Circular ones too. 

This was brought on by the sunspot that erupted and a Solar Tsunami that followed and the CME that hit earth and all sensitive people like you and me. 

Monday & Tuesday Apr 26th, 27th I rebounded extremely fast from the solar eruptions, new solar energies and was back to normal as usual. My appetite was back completely and I wasn’t sleeping as much any more either. This was when I noticed that I didn’t need five days to almost a week, to fully embody these new energies like I used to. These were days where the sunspot number increased to 57 and 54 on both day. The increase in activity has really made an impact on my body and it’s cycle.

This was the day of the Full Moon and Pluto stationing retrograde at the end of the sign of Capricorn.

Wednesday, Apr 29thI felt slightly off and was up/down the entire days. I witnessed more Circular Light energies on a clairvoyant level and saw these new codes in my home. 

This was my entire experience this past week and towards the end of last week. There were a lot of energies. There was a lot of solar activity that we experienced. This was another week long shift, which was tiring, and necessary for our further evolution. While there were moments where it did not feel good, these were some of the newest energies that I have ever felt be released from our sun. It was very unique and different. It was very much Aquarian energy. I have never felt anything like this before and it sure beats what I felt months ago. It’s very interesting how our sun has been feeling to me now that we have transitioned into this age, as opposed to the previous one. If your still feeling wobbly from this latest shift, your not the only one. Take a deep breath. Take care of self. Get lots of rest because our bodies are going through a lot right now. Including what is up ahead during the month of May.

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