We’re In The New Phase: A Deeper Shift Into The New Aquarian Way Of Living.

New Aquarian Way Of Living

The entire month of June; I knew that thing’s were once again going to be changing. That life was going to get more modified, feel different and new, become either more normal, or, more chaotic depending on which world you were living on. The Ascending or Descending world. 

We past a few milestones in June. The Eclipse and Solstice. Which were not easy and I had days where I felt extremely off, tired, physically not well, that familiar feeling of I could physically exit or stick around longer. It was extremely heavy and I do not feel well when these time periods come on, especially when new energy is coming in to be embodied. You might also have felt extremely demolished during these last few weeks as well. Despite that, we have entered a new phase and we are fully living in this new next phase. Moving deeper into living life in the Aquarian age, with new ways of living becoming apparent. 

I knew that I needed to stay very quiet for the majority of the month of June. Which I did. There were a few important thing’s that I needed to work on. I had more work to do. I also had stuff that I needed to deal with. Which got dealt with before the Solstice and before I and we entered this new phase that we are in. It mainly involved the very many small memories of my current life that were coming up, for me to see and fully acknowledge and understand why thing’s happened in those ways. It’s never fun having to be shown little life reviews and then to see ultimately how you did. It’s very hard. However, I couldn’t continue on carrying a lot of the emotional knick-knacks, baggage and memorabilia with me into this next new phase. It was strictly a cleaning out period for me and something that I couldn’t share publicly.

I started to notice something different had started to take form on June 25th. That day felt extremely different to me. That feeling like I was transitioning out of some old physical place, into a new physical one grew even more stronger on June 28th. I woke up that day with a headache and the energy was just swirling around inside my head. I remember getting extremely sleepy and then nodding off early at around 5 am. Mind you I had just woke up at 3 am. This has been happening a lot to me and it’s been years like this. I can’t tell you how many times that I have needed to re-fix my sleeping pattern, because it was and is off the charts all over the place. That morning; I fell straight to sleep at 5 am again, with a massive energy headache due to incoming energy. This felt extremely different than anything that I had ever felt before. I got this rush of euphoria from it, that I hadn’t experienced since Cycle Two began in December 2019. That is when I knew that I was moving into and fully stepped into the next new territory. 

This next phase is going to last for all of July, August and September up until the Equinox point. Expect to experience new to you stuff, that you probably have never seen before. Expect to feel new energy and see it like you never have before either. Expect to see people living in similar ways as before, but, also expect people to live life in totally new ways unlike before. 

The Aquarian Age is going to evolve us all for another 2,160 years. While the world will look very different at that time period, right now, we’re only just beginning to open up to countless levels of consciousness that we can obtain at this level and in this time. We don’t know everything. We only know what we know now and part of knowing that is feeling it and experiencing it. Despite this, even now we are creating the ways in which we choose to live and exist. This next phase is going to feel like a miniature movement in time, compared to that point in over 2,000 years from now. It’ll feel like nothing is moving forward at all. When, in reality a lot has already changed. Anything and everything right now and for the last year-in-a-half, has been virtual. Anything and everything that we have had to do, in order to survive has been virtual. It’s been virtual school. Virtual work. Virtual shopping. Virtual banking. I’ve observed all of this over this 1 1/2 years and all the Aquarian themes are there. It has really been interesting, different, and unique. This to me has felt like we have moved deeper into the Aquarian age. A tad bit more than what we have before. At least the more negative forms of it. 

The entire concept of Service To Others is the very theme of The Aquarian Age. Helping another human being and being that service to them in the Aquarian age. Dropping the ego self to give to the human self. A lot of service to other’s means working on the self. Whatever service you give to self, by removing aspects of the ego is helpful to another human and other’s in the world. That will be the main way of living within the Aquarian Age. I’ve already seen a lot of people around me exhibit actions of being in service to other’s, but I have also seen a lot of people exhibiting actions of being in service to self. To the ego. Which is a prime example of Leo the opposite sign of Aquarius. It’s self vs others. Expect these themes to continue to play itself out, in this next phase of new everything. Along with that, more energies, newer experiences and seeing and feeling energies that we just haven’t at this point in time.

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