Witnessing A Being Of Light: A Few Personal Experiences With My OOB, And NDE Experiences Part 1

Witnessing A Being Of Light: Personal Experiences With My Own NDE Part 1

I have been a Starseed Ascension Volunteer for my entire life and I have experienced some otherworldly phenomena that I do not know how to explain, not to mention contact with higher dimensional beings. I have seen and felt them all around me, I have seen small sparkles of specks of light that come in and vanish out real quickly. I have received multiple energy and light code downloads my entire life, not to mention being attacked by negative entities and I felt them use the consciousness of certain people. I have experienced quite a lot and among those certain experiences, I have dealt with plenty of my own near misses in this life. I have also dealt with many of my own out of body experiences too, the sky is the limit when you function at an advanced level than someone who is not a Starseed. 

I have decided that I am going to write two articles. These two articles will focus on my personal journey. Both of them. They will discuss my OOB and NDE experiences, as well as, how they connect to my physical activation to begin my Ascension process and my past life times. It is my hope that these two articles will be helpful to other Starseeds and human beings, especially for those who are currently experiencing this now and are feeling their way through all of the trauma. Whether your physically awakening as a Starseed to remember you, or your a human being who is slightly more advanced than the rest of the population. What you’re experiencing now in your life is valid and very real, make sure that you remember this!

This article will be one of those kinds where it will be massively different – from anything that I have been writing about so far. There will be no Ascension and Evolution talk. There will be no weekly energy updates. There will be no-human entities, demons and darkness to unload. Just me being honest about some of the Starseed Experiences that I have had over the years, since my first Awakening took place in March 2014.

My Starseed Experiences had begun and continued right after my physical body activation in March 2014. It also resulted from that physical activation and so it is connected. I’m just choosing to state it as separate incidents. However, this is content that I have wanted to write about for a while but never felt that I could. It is both extremely personal and traumatic for me to share this, yet I feel the need to share what I have personally experienced throughout all of these years. I still do think about all of these experiences, I am deeply affected by them all and I still struggle with them within my souls energy imprint. I have been living with PTSD involving these experiences and other related experiences as well. My intention to share these experiences is to help other struggling Starseeds, as well as Human beings who have had a NDE or OOB experience to overcome the fear of death and learn to use it to live life and to complete their mission. In doing so I heal small aspects of my own fear and leave people knowing that death is not the end but a continuation of eternal life. The OOB (out of body) experience is a natural aspect to Starseed life and the work that we do on earth, astral traveling is an important job for many of us and we do massive energy work when out of body that helps us to create New Earth.

As a Starseed; I am familiar with how certain advanced energies work and how that connects to my mission. I am highly intuitive and extremely sensitive, when anything happens that is positive or negative in how I perceive it – that can linger for hours and days. My NDE and OOB experiences in March 2014 happened after I was activated physically, it happened a few months later in this Michael’s body activation and it was also connected to a past life in Egypt. It can be really painful for anyone to experience this and Human Beings are so afraid of change, they do hold an intense amount of emotions of fear within their body template design. If you’re reading this and have also experienced anything very similiar and need to know that someone else has experienced it too, and made it through alright well then this material is for you. It could be that you know someone who is currently experiencing emotional and mental pain, due PTSD because they went through something similar. Whatever the case, we are all going through a journey of self-discovery.

These two separate events will be split into two article(s). This is part one. There will a part two which discusses the events surrounding my OOB experience, and my almost sudden death while re-living a past lifetime bleed-through. These two occurrences both happened within a week of one another, one where I left my body and the other as I was sick but close to dying. I’m talking about some of my own personal experiences that I have had with NDE Near Death Experience(s) and OOB Out Of Body Experience(s.) Which resulted in me seeing a white light while still in my body but close to death and feeling that energy physically touch me. To having an out of body experience while sleeping and floating above my body near the ceiling of my room. I was also telepathically communicated to by a female being of light. This is all connected to my physical activation, and to when I began my Ascension process. 

