My Egyptian Past Life {3}: A Few Memories Of Cleaning Up All Of My Egyptian Lives.

My Final Egyptian Past Life 

If there is anything that I am 1000% sure of, it is that the past is never dead. The past is always with us no matter how hard we believe that it is not, we carry it around in our soul all of the time. We may not always remember who we were and what we have done, but for those of us who do remember. We understand that our past has ways of interjecting with our current lives. It does. I’ve experienced it on many occasions, and I’m someone who has always had to deal with the multiple lives that I have had. I have never gotten away with anything, and another aspect of my work in this life, is to release all of the karma that I have accumulated throughout all my simultaneous lives. .

In my last life in Egypt, I was a female being born in the year 2,750 BC. This was my third and final incarnation in Ancient Egypt and I would never return back there again. This life happened over 6,000 years after my second life did, and it took me this long because I needed to recover from what transpired during that second life in Egypt. This past life memory details the finalization of the three lifetimes that I experienced in Egypt, all of the ancient lessons that I learned from the multidimensional higher E.T beings are long done by this point. There weren’t even anymore higher dimensional E.T beings left at this point when I returned back this third time. I returned to strictly clear up and clean up the three lives that I experienced in this location so that I could move on. 

This article is in many ways a companion piece and continuation of the two article(s) that I wrote, involving my OOB (Out Of Body) and NDE (Near Death) Experience(s). In those two articles (which I will be leaving a link to at the end of this article;) I mentioned this specific lifetime bleed through experience that I had. Now in those experiences, I had written about an event in that lifetime that involved being shot dead with an arrow in my leg. This bleed through happened in my current life at the age of 24, which I almost didn’t survive. However, it was something that I had contracted to do in this life, it was karmic, and I needed to fully clear that in this life. That’s what this article is about. It is about this past lifetime and sharing it further, in full detail, just what that was like, and why I went through all of what I did during this last lifetime as this young Egyptian Female being. 

During this specific Past Lifetime In Ancient Egypt; I was born into one of the earliest time periods of Ancient Egypt after the reunification. This period was called the early dynastic period, and this was the third of three lifetimes, that I agreed to come into this specific geographical location to work in. There is always preparatory work that we must do when we decide to incarnate anywhere, not just on earth. When we finally do incarnate there are certain objectives that we must accomplish during those incarnations. We tend to set up the foundation for this life, but also for the next life, and that is generally what I was doing with this final incarnation. This third incarnation in what was about to be well known as the Ancient Egyptian period, was about me clearing out both lifetimes that I had lived prior thousands of years earlier. The First and Second incarnations were much more important to me, because of what I had learned then, and I advanced because of it. So, essentially these three incarnations were very important to me. This is something that most Starseed’s and volunteers do, they go back and live certain lives to clear out specific imprints that were left behind by them. These lives are usually short ones and they’re straight to the point, it entails clearing the energy residue with your physical body to clear out any energy that you may have left in any prior life.

A Slightly Lost & Young Woman

In this particular life, I had agreed to take on certain circumstances and I was born into a family who were not well off. A daughter of slaves and Servants. We were part of the lowest class, but not the lowest of the lower class. There were issues such as loneliness, abandonment, a life serving family, but I had other objectives that I had wanted to work on. These objectives included paving the way towards clearing my energetic imprint from my second and third lifetimes during this period. There were preparations for me to return this final time, where I would have the opportunity to utilize what I learned from higher dimensional E.T beings. 

I recall having a difficult time assimilating to this specific time period, to this life, and I can feel even now that I felt it was challenging as I look back on it all. I wasn’t connected to those higher dimensional E.T beings like I once was in those two lives, they were no longer dropping down into this earth. It was a shock to the system really because in 6,000 years, humans had changed, and they weren’t functioning at their highest anymore. The E.T beings that used to drop frequency and appear to us, were no longer doing this and many had since moved on. There was a gigantic shift that had happened, and it shifted the world and the consciousness. I am now in this current life in 2021, despite these ancient civilizations being highly more advanced than the world we’re currently live in. This period just doesn’t compare to that time period. I remember growing up feeling like this geographical location was not as evolved as it once used to be, not many people understood it. I had to hide a lot of what I was picking up on from that area, and what I knew as a clairvoyant. I had tremendous amounts of awareness, and access to higher forms of consciousness even then. I was essentially a very lost young woman, trapped in a new earth civilization that did not feel like the other more advanced ones that I had already incarnated into. 

