An Increase In Light Quotient: It’s Been Quiet, But The Energy That’s Reaching Us Now Is Picking Up.

Light Quotient Is Picking Up

Since about July 23rd, I’ve been hit with more light and more codes than I have for the entire month of July. I have been more exhausted and needed to sleep; I also have slept at random times of the day and night. I feel more emotional and sensitive. I feel familiar head pains and pressures and especially in various places at the top of my head. I’m increasingly hungry. I’m noticing that I’m living life in a non-linear manner. Events from my life, keep popping up and I am re-living them in moments and in times where I shouldn’t be. 

My entire right side which includes my right leg, right foot, feels off and slightly swollen. This is a strange pattern to have happened, but, since entering Cycle Two of the Ascension Process. I have noticed that it has been happening more than ever before. All a part of these new energies and the Lionsgate Portal that we’ve found ourselves moving through. 

July 2021 has been one of the most silent months and periods, in my life, since humanity entered Cycle Two of The Ascension Process. At first I couldn’t understand it and I questioned if it was just me that was experiencing this, or, if other people on the path were physically at least having an easier time. It’s been about 3 1/2 weeks since this ease has begun and that was as long of a break that I was going to get. That’s over and done with, because it’s back to embodying more higher and better into me and for humanity again. How do I know that this is happening? Because my physical body is going through the exact physical pains, it usually experiences, when I am embodying something very new. It’s feeling tight and swollen. I’m extremely emotional and moody. I’m having to be alone more and the need to stay still is very strong. The dead give away, is the new energy that I am feeling inside of me that feels foreign. I’ve not felt energy like this and it’s in areas in my body that it never usually reaches all that much.

Since July 23rd, I have noticed an Increase In Light Quotient that has been distributed into me and the earth. Looking around, I can see how everything ancient, that has remained on earth, is now slowly being plucked from it’s hiding place(s). Making room for light to enter those specific regions where the light is so very needed right now. This increase is also in people, just like earth is going through the process. People are also experiencing this and from time to time, we grow and expand too. The amount of light that humanity has embodied has increased in such a short period of time, that I never could have imagined it. It could easily be said, that I also cannot believe how very little amount, of the current world’s population, still hasn’t been embodying anything at all. Despite this, look at how far we have come along? Look at how we’ve acclimated into NEW Earth and are fully living in it. 

This is it! What we have been waiting for has finally arrived in a small capacity. We’ve successfully created NEW Earth and we are now living within in it. That’s so spectacular and mind blowing. There is no more waiting to be in a much better place, because it’s here and by our own hands. Not yet fully completed, but never the less a much safer place to be, for those who are extremely sensitive to the darkness of what this place used to be. 

The energies that have been reaching us and earth now, have been causing some new discomforts in my body that, while I have felt them before, I have not felt them as much as I generally do in this specific side of my body. The last two days especially, my right side has been bothering me, so much so, that I have noticed that something is going on especially in my right leg and foot that is not normal. However, it is normal. I know it is because I feel it happen in my left leg and foot. It has grown increasingly tighter as each day has passed since we entered the Lionsgate Portal and these newer energies. It’s slightly swollen as well. Which means that there is newer energy, that is entering this specific side of my body and not the usual left side. This is more Divine Feminine entering my body and if you are experiencing this too. It is entering your body as well.

Is there a difference? Yes, there is. The left side is all Masculine. It is all lower conscious as well. The right side is feminine and more receptive to higher energies and knowledge. Divine Feminine, has been missing from earth and humanity for an extremely long time. Women in general have been abused, and the energy that they represent is Femininity. They get this abuse, because they already have Divine Feminine energy within their physical body. They carry it in their DNA. They carry it in their makeup and structure. So, it’s only natural now that Divine Feminine is returning, that our right sides and that includes the right side of our brain is activating. They are becoming activated. This is what is happening now and we are being blasted with another layer of Divine Feminine energy. This will feel and be a completely different kind of Lionsgate Portal, because of multi-aspected reasons and events that are currently transpiring. More Divine Feminine is here folks and it’s time to start enjoying it. 

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