Multiple Variants Into Humanity: The Many Variants Of Light That Humanity Is Embodying.

There is always something happening, worldwide, whether it has been the Covid-19 Pandemic, other pandemics, flu mainly, wars, and other man-made, or, natural events that capture every human beings attention. It always does, because it ends up being that important. So, important it stops them dead in their tracks and forces them to pay attention, especially, to what is going on around them. Much like this Covid-19 pandemic has done for a lot of people. Another thing that it has done is, change the way people have thought about their mortality. It’s also, changed everything that they have been doing and halted them full stop.. However, let’s not get Covid-19 mixed up with Ascension and Evolution. This just suddenly happened right around the same time, that earth and Humanity entered Cycle Two of The Ascension Process. There are reasons for it. Big ones. So, my question is, do you believe everything that is being told, to you, about our shift into Cycle Two and the Aquarian Age? 

The sudden increase in the last few years of light codes and different variations of light energy have been remarkable.  The Diamond. The Triangle, and The Aquarian Waves. The Circular light energies, just to name a few. These variants of Light have been activating thousands and millions of people all over the world for years now. For years. Do you need me to say it again for you? It has been happening for years. This is not new. We have been experiencing this all along, so, it’s interesting to me to suddenly be hearing – about different variants across different news stations, and in the media, reading about it online, as well as, anywhere else. We have always been embodying different types of Variants. Different types of Light variants. You and I might know about it. They know about it, but the public doesn’t. 

This is going to be one of those articles that a lot of people will either understand completely, or, they’ll not understand it at all. How much you understand about where we are right now, will determine this. As much as what I write in this article needs to be said, I understand that not a lot of people will know what I mean. With that said, I am closing all comments on this article permanently.

I knew that I needed to get more honest with myself this year, as well as, be more open and honest in the kind of articles that I write. Recently, I have just had enough with the kind of thing’s that I read and what I hear being thrown around. To the point, that I have stopped reading anything about the nonsense that is being projected into the public. The key word being, Projected. I just don’t need to know about it anymore and that is where I have evolved to. I’m thinking for myself and feeling for myself, much like I have done for years now. It’s just now gotten to drastic and even greater extents. The information that I’m going to be writing about, deals with The Multiple Variants Of Light that is currently being embodied into humanity. I do not mean the Covid-19 Variants and that is not what I am talking about. With that said, I do feel that there is a slight connection between the two. Which is what I have been feeling and sensing for myself, for quite a while now.  I’ll mention that at some other part in this article. For now, I am talking about Light Variants that are being embodied into humanity right now and which have increased since December 2019.

The word Variant and Variants have been thrown around for months now. I have been just as equally, exhausted, with how misinformed people have been, about what has been unfolding in regards to the Aquarian Age and the global awakening that has been going on. Many have no idea that this is a global awakening. Their body, their body is telling them that they are ready to begin that journey on a physical level. A lot of people chose not to be conscious about embodying. A few of us who have been writing about it online, we do and have remained conscious of this information. We’ve also known about this for years since Cycle One began in 1999. We knew that we were embodying and shifting into this new Age and that it wouldn’t look, or, feel easy at all. Not for us. Not for anyone alive on earth. Since, that time. What we have been doing and what the earth has been doing, is embodying various variants of light. Basically, we have been doing most of the grunt work. Making sure that we embody and our location embodies what it needs to. So, that we and our location can hold the new earth. That is what I know, that I have been doing since 2014. I posted 6 images and gifs up above, and down below. They detail just how different all of the Light codes and Variations look. Plus, there are even more. So, there are a lot of variations and patterns of light energies, that we have been embodying, since the beginning of Cycle One of the Ascension Process.

At one point, or, another; I have embodied one or more of these light variants separately, or, collectively. This was the case a week ago, when while out for a walk I noticed three separate different looking forms of light falling onto, into, the earth, in my physical location. Into my physical self. Now, do you honestly think that I am the only one who is doing this? Do you think that I am the only one who has been doing this? There are a lot of us who are feeling these energies. Who are seeing these energies. It might not be everyone in the entire world. There is a small group who is doing it constantly. Now, these variants that your hearing about in relation to Covid-19. These are separate. These Variants are coming from a respiratory disease. Which is what I have been sensing. Another thing that I have sensed strongly, is that not every single person with symptoms of Covid has it. A lot of people have been embodying light codes. There is a lot of confusion right now about that. Who is embodying these new light Variants and who has a mutating variant of SARS-CoV-2. What I have sensed in regards to information pertaining to different people, groups of people, in different countries, that have their own variants. Well, this was something that I felt was extremely important information for me to hear. When I first learned about this, I knew that there were different groups of people, in different countries, who were embodying different Variants Of Light. I also knew that there were different groups of people, in different countries, who had a mutating variant of SARS-coV-2 in their country.

This all started to make sense to me. Learning that there were different people, in different countries, spread out, throughout the entire world, who were capable of embodying their own specific light variant codes. There are so many different people, on so many levels. Not everyone is/has and or will embody at the same level. They won’t even be embodying the same type of light energy, codes, patterns, structures, templates into themselves. Which is why a few Ascension Writers have been writing about the Separation of Worlds. The Separation Of Worlds is literally the process of new earth reality manifesting, on top, or, near by, the old lower descending separating world. Two worlds, that are inhabiting in the same vicinity of one another. Within these two worlds, there are literally so many separate world and world realities. With different groups of people on it. Some, are embodying the most. Some, are embodying slightly more than the average. Some, are only embodying a tiny portion. Some, are not embodying any at all. There are even tiny levels and layers of each of those levels and layers. So, why wouldn’t that be happening now.

There are two different worlds: The Ascending and Descending world. The Ascending world who is embodying different variants of light. The Descending world who is experiencing different variants of SARS-coV-2. Both worlds living on top of one another, on the same planet. Drifting apart, more and more each year. Until only those on the Ascending world remain, because this planet is evolving and becoming higher in it’s light quotient. The descending world, will soon be completely extinct along with all of the levels of world realities within it.

That connection, between the Variants of Light and Variants of SARS-coV-2 are unmistakable. Two completely different thing’s happening, one a disease happening during the most important time for humanity. A new Age. A Global awakening that will last some time yet, with a lot of work still needing to be done. Not just that, but, a completely different group of human light species, that will match the new earth world that is manifesting along with it. Do you understand it? Does it make more sense to you? Are you aware that there are two different worlds existing right now? Are you aware that sometimes they are overlapping, bleeding through, making a connection? Which world reality are you in?

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