I mentioned that I found this specific lifetime as this young Egyptian Female a difficult task, and because it was so different than what I was used to. It all had to do with the genetic makeup that I had within that physical body, I had chosen a specific body that was different and that took some getting used to on my part. Accompanying this very different body; were specific personality traits that I had that I was not used to. This lifetime was like I already mentioned before, I was soley here to clear my energetic imprint for the last time as I would be moving on from this geographical landscape. Naturally, I lost myself along the way and it was all necessary in order to experience what I needed to. My family life was not the best. I didn’t receive support from them, and, in the end, I really didn’t know how to keep myself going, which were all that I had agreed to experience. I never married. I never had children in that life, and it was supposed to be a very specific life. A short one. It turned out to be that it was a short one. I could not withstand the changes to the human template of even that time period, and it was slowly feeling very stagnant and low. Now comes the part of my death in that life, and some details of my crossing over which I do remember.

Killed By Egyptian Soldiers With An Arrow To The Leg

At some point in this life while at the age of 24: I had gone through enough of the hardships that I was dealing with, and the circumstances that lead to my death in this life were now playing itself out. In Ancient Egypt, not a lot of people know this, but archery and arrows were a big part of Egyptian life. However, because of my choices and decisions in this life I was shot in my left leg, and I was left to die. I was extremely rebellious in this lifetime and due to my circumstance, I was caught stealing from a Nobleman as I was basically on my own. I was caught. I was chased by Soldiers, and I was shot in the leg. I was left to die in the hot sands and slowly felt myself thrash from the pain, I do recall the actual physical pain and it was an intense pain like nothing ever. I died shortly afterwards, and I felt myself be released from that body and that lifetime.

Upon returning to the higher dimensions and the spirit world, the actual pain and discomfort that I felt in that left leg remained. It was like my soul had an imprint marked on it, even though I didn’t have my body anymore. It’s like having phantom pain, you can feel a specific part of your body even though that body part is gone. I remember being in great distress in those early moments and I was taken immediately by higher dimensional beings into a place of healing. In this space of healing, they were working on aspects of my soul body, by using their own energy to send beams of healing to fix it. They also tried energy reformation on my soul body, to try and re-balance out the energy and my energy. It never fully healed. This was something that I had to clear in another reincarnation, which happened to be in this life. 

This lifetime was the very last lifetime that I had in Ancient Egypt, and after this I just couldn’t handle it if I had to go back to that geographical location because everything is so different there now. There has been a devolution into something that will never come close to the advanced ways of life that I remember. In the first two incarnations, I was also women in those lives and most of my objectives were to learn how to utilize my energy, to help higher dimensional beings from galactic planets, and neighbouring star systems. During my first incarnation, I got to work exceptionally close with higher dimensional E.T beings who created the pyramids, the sphinx, and who were using the Nile as a point of reference for when they would travel too certain. They taught those of us how to work with energy, how to understand energy formations, and how to work with the natural energies of the planet during that time. In my second Incarnation, I was a very young girl when a catastrophic event happened that shifted the planet and the consciousness of the world. It was such a profound shift that I died as a young girl at the age of 10. There were many higher dimensional E.T beings who were already telling us that they were soon going to be leaving, or they already were, and I remember one specific memory where I had to say goodbye to one of the Male Lion beings from Sirius. He was leaving permanently, and he would never return back to earth. 

Those first two incarnations, they really did set the tone for me and what I would experience in later incarnations and in this one. I’ve left two links: The first is part 1 and the second is part 2 of those articles, that I had mentioned up above at the start of this one. It gives you some background into how this past life bled-through into my current life and what I experienced exactly.

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