In Between 2021’s Eclipses: Much More Of Reality Just Got Erased.

We have just entered a new eclipse season, again. These periods are always the hardest on me, on people and for humanity. Last week was another difficult week, with a lot of ups and downs. This week, it seems to be continuing in that pattern. I’m sure many people have been finding life more stressful, painful, exhausting, emotionally draining, as we continue, to say goodbye to those bits and pieces of ourselves that no longer can come with us, because we are living the Ascension and Evolutionary process.

Over these last few days, I have noticed that while we traverse in-between two separate eclipse events. More and much more of reality, situations, events, the past, our past lives, the tokens of our lives that we have lived are slowly being erased from this reality. In this moment. This has been happening since May 26th, when we experienced a Total Lunar Eclipse. The severity of this eclipse was mitigated, by the fact that everyone is/was and has been experiencing this latest layer of personal junk being erased and removed. Not just that. There are people who are choosing to physically exit right now, through these strong points and events. There are still people worldwide, that are choosing which world that they’re wanting to move into. The Ascending new earth, or, remaining in the Descending lower old world reality.

The fact that my attention in the last week, or, so, has been focused on humanity, and how all of life has once again, been getting very messy for a gigantic portion of the world’s population. It’s not surprising. This happens over and over during these eclipses, and it happens to everyone myself included. I’ve really been paying attention and noticing the choices that people have been making at this time. I know my choices and decisions, I have been and want to continue to move into the higher earth world. The Ascending world. With that said, not everyone is doing so at this time. They have not either made that choice, or, they have and they want to remain in that lower reality world, that is slowly separating from the Ascending earth world. There is so much going on right now, with more decisions being made. As well as, what is currently leaving and entering various realities, higher and lower. It’s a difficult time, so I’m going to try and explain everything that I have been experiencing as best as I can. 

The eclipses are an important point where every single possibility, of energy, of light, of the new earth can become manifested in our reality. It can also at the same time, be an opening, that allows anything out lived, out dated, that is of the dying old world to leave our reality. It’s really just a gigantic point of entrance where anything can come and go. In saying that, that is exactly what has been going on this past week, and it is what will continue on happening until the second eclipse passes.

There are a lot of bits and pieces that are being brought up for everyone, for everyone to take notice of. It can be anything from tokens of our early life, reviews, memories, situations, roles that were played and continue to be, to certain phases of our life, that are being erased from our thought’s, or, during dream time. This has been happening to me these last few weeks, because I need to remember them, release them, replace them, and move on completely with my evolution. I have had to release many memories of my high-school years as of late, they just come up, all of the people, all of the events that I was involved in and this release, it’s been slowly happening in my waking state and in my dream state to. There is a total memory wipe out happening right now. Removing old coded programming, that has been stored and in order to embody a new higher programming. It’s not just high-school flashes, it’s past lives that has seeped into my current life. It’s even certain electronics (a computer,) one that I have had for three years that suddenly stopped working. It ran it’s course. Just like everything else, that is currently leaving my reality. Out with the old everything and in with the brand new in our lives everything better.

Another thing, that is currently going on, involves the small group of human beings who are choosing and deciding, that they no longer feel that earth is where they want to continue to be. They have evolved as much as they need to, as much as they want to, while being incarnated as a human being, in their bodies, at this point in time. It is never easy to make that decision, it’s also not easy for family members to understand the reasons why. For some, it was what they planned for themselves before they came here. There are other people who have been forced to leave, by the disharmonious energies, of another person, of an unexplained accident. There are a lot of reasons why people are leaving now. Some planned and other’s that have not been planned. During the last week, this group has grown bigger. Like I said “It is a huge opening where the new can enter and the old can leave.” That also includes people who for whatever reason, feel that they have evolved, as much as, they can and want to return to home dimension in order to continue their evolution there. This is also part of reality being erased.

The Descending world will slowly be removed, dismantled, and along with that world the people who live within those realities and frequency ranges. This will happen to everyone, even those of us who have been working on the new earth world and who are living on the Ascending world. You and I at some point in our future, we’ll also need to exit and return back to our home dimensions. There is no permanent stay within this earth world, this reality, there is only so much rapid evolution we can experience here. We all have to go. However, for now we are choosing to remain living and creating the new earth world. 

The third and last part of what is happening, involves those who still have not chosen, the direction, that they want to move into. Will they remain in the lower Descending world? Will they move up into one of the many higher frequency reality ranges that are available to them now at this time? Choices, choices.

It’s difficult for me to write this, because I cannot comprehend how there are still so many people undecided at this point. Many, continue to be unsure, or, they just don’t care. Despite that, eventually everyone will be where they want to be. There will be no in-between. This completion will take place in January 2022. This will be when Divine Mother will have been fully integrated into earth. We will no longer be in that transitional phase of the Aquarian Age. We will be in it completely, and light embodiers will have work to do on that next phase. We will have new missions, projects, we’ll be called on to close timelines, excavate new roads, directions, embody more light and be called on to be in different places again, in order to help humanity evolve to higher realities. To higher levels of consciousness. The new earth will be manifested in January 2022 and from that point onward, there is no where that those who chose the descending world can hide.

Take care of yourself during this important time, as anything can happen. More parts of reality are being erased again and at rapid fire speed. Rest when you need to. Make time for personal and private integration time, which has rapidly been speeding up these last few weeks to. The physical side effects of holding onto more light, is just getting very exhausting. I passed out asleep Saturday for seven hours straight. I couldn’t stand to be inside my physical body and be aware of the energies any longer. It’s heating up and all that we can do is our best during this time.

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