Most of my young life from about the age of {7,} I’ve had a handful of experiences with the supernatural. Many people call it the other side, the spirit world, higher dimensional realms and beings of light etc. I call it being Psychically Tuned. So, this has been a lifetimes’ worth of these kinds of experiences. I’m now {28.} I’ve had experiences with beings and energies that have made contact with me, and I fully understand all of this and them now as an activated Starseed. When I was younger, I didn’t understand who they were and why they made that connection with me. I was too young to understand that it was all connected to the Ascension Process. In my teens this escalated more and more. As I got older; I knew who the beings were, it’s just that many times their message came in dreams, or images, and at times telepathic flashes. I did not always understand the messages. In my twenties; I noticed that thing’s got very interesting. This is where a lot of thing’s started to make more sense to me. I finally understood who I was and that not only did I have all kinds of abilities that kept growing; I was about to be triggered on a physical level. As this process triggered me to begin my Ascension Process, it was such a sudden phasing in that it caused a lot of issues with my health and my physical body. There was a lot of releasing going on. There was a lot of bleed-throughs from certain past life timelines that were meshing together. With this process and Ascension everything needs to be purged. It felt like all that I was doing at that time was just releasing every aspect of me simultaneously. Which is what happened. Here is what happened with the NDE that I experienced in May 2014.

Witnessing A Being Of Light: The Ascension Process Was Triggered By Near Death Experience

On March 1st, 2014; I physically activated to begin my Ascension process. Then by the end of May 2014, I hadn’t been feeling well at all. I had re-occurring strep throat infections. Got treatment for it once and began to feel fine. It didn’t heal all the way properly and I dealt with round two. I then got re-infected and this is when all of the events of my NDE began to unfold. I have had issues with my throat my entire life. My astrological sign is (Taurus) which is connected to the throat. All of my life I have had issues with my throat. Throat infections and Throat colds. You name it I have had it all! This stems from not being able to speak in this lifetime and in other ones that I remember. There are also other thing’s going on as well, which I won’t mention.

One night in May I went to bed. I was extremely tired and I hadn’t been feeling well for days at this point. I remember that I had a dream early in those days and I remember waking up from it. I remember it felt like I was moving up into a tunnel. It scared the hell out of me. I had similar dreams like this in January. So, I knew something was up and going to happen to me and for me. On this night I went to bed and I felt awful. I was pulling a blanket up and laying it on my bed. When I got on the bed; I kneeled facing the window and I was on my knees while on the bed. I was extremely ill at this point. I laid in bed and everything hurt. Throat felt like it was on fire. My tongue to. I had a cold sweat. When all of a sudden I felt this extremely warm sensation on my face. I could literally feel something extremely warm touching me and I felt ecstatic and a euphoric feeling come over me. I remember the feeling going away and then I suddenly felt a lot better. I got on my knees and stared outside my window. As I faced the window to look outside, there was a White Light and it looked so close. It was still and floating in the air. It was just so still in the air and then it started to move away from the window, it moved further until it passed a green pine tree across the street. Then this light I was so transfixed on, that I was following it’s every movement vanished. It vanished as it reached above the pine tree. 

After the white light vanished; I laid down like something pushed me down. I fell fast onto my mattress and I fell asleep straight away. 

After my NDE and being in-between worlds and dimensions, (where your still in your body, but your sick and you can see the light, beings, shapes, forms, hear sounds.) I felt fine. I still had a scratchy throat. We were in the process of moving from my childhood home to. So, it was a big change. A huge life change and shift. So, if there was ever a time where I could choose to physically leave and move on back to home dimension. It would have happened then and there. I didn’t though. When the entire experience was over I felt strange afterwards, but comforted in a small way. It didn’t scare me at first; I also did not think anything of it. That hit me hard after a few months had passed and I didn’t even realize for a long time that it really was a NDE. I wasn’t out of my physical body and I did not enter the light. There was no sense of me becoming part of that higher dimension and of the god consciousness. I was not pronounced dead by a doctor and medical team. Never by a surgeon. It wasn’t until months later when I realized that I was really that sick, so sick that I was already in-between dimensional realms of existence. 

The Being Of Light that I had seen and felt during this experience. I now know that it was the god consciousness, source, creator. I now know that it was the light that everybody talks about who has had a NDE. It felt like I was loved and it felt warm against my energy. I felt at home in that moment and look back on it often. I still remember that moment and that feeling. At times this experience comforts me, other times this experience causes me great discomfort too! How close I was getting to the end and how I just did not realize it at the time. I’ll be leaving a link down below to my next article which is Part Two. For those who want to continue reading it. I will also be leaving comments open, for those who want to discuss it amongst one another, or, who want to share their own personal NDE and OOB experiences. 

The next article and Part Two: Will talk a lot about how I continued to experience the Strep throat infection. I experienced another two NDE experiences, and one of them resulted in me physically leaving my body. This was all connected to a Past Lifetime In Egypt, which triggered a past lifetime death that could have resulted in my death in my current lifetime. All of this was also connected to the Ascension and Evolutionary processes, that were taking place at that time and which is today. 

Witnessing A Being Of Light: A Few Personal Experiences With My OOB, And NDE Experiences Part 2

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