What Is The Source Of Light: Who Is/Has Always Directed Light Into Earth and Humanity?

The Source Of Light

I’ve experienced repeated light energy download, after download, for years now, and while I know that this is what I am doing and why this is happening. There are a majority of the population that STILL have no clue, that people like us even exist. That Evolution and Ascension are changing the energetic vibration of this planet right now. That we are all involved in this process. They also don’t know who is behind all of these evolutionary changes and why? 

To better explain Ascension deeper and why we are going through this Evolutionary Process. Why we have changed Ages. Why we have seen mass physical body awakenings and not awareness awakening. That event will happen soon too. I’ve decided to write an article explaining who Source/Creator/Light is and what MY Understanding of what this being is doing and why it is doing it. It’s time for more people to finally know more. 

The month of July has been extremely quiet for ME with short bursts of light, that have been coming in through the crown (head) section of my body. My body feels lighter. It feels Stronger. There isn’t anything so severe happening to me at the current moment. My scoliosis isn’t acting up. My body doesn’t feel tight and tense. I’m not really sensitive to anything right now, except noise and lower forms of consciousness. Which means we have reached a point where it’s all very easy. It’s very comfortable right now. What I am embodying right now is a smaller dose, a smaller quotient of light energy. This will change of course, because it always does. If your finding it easier than welcome to the new acclimated world. Remember, that every single person has their own cycle, and they cycle in and out of acclimated and transitionary states on their own time.  

I felt two initial shifts so far this month. The first occurred on the 9/10th and the second on the 16th.  The first shift being more of an energy driven event and I spent most of this day, all day, with an energy headache. Just energy rolling around my head over and over. The second, was a physical shift event that saw me leave my physical location. So, there are thing’s happening, just not as fast it used to be. At this point there is no point in keeping it quiet, it does a dis-service to humanity. So, whenever these shifts and events happen I’ll discuss them the further we continue along. 

A lot of the time when I am writing my articles on this website, whether it is about myself, what I am experiencing physically, because I am embodying, or, some other experience that I feel, that I need to share because it’s connected to Ascension and Evolution. I’ll mention light and energies. However, I rarely if ever share where they are coming from and who and or what is sending them. This is something that I have always intended to bring up on this website, which I think is very important. I feel like now is the perfect moment to talk a bit about this. To share it. Like I mentioned up above it does humanity and earth right now, especially right now, a gigantic dis-service to keep my mouth shut. I’ve followed that narrative in most of and if not all of my lifetimes that I incarnated here. In this life and at this time, with how everything is unfolding. I can no longer continue in this manner. I have evolved beyond it. So, I need to express ME and what I know. What I know is, that these evolutionary shifts, transitions and changes are coming from Source/Creator/Light and bringing this reality back to it’s original and intended design. 

A lot of thing’s currently are being kept from the public, and not very many people are fully disclosing this information. This is one of those pieces of awareness and knowledge that is being kept from humanity and the general public. There is so much more that is being kept from the public, than what people are aware of, about everything and that includes: What this planet is. Who are really on this planet. What this planet is designed for. How controlled we really are. That we are not alone in our universe. That something bigger is going on. That they also know about Ascension and Evolution. The ones who think that they are in control (know about Ascension.) They know all about the Age of Aquarius. They know about me, you, and all of us who agreed to be here in this time to help the earth shift. To help humanity evolve and to take back earth and the stream of consciousness. 

It is a lot to take in. There is a lot going on that goes unnoticed, and the ones who notice it really know just how bad thing’s really are right now. But we also know how much better it is about to get. 

MY point of view regarding Source/Creator/Light and this being is my own. I am not here to claim that I am messiah and that you need to follow me, or, listen to me in anyway. I could care less about that. I don’t understand that kind of mentality. That kind of consciousness, because I know it’s not organic and natural. That is very dominating and controlling. What MY understanding of this being is, is that it is very aware of the battle for Consciousness going on. The battle for consciousness and this planet, as well as, on other planet’s because it isn’t just here where there is a lack of awareness of self as supreme sovereignty. Did you really think it was just on this earth? Please, Ascension and Evolution is everywhere. In other universes and other galaxies. The sooner people realize that, the better off we will all be. The sooner that people realize that we are an extension of this being, the better off we will all be. The sooner people realize they are all that they need and can be a self sovereign being, the better off we will all be. The battle for this information is happening, and people need to reclaim their own consciousness, so that they can benefit from this knowledge.

This being is all around us. This being is aware of all of us. This being knows what we are apart of. This being is an extension of us, and we are an extension of it. Everything is part of this being, and it extends over universes, galaxies, other planets. This being is very aware of the fact that we are all travelling, in different directions. That some of us are on new earth and a lot of us are exiting it.

This being is very aware of the fact that there are dark forces here who are no longer suppose to be. This being is aware that these darker beings are able to access a good majority of human being’s consciousness on this planet, as well as, other beings from other locations. This being is very aware of the fact that he is making Evolutionary changes, and he does this by sending important coded light energies, to this reality and humanity. He knows that there are being’s like us who agreed to take over a specific body, that will act as a vessel, in order to embody this light and these energies, in order to, sustain light and create new earth on this planet. Which is what we have been doing all along. 

This is everything that I know deep down in my spirit, my heart, and that of which is intertwined with memories from back home. It’s muti-aspected. For those who didn’t know who was sending these light energies to earth and why, it is specifically Source/Creator/Light and for the purpose of evolution. The intention is also to bring this dimension back into alignment. To it’s original design. To remove a lot of controlling shackles that are in place, systems, materialistic thing’s that do not matter, to finally be connected with the stream of being conscious.. We’re all so disconnected and this being wants us to get connected. Connected to self and other’s as our higher selves. This has been happening for an extremely long time, and Source/Creator/Light has been directing light energy into humanity and into this dimension all along. 

The memories that I have of this specific dimension is not similar to what I am experiencing now. How have I experienced this lifetime? It feels dirtier now. It feels more out of control. While the population is rather larger than what it was before in other lifetimes. I’ve not ever dealt with feeling and knowing, how people have no control over their consciousness. I never experienced that in my other lives. I remember these experiences happening in small villages, with smaller groups of people. In those lives, you knew who was aware and their weren’t very many of us. Still, I had to deal with unawares just like I have here in this life. Only it’s gotten worse. In this lifetime, everyone is just everywhere. They’re doing everything and at times not even aware of what they are doing. It’s coming at you from every angle. From every direction. It’s a very scattered place from what I remembered it being. There are a lot of thing’s happening here that never used to before, the “Game” as I like to call it has changed. It is being played differently, and technology is a huge part of this game. 

It feels almost like I’ve been sent to a prison planet and many have commented on feeling this similar effect. I’ve had lifetimes in Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, the middle ages, it’s far worse here now than ever before. With the exception of these last few years where it feels totally different and people are slowly regaining awareness. None of the old ancient light beings visit us and this planet anymore like they used to. I’ve got distinctive memories of being in Ancient Egypt and having these light beings from other places, visiting our planet and us. In Atlantis and Lemuria, these visitations also occurred and they don’t anymore. Anyone of these beings usually contacts me through telepathy, but they are never physically visiting here. It’s changed and the battle for consciousness is still going on, it’s just being played out now on a higher scale than ever before. 

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