The Circular Light Energy Codes: Moving Around Into A Complete Full Circle.

May has been a physical relief, compared to, what I experienced in April. Despite that; I have been having some really serious out of this world clairvoyant experiences this year. Thing’s are much more clearer. Energies are bleeding through more accurately. Thing’s are much more up close and blending softly within my reality, from other different dimensions. While, physically I need to remain still in order to get through what I am experiencing. What I am seeing is far more brilliant than in how it is physically changing me and my body. 

These current energies, which look Circular have begun to be integrated into earth and humanity. The Diamond and Triangular shaped light energies, are still showing up, however, the Circular ones have been more dominant lately. I also saw the wavy ones earlier in the year to. I mentioned those wavy Aquarian energies earlier this year, when I first began to spot them. However, the circular ones are showing up more and more frequently as time goes by. These were the clairvoyant energies, lights, shapes, forms, that have been showing up over these last few days and weeks for me. 

Over the last few years my ability to Clairvoyantly Sense the energy around me, has increased since when I was a child. I could never view these energies, in the same way that I can now do as an adult. A big reason why I couldn’t was because I wasn’t embodying them at that time. The extent of what I could sense, view, as well as, what I knew, was very limited than what I can now understand in my early Thirties. What I could perceive about who I was and where I suddenly found myself, was that planet earth was not my home. I also knew that I was different than the majority of the population. At certain passing moments, I could feel people and I could read them slightly. I had a few passing experiences where I could feel a higher consciousness and energy, that would allow me to feel it’s presence. To feel their presence. That essence. One of the biggest experiences for me as a child, on multiple occasions, was, that I did not feel safe on this earth. I never have stopped feeling unsafe here. It was something that I always knew and I knew that I needed to make myself seem invisible, or, to make myself as small as possible in order to survive. This was what I could understand at that age, where as now, everything has expanded to such a degree – that I can now comprehend concepts that I never imagined that I could.

Here are some of those very concepts: The different levels of consciousness (whether higher, medium, lower and lowest.) Different earth world(s) and realities. The manipulation and the complete fabrication of what we believe time is. The Negative Agenda. The human beings who are aware of Ascension in the government and who control mass humanity. The hell reality we live in. The global systems and future destruction of all of them. The truth that everything is everything and everyone is everyone to an extent. Yet, we’re each separate. 

There are so many more thing’s that I didn’t understand very well. But, that I know more about and which I have expanded knowledge on. Because I slowly grew to understand them. There was a gradual allowance of me being able understand all of this. 

The increase in these abilities have grown more and more each year. In 2021, I am now viewing three to four, and, or more, different layers, form(s), shapes, of light energy patterns. Something, that I could not even do twenty years ago. Fifteen years ago. Ten years ago even. It’s wonderful, exciting, but, it’s also very alarming to go from seeing nothing to witnessing everything all at once. It’s frightening and at the same time, it’s been lovely to be apart of seeing so many different variations of light. 

Since the end of April and even a few times in early May; I have been witnessing a new pattern of Light Energy Codes which are Circular. These Circular energy patterns were brought up in an article titled What We Have Been Embodying In 2021: New Complex Palette Of Light Codes. I’ll share the link to that article at the end of this one, for those who are interested in reading all about it. In that article it goes into some detail about them and a few other current light patterns hitting the earth. I didn’t go in depth about these light energies in that article at the time, because I knew that I would need to do a separate one and explain it better. Like I mentioned before already; I recently spotted these Circular Light Codes even in April and May. Much more than when they first appeared in December and January during that transitional period. The most recent time: I saw them earlier yesterday afternoon, while on my mid-day walk through my area. They were just plummeting down into the earth, onto the trees, the tops of houses, the grass, the roads and sidewalks. They were going everywhere. Of course, this just means that the earth is embodying these new patterns into her physical self and into the center of her core. 

The Circular Light Energy Codes look extremely different than the other energies that I have seen. They looked tumescent (puffy) in appearance, rounder, more clearer (transparent,) they glowed and this one was much like the majority of the light patterns. The two images that I posted just above on both the left and right side, in circles, are the closest that I could find to what I was seeing. The most stunning aspect of their appearance was how absolutely round they looked. It’s a perfect circle. Which is very important. The circle has a bunch of symbolism attached to it, but for me the fact that the energies are now perfectly shaped Circles. It tells me that there is a never ending source behind the pattern, it is endless and a continuously flowing energy. Endless, continuous energy and light. It’s source of everything. A unity that has no ending and no beginning. It just is. Which makes a lot of sense considering where we are right now. It’s like we’re constantly moving into a perfectly complete full circle. Having known ourselves, losing ourselves. To once again find ourselves and hopefully remain constantly knowing for good. Forever conscious of who we are.

I feel fine now when I can clairvoyantly see these specific circular Light codes. It’s taken me a little bit of time to get used to them, but even today it’s still really difficult on a physical level. What I usually tend to feel with them, involves feeling much more exhausted. I receive guidance to view more of my life when I am embodying them. My eyes feel sore much more than before. My left back will get tighter. I’ll get more headaches. As of January of this year the crown chakra energy downloads have stopped for me. I’ve put on more weight than I was last year. There has been a complete change when these circular energies arrived. Like they all do when they arrive.

This is all new to us. For many of us we’re now coming around full circle in our lifetimes and these embodying experiences. It is a Full Evolutionary Circle with codes to match. Like always. Relax into these energies when we experience them, take care of yourself first and let everything else fall into place on it’s own. The world is still going crazy. It is still going to look awful for a long time to come. Do you want to help other’s? Well, do your own personal inner work. Embody and embody some more. That is the way to get through this global Awakening. As promised, here is the article from late January discussing the Circular codes as well as some of the other energies that we have been getting hit with this year.

What We Have Been Embodying In 2021: New Complex Palette Of Light Codes

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