The Pleiadian Download for 2021: The Distribution Of Newly Coded Light Patterns Into Humanity.

Last week, I had one of the best weeks that I have had since the start of this year. Since we entered the Aquarian Age. Since I can remember. However, since Sunday thing’s have once again reverted back to the way they usually are and how I feel when I am embodying. It’s all because we have entered the yearly Pleiadian Portal opening. Nothing new here. What is new, are some of the newly distributed light patterns and codes that we are receiving from these light beings. It’s not just one variation, it’s multiple variations of light codes. Some of these patterns look familiar and feel similar as well.

This sudden surge in those familiar Ascending and Evolutionary physical pains, once again, has started up again because we have entered this yearly portal. The most important piece of information, that I have picked up on and that I have received. Involves, the importance of this download on humanity for this year. It happens every year, but the information that I got telepathically was showing me, that this year was going to be important. The fact that we’re now in the Aquarian Age has a lot to do with that. It won’t feel and be like it used to. The fact that there is an eclipse involved during this year’s energy download should speak volumes. It will be a powerful one for this year. 

Like clock work on Sunday; I began to experience those very familiar physical body changes, that happen before I embody another round of new light. Another round of new codes and patterning, specifically designed and meant to modify my light body and it’s structure. These kind of physical changes happen, when my body is signaling me to know that I am about to enter another big shift. That the earth and humanity is about to go through another big shift. This is referred to as The Embodiment ProcessWhen this process is about to recycle itself again, my body begins to exhibit tell tale signs, that another round of light will enter my body to upgrade it. A few days before I do get hit with the latest burst of light energy and sometimes this happens a few hours before. My body begins to feel weak. I can literally feel this weakness happen within hours and minutes. Then I’ll slowly lose my energy. Then I’ll have to sit down and in a short period of time, I’ll feel head pressures. I’ll then feel quickness of my heart in my chest, tightness in my throat and my scoliosis will kick in. If I’m lucky I’ll pass out asleep by this point. This happens on most days, on some occasions I’m not lucky and I’ll end up feeling all of it while I’m still awake.

This is what transpired for me on Monday the {17th} and it was an all day event. I was tired and felt weak all day long. On Tuesday it got slightly better. On Wednesday it happened again. I got weak within a few hours and tired, then quick heart beating put me to asleep. Today, my body feels strong and I’m not embodying anything so far. This could change within hours. I immediately knew on Monday that my body was responding to the distribution of new light codes and patterns, coming from the Pleiades and The 5D Pleiadian Light Beings. I’ve always had a special connection with the Pleiades and those light beings. I’m a Taurean born on {May 17th} and that energy is already structured into my very being. So, I’m familiar with this period throughout the year. 

This years’ Pleiadian Portal Opening For 2021 is going to be an important one. I’ve felt it and sensed it and the few telepathic messages that I have received, days prior to the start of these downloads, for me personally, and which have begun for humanity. Some of the few telepathic messages that I have heard and not seen, have been that this year is the first official year where we are living in the Aquarian Age. So, the codes and light energies were going to be and feel different. Last year, I was having a hard time around this time. While it doesn’t feel anything like it did last year. This year will be and feel very unique for us. It’s going to get more intense very soon, we’ve just entered the first few days of this portal. It’ll be a powerful energy download from the Pleiadian Beings this year, as there is a Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on {May 26th} linked to the current early energies that we’re experiencing. It’s important to them, as we have now entered into this new age. They are aware that we have finally made that transition. They have made it clear to me on numerous occasions, that they are going to be assisting us at this time, and despite it feeling painful, that as we acclimate to these new energies, year after year. It’ll get easier for us.

A few thing’s that I have noticed over these last few days, is that I’ve grown more annoyed. I’m angry. I’m restless. I’m tired. I’ve been blunt with a forked tongue. More likely to speak up when I usually don’t. I’m not in the mood to take the doo doo sitting down like I usually do. I’m just finding it difficult to exist amongst people and situations where they aren’t understanding what is really going on. I’m irritated and angry with the lies being projected from news, media, people. The multitude of lies. Fed up with the insanity. Frustrated with the unaware family members around me, who don’t allow me to do what I need to do. Their noise. All noise. Anything really loud is making me feel like I am physically in pain. I just want to shake people and tell them, it’s a global awakening and guess what we’re all going to be fine. Stop with the panic. Then, I realize that I’m just projecting and that everyone is here on their own terms. They are Allowed to have their own experiences, handle, feel, endure what ever they need to. In whatever way they want to. Panic included. 

Another, thing that I have noticed in the last few days. The weather has gotten unbearably hot rather suddenly and I’ve noticed that extreme periods of heat bring on extensive downloads. I’m also needing extra protein based foods and lot’s of it. Which means that my body is telling me to eat up, because the energies are really coming in and my body is quickly using up the nutrients that it’s getting. This happens all of the time. It’s a lot going on right now. I’ve had to be extremely aware of what is coming up for me, so that I can identify it. Rectify it. Release and remove. Integrate and embody new. Keep your chin up during this years’ Pleiadian Portal. Rest up. Take care of you and you some more. None of this is easy right now. So, give yourself that time you need each day. 

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