July’s Little Intervals Of Light: A Huge Physical Difference In This New Period.

July’s Intervals Of Light

July 2021 has felt so completely different from anything that I have experienced so far this year. I have become more and more aware of the fact that, we are really in a new place. A new reality. A new space where more light is coming in, that I and humanity has never felt before. It makes sense because we are constantly changing our physical locations, into new realities. We are constantly changing within the way that we perceive life in the now moment. 

It’s also different because this new period, phase, cycle, that we have moved into, feels so much lighter and easier. I feel like I no longer feel physically broken, tired, exhausted, or, in great physical pain and that physical pain began for me in December 2019. It’s new and better. Less heavy and way beyond lighter, with small intervals of periods where I am embodying energy. I used to experience heavy and long periods of embodying light, and the pains that came from doing so. All last year and early into this year. 

These last few days have been exceptionally revealing for me. I have found myself becoming more uniquely aware, of the fact, that I, that you and all of us really stepped into a new physical place with the earth. There is no doubt about that. We really are in the new period! In the next phase. It feels different to me, so profoundly so – that it’s like someone turned on and off a light switch. It has felt that clarifying. That is how the transition has felt. The last few days and leading up to this now moment, where I felt the need to write this article. I have been finding myself feeling and acting different. I find myself having a much easier time. Everything from the physical, to how I deal with all that I do in regards to the Ascension and Evolutionary Processes

Since December 2019 I have not felt well. When I say that I have not felt well, I really mean that I have not felt well on an energetic level. I have not felt well energetically. I had begun to embody more like never before. It was just energy, energy, energy and light, light, light. This happened for me instantaneously and it was overnight. The second cycle of the ascension process was beginning and then we moved ages this past December into January. On top of it all, the earth actually physically moved locations into a new and higher part of the 5D. While this was going on, so was the separation of worlds. Where for the past almost two years now, everyone has been moving into whatever world they wanted to move into. With various realities, sub-levels that were within both worlds. 

I went from the usual physical aches and pains, that I felt during Cycle One of the ascension process. Which were slight and minor periods of embodying, which I wish I could go back to.  To full-on, extreme, agonizing, and very brand new to me, physical-hell and constriction, that was and is cycle two of the ascension process. Something, that I was not used to and that was made aware to me that I needed to acclimate to. I don’t think that anyone was fully prepared for that when it happened. Since then, I have sort of gotten used to it, as I am hoping most of you reading this have too. Still, it is very much a 24/7 daily task. I still have to prepare myself when I am going to embody. I still have to take time to make time to embody. When I need to go rest because energy is running rampant within me, I have to go and make time for that. I haven’t been able to do much of anything else. I have not worked. I barely have a chance to actually work at my part time job. I never had friends outside of work, so I never have time for socializing and I don’t do it much anyways. The close friends I have I check in on from time to time and they know who they are. They’re also on the path. I was never meant for social gathering’s and parties, movies, doing outdoor thing’s. My life has been very isolating and there is a reason for that. I am meant to embody and that is generally one of the many reasons why I am here. There was no need to self delude myself. 

I have handled myself better now, knowing what I am going to feel and what I will expect. Despite that, up until two weeks ago I was still feeling those awful pains. It was only after the Solstice where thing’s began to change and for the better. That heaviness molded down into a lightness of being. 

One thing that I have noticed since entering July 2021, has been how different what I am embodying is and the difference in degree that of which I am doing it. I haven’t felt intense, heavy, periods of light embodiment this month. I have had small intervals, where I can feel the energy enter my physical body from the top of my head. Then it stops, then the process is over. This is something extremely different. I have been doing the very heavy embodiment of light and energy and codes for a good 1 1/2. It’s now going on week two where I feel this ease, I am still embodying just not at that intense level that I have remembered. It’s reverted to an easier form of embodying. One that I do not remember and that I am not familiar with anymore. That was cycle one of the ascension process. All that I have known has been this next level embodiment, we have experienced in cycle two.

If you’ve noticed that it feels a slight bit easier now that we’re in this new period and phase. Your not the only one. If you have continued to embody, but, not in the usual intense manner as before. Then it means that we are now acclimated to the point where, it feels easier for us and cycle two is not as bad as before when it first began. These new energies are becoming familiar to us. Familiar inside of our bodies. 

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