June 2021 Physical Pains: It Has Been Flat Out Painful In June.

June 2021 Physical Challenges

June has been exactly what I expected it to be, and what I had perceived that it would be. I had no doubts about that. Walking into the month of June, has been painful and exhausting. With some heavy moments where I didn’t know if I would survive it or not. I knew that I needed to be more careful as we entered the last week of May and into June. We were about to enter another transitional period, eclipses and there has been a lot of work that has needed to be done. Hard internal work that I needed to complete, or else, I could find myself physically exiting this plane and this lifetime.

This has been a far different month than May, which was surprisingly nice and easy. It’s easy to walk around in New Light and on New Earth, when you know how to do the work and move around in it. Even with that, it is no guarantee that you will not have to adjust yourself within the new earth and it’s new rules. Do the work and then you’ll be fine. 

We’re a few hours away from the second and final eclipse of this specific transitional period. An Annular Solar Eclipse, which means that thing’s are about to get much more better down here in physicality. Maybe, not physically better, but better none the less. First, comes the pain and then comes the most absolute supreme relief. In time of course. I knew June was going to feel and be vastly different than what I experienced in May. It’s because we are getting closer to the completion of both The Separation Of Worlds and Divine Mother being incarnated into new earth fully. This is extremely important and of course this transitional period, is a baby step further towards the adult like man print we’ll be taking in early 2022.

There are not going to be very many article(s) this month and that’s because I’m suppose to be embodying more at this period. My work is shifting and what I need to do is shifting. It’s almost the middle of June and this is the first article for this month. I feel like I have lived a lifetime’s worth of experiences since the last article that I wrote and I have in many different ways. Like I said my work has shifted and I need to be focused on clearing, transmuting, embodying and holding. The work that I have been doing in June has purely been physical and it has been gut-wrenching. I’ll be sharing some of those physical experiences, which may be similar to what you have been going through as well. I really don’t know. I’m assuming many experience the energies in the same way that I do and that they can relate. 

The work that I have been doing involves the transmuting of events and memories from my past. There have been many times in my life, where I have experienced some form of abuse. The specific work that I was transmuting, was related to this abuse that I have experienced in this specific life. Abuse that I have experienced from my non-aware family members. Specifically, my mother and father as well as older sister. I like so many other Incarnated Participants who agreed to come and embody light, live the Ascension process, and help humanity make this once in a lifetime shift of the ages. I have experienced abuse just like you all have. Never have I ever experienced physical abuse. I have experienced Verbal and Emotional abuse. Which has unfortunately become part of my design, so the only way for it to be removed is to face it. To feel it. To transmute it and release it. I don’t usually discuss the work that I do, not work that is so personal to me. However, this time I feel like I need to. I feel like there are other’s who need to see this and read this. I’m not sure if many Participants who are aware and have been on the path for years, or, just recently, know that these specific scenarios tend to take place. They do. Many understand why this is and other’s sort of feel confused by this. The best way that I can describe it is “Not everyone is on the same level.” Be that light and shine it bright and move on from them, whoever they are. 

These memories and events were part of the work that I was doing. That was very painful to deal with. The actual physical removal and then embodiment of these new energies, were unbearable and quite agonizing. There seems to be a cycle for me, which may be similar to yours if you’ve noticed when you are embodying. I embody and feel reality shift every often towards the end of the month into the beginning of a new one. That is when the symptoms are felt. That is when anything is usually being upgraded into my physical design. Here is what I experienced shortly after the Lunar Eclipse at the end of May. 

Physical Body Challenges During The Eclipses

I had no issues during the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26th. However, by the time the (30th) and the (31st) came around, that was when my entire body began to shut down and I began the embodying process. 

On June (1st) and into the (2nd) and (3rd.) This also includes the (4th, 5th and 6th.) I was in complete physical agony. From the very start of that week into the entire weekend, I was dealing with physical embodiment pains due to the Solar Eclipse. That was my time to move through these energies, this transitional period and I did it before most of humanity. Just like the majority of all of us who are Light Embodying Participants do. We do it first. We feel it first and we sure as hell experience it first. Then the next group does. Then the unaware group does.

It got so bad at one point I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I had coped well during the week and then it got progressively worse. The weekend of June (5th) and (6th,) my entire left head, neck, shoulder, arm, down into my back and shoulder blade was tight, in pain, swollen and felt out of place. This happened Friday night when I went to sleep and when I woke up the next morning; I had no idea how it got that bad. I could feel energy moving down into my entire left side, and I would be able to do nothing but lay on the couch and feel all of it. There were a few moments where I had to get out and do specific life related thing’s, I had to pay some bills and get groceries. While wearing a mask and in almost 90 degree weather. Talk about agony. 

The left side pain that hit out of no where began to subside by Sunday. However, I was not able to do anything and I was couch bound all day. All day Sunday, my appetite grew stronger and then I knew that I was coming out of this period of embodying and it was heavy. On Monday June (7th) I had one of the best days that I have had all month long. The body pain was gone. The embodying was done. The air and space around me felt uplifted and different. The people around me felt amazing and also felt uplifted. It was this instant shift. 

The entire month of June, so far, has been all about the work. The very painful work. Transmuting and Embodying. I’m not sure how many of you have also been feeling these similar physical body changes and experiences. This is what is happening for those Participants who are embodying these new energies, and it has been a long, hard, painful month so far with so much change. The eclipses and the energies are very difficult for many people right now, so take care of your mind, body and soul.

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