Higher Dimensional Being Makes Contact: A Starseed Is Shown The Separation Of Worlds.

Higher Dimensional Being Makes Contact: A Starseed Is Contacted By A Higher Dimensional Being.

As an incarnated Ascension Volunteer who has agreed to be here to help humanity to Ascend beyond this 3D reality, I have had many different experiences than the majority of regular humans. My body design and how it holds information is different than most who are here within a lower based physical body, along with that the mindset to match it. I have had experiences that the majority of regular people would consider insane, a fabrication, and that is because they cannot perceive what I am experiencing at this level. I am not better than anyone; I am having a very different experience and as a Starseed, I have found it difficult to be here on this Earth and with all of it’s unnecessary lower vibrations. 

There have been countless moments where I have received information that was being downloaded into my awareness, a lot of the times they come in the form of Light Codes which is my primary work. There have been other received information that has been communicated with me that I have received through Clairvoyant Imaging, which I will discuss further down in this article of writing. I have experienced many higher dimensional beings who have made contact via this way, and NO I do NOT in anyway channel these beings. That is not what I am here to do. It is not the line of work that I am involved with. I have had telepathic communication with higher dimensional beings, and they have dropped their frequency to reveal themselves to me in this life. This article is about one of these contacts that I had with certain higher dimensional beings. 

I have mentioned this already in my introduction; I have had multiple Contacts with Higher Dimensional Beings and some in this lifetime and in plenty other past life incarnations of mine that I have had. What makes this specific contact with this 5D Female Being more important than any other one? What made it so important to me was the message that was shared to me about this Earth. As a Starseed it isn’t difficult for me to receive information about Earth and what is happening with it, I have been informed about these Earth changes since I was a teenager even before my own physical activation had occurred. I call this Early Starseed Preparation Work and all of those connections were already coming through about all of these Earth changes. 

I have often referenced that I am an Ascension Volunteer or a Starseed, this is all fine and dandy but the actual work that I do has nothing to do with the labels that I place on myself. I am also a Transcriber of Light and I receive these recordings into my awareness, many times they are embedded into ME and my awareness through Clairvoyant Imaging. There is one way in which I receive contact with certain higher dimensional beings and that is through Clairvoyant Imaging. This process works by having contact through showing telepathic visual images, those higher dimensional beings will send a signal to you and your awareness. This can show you where they are, and what the message that they are sending to you is all about. This has been a process that I have been familiar with in this life and in my other past lives, especially in those lives that I had in the earlier civilizations of (Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Maya.) 

Higher Dimensional Being Makes Contact: A Starseed Is Shown The Separation Of Worlds.

In Summer 2006, I experienced contact with a Higher Dimensional Being from the 5D and she made contact with me while I was out in public. I would often be nearby where I lived in the surrounding area, and at this point I was at a local park that I escaped to in order to get away from my toxic home life. The Starseed curse is the fact that your family can be some of the most toxic people you ever laid eyes on, but you do learn the most about how to navigate through a negative vibrating Earth Planet through them. On this specific day I was at this Park at around noon, because I couldn’t stand to be home with my family that I did not connect with. While I was there; I received Clairvoyant Imaging come through my awareness, she showed me a very detailed image of her standing beside two separate worlds. I was sixteen at the time of this contacting, and I also was not yet activated as a Starseed. The Ascension Process had already begun taking form and many Ascension Volunteers were already activated. There was a lot that was already going on. 

The Clairvoyant Imaging that I experienced lasted for only a few moments, I didn’t comprehend all that I was doing with what I was viewing and receiving not until I activated as a Starseed in 2014. I understood later on, that this contact had happened to let me know about the Separation Of Worlds. The image of the two worlds was a representation of this divide that was starting to happen, a divide in the reality of our Earth as it currently was in 2006. The Earth reality that was familiar to the general population and this was starting to shift, the New Earth World was already beginning to take form even back in 2006! As a Starseed this was an important contact by this higher 5d Female Being, because it was showing me the way to the future. The future where I would be an activated Starseed, who was helping to anchor in this New Earth reality into physicality. The Separation of worlds as of 2019, has gotten so divisive that at any point in time I have no idea who is on which Earth. It is getting bad!

The Separation of Worlds

The Separation Of Worlds – Is the dismantling of old earth reality as the human population shifts into the ascending earth world reality. Which is where the term New Earth comes from and it may have been Eckhart Tolle or Dolores Cannon, who originated this term from their own separate books.

It is the idea that many people are consciously changing at this time for reasons unknown to them, while there are many other people who are actually not changing or shifting at all. We have two separate Earth realities that are simultaneously existing close by to one another, but in very different ways. Which one are you currently on? It all depends on how far your willing to change and move into the unknown. 

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