Shielding In The Aquarian Age: I Need To Protect Myself More Now Than Ever Before.

Energy Shielding In The Aquarian Age

After all of this time and all of these years, while living the Ascension Process and doing this work. I still find that I need to protect myself and my home. I still find that I need to Shield my aura, from certain entities and beings. Even some people. I still find that I need to clear and clean out, the negative, dense, wafting energies, that spread around the world, like wildfire from the inside of my home. I still find that I need to clean myself out and fully examine if I am aware of who I am, what I am doing, and how in control I am of my consciousness and conscience. It’s been a lot of work to do over the years, on top of embodying all of these light energies. But, for me it has been necessary. Not just necessary, but life saving. 

Since we have entered the Aquarian Age, I have noticed that I have needed to protect myself more now than ever before. It’s strange considering; I thought it would feel much different. It is different and it does feel that way, it’s just now everything has sort of come undone. People and a vast amount of them have moved into many different directions. They reside in different spaces, territories, realities, that bleed through, and at other times do not. The planet we live on is in NEW Earth Reality. That doesn’t mean everyone on her is fully there just yet. Not everyone on her will be, not for quite some time from now. 

When we began the shift into the Aquarian Age and when I first realized that this was what we were doing. Shifting into a new age. I immediately knew that there were going to be a lot of changes, both personal and collective, which has happened ever since for me and everyone all around the world. 

A few thing’s that I took notice of, when we first stepped into the beginning stages of this new age, was how different my body felt. That was the very first thing that got my attention. The second thing, that I took immediate notice of, was in how many people were in different spaces altogether. There were and still are multiple lines, these lines, represent the level people are at. It also represents where they are within their own understanding of what is happening for earth and all of us right now. A third thing, that I noticed was how everything seemed so chaotic and that has to do with point number two. A fourth thing, that I took notice of, was how fast everything was shifting and evolving. It was rapid speed evolution. There was no time to even blink or think. It was happening and you had to make sure you were moving along with it. Another thing that I took notice of and this will be my last point. Was how chaotic and dangerous everything got, so quickly, for humanity and in regards to where we were moving into. It was because of these thing’s that I noticed, that it made me realize how much I really needed to step up my gear. 

I needed to step up my gear on the inner work that I needed to do. I needed to gear up on evolving and understanding myself, the world, and the Ascension process at a better level than I did before. I needed to examine myself and where I was at. Most of all I needed to step up my protection, my shielding and making sure that my consciousness was protected. 

I have been protecting myself for years now. I have been shielding for a few years only, but it is something that I have had to do in order to feel safe. Not a lot of people do it. Not a lot of people believe that they even need to do it. However, I do and I have known that I needed to keep myself as safe as I needed to. Especially, while I am living and breathing on this planet. I know what this planet is about and what my job here was and what it still is. Over the years these form(s) of shielding and protections have needed to be magnified, and, I noticed that they needed to be magnified when we entered a new level of energies. Once the energies of earth increased and so did her ability to take on more light, that was when more of the specific entities and beings trying to distort her true nature hit back. They hit back at earth and they hit back at those who were holding light and helping her evolve. This happened at the very end of 2019 and into 2020. Then it happened again in early 2021 when we fully moved into the Aquarian Age. 

The specific thing’s that I have had to protect myself from have changed. I used to have to protect myself from Piscean themed people, places, religions, and thought forms. Now it’s Aquarian themes. Like technology: (Tablets, phones, computers, laptops, portable anything.) It’s also changed with certain people, groups, who are claiming to be about equality, gay rights, human rights, ascension, but really it’s not about equality (for these people,) it’s all act that is used to deceive people. I have noticed these people and groups popping up and just distorting everything. Instead of wanting freedom for earth and all of her inhabitants, they use these issues to further their own agendas and the rest of the world be damned. Lot’s of new age con artists everywhere now a days and I have not had time to give these people my energy and power. Another thing, that has suddenly been attacked hard is the air that we breathe. Giving that Aquarius is an air sign, I figured that this would be the case.

A huge theme that we have all had to deal with since the start of 2020 and the entrance into The Aquarian Age, has been the lack of air we have been able to breathe. It really has felt like an attack on air for me. An Attack on the air, an attack on the Aquarian age. Which makes a lot of sense to me considering how everything has played out, as well as, how it continues to play out even today. I have no doubt that our earth has slowly been increasingly becoming more and more polluted over the decades. It has. With climate changing and which it will continue doing so, these themes will become more front and center stage in people’s minds. I personally, have found it difficult to breathe on this planet since I was young. It has not felt right what I have breathed into my system, for a long time. It makes you wonder how much damage there really is? If the ones who are trying to remain in control would stop polluting the earth, then claiming humans are doing it than maybe we’ll be alright. The truth is the air is polluted with negative energy as well, it goes pretty much everywhere and can latch onto anyone. It is interesting that the attack on air suddenly happened, when the Aquarian Age began, and how we have all been prevented from breathing fresh air which our body needs.

These are some of the thing’s that I have had to protect myself from and Shield hard from. I especially needed to in order to get through these last few weeks as we entered the Summer Solstice. There are a lot of Light Protection and Light Shielding techniques that you can do. I used to do the 12D Shield by Lisa Renee, but it took a lot of concentration and focus on my part. It is a great shield and you can do it if you want to and I recommend you check her out. Her writing and information is extremely advanced, more so than mine is, but, if you get into the right rhythm than you will be able to understand it. I use my own 5D Light Shield Dome and it is quicker and easier, so that if I need to leave the house then I can get protected and be protected.

This is the next phase that we are in and the next three months will be very different, challenging, but, necessary for all of us, as we move further and further into the Aquarian age and embody these Aquarian energies. Stay safe. Discern as much as you can and protect yourself when you need to. A single prayer to source/god can be enough to protect you in your darkest of hours.

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