Incoming May Turning Point: It’ll Play Out This Way And There Are Reasons For It.

As soon as we moved into May 2021; I immediately knew that we were in for a gigantic month. I had received some Visions and Clairvoyant Messages, about what I would be experiencing now a few months ago. They were intense to say the least. They were important, because it showed me where Humanity was going and who wasn’t going with us. There are reasons for that. We are always constantly evolving and whether we like it or not. The Ascension and Evolutionary processes will change us and force us at times to grow up. Some of us will like that. The majority of humanity will absolutely hate it. Which is why everything right now is all over the place. With many people, who have different views and takes on this planetary awakening. 

It’s been and it will continue to be a very powerful month, with many realizations coming to the forefront. We have been embodying the Circular Light Energy Codes since the start of this year. We will be embodying the Pleiadian light codes download for this year. The eclipse season begins a week later on May 26th. On an astrological level, there are a few planet’s going retrograde this month, which will shift a lot of thing’s. It is going to be extremely powerful and transformative for everyone. 

Over the last few years I have had one specific experience happen to me frequently while on the path, it happens to me time and time again. This strange and yet wonderful event where everything goes quiet on very specific days. I never really understood why these divinely intervened days, and moments would happen, where everything just went dead silent for me. I never really understood this. What it meant. Not until the same experience happened to me, again, on Tuesday. Everything, went silent. Even with three children who are around me. Even, with three children that are around me 24/7. I had that moment, where I knew that everything was going quiet in my specific area on this earth. I felt the moment, and then I started to understand, that I was noticing my own separation from the vast majority of people in my area. I saw and felt myself move up and reach an entirely new level, a new space within the fabric of this reality.

It was in that moment that I fully and completely understood what those quiet days, moments, events, meant for me. The silence that I experienced. The silence that we experience is you and me moving into a completely higher space. One that is higher than what you and I were used to. For a slight moment, while standing in that new field and feeling the newness of what that was like. It all came to me that the separation of worlds was happening to me. Not just to other people. But, for me as well. I am so used to seeing the Separation of Worlds on a Clairvoyant level, whilst it happens for other people all over the world. In groups. Big or small. I can see where people are choosing to move into, what world they are wanting to go to. So, it was gratifying to realize that I was experiencing another aspect of this. An aspect that was more personal to me. Having entered the month of May was a very crystal clear moment, for me, that there are more people moving around again. That this is not just an intense month on an energetic level, people are still after all of this time sorting themselves out. 

A lot of what I am “shown” in my visions, mostly involves the energies that the earth will get hit with. It’s all very touchy feely for me. I feel thing’s a lot of the time. I feel what is coming more often than what I can see. A big portion of what were in my visions involved what it would generally feel like. I was also shown, that more people were going to be separating from physical reality. Not death. They were going to be choosing where they wanted to be, in terms of the world they wanted to remain in. The New World or the old world and not just that, which level within them that they wanted to be in. All of this needs to be decided, before we can move further into the Ascension Process. Until then, don’t expect the Aquarian Age to look anything like what we thought it would. There is a turning point this month. There have been multiple turning points, points of destiny, destined points, points of needing to decide who is going where and why? Guess what myself included. You as well. Just because we’re aware of the Ascension Process and that we are evolving. Doesn’t mean we aren’t consciously, or, subconsciously choosing which earth world we will remain in. 

The month of May is going to be this and much more. It will play out this way and there are many reasons for it. We all have not chosen where we are going. The Separation of Worlds is still in play. No one is immune from it. No one can escape evolution and the Ascension Process. There are other aspects to this, the energies for this month will be off the charts. We have an Eclipse, as well as, the Pleiadian upgrade we receive each year. Not to mention the 555 energies as well. The Circular Light Codes. All of this on top of the decision that people are making right now, it’ll definitely not feel good. It will not feel good to watch. There will be more physical activations and all around the world. Which also will not be easy to watch. Welcome to May. It is another turning point.

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