Light Code Structures & Energetic Properties: What Are Light Codes From A Starseed Perspective.

Light Code Structures & Energetic Properties: Light Codes Are The Language Of Light.

As a Starseed that agreed to incarnate here as an Ascension Volunteer, this Isn’t my first go around on this planet. I have agreed to come into different time periods as different other people for a reason, and the one thing that hasn’t changed is that light is light. In any other lifetime; I have been able to perceive light and all of its forms as a frequency which can alter the physical and molecular properties of human beings and other Earth life. I have been aware for years now and since my physical activation that I would be working with light energy once again, which as a Starseed is not new to me at all. 

Light Codes are not a term that I came up with; I just know this term to be factual in regards to the work that I am doing here on a physical level. There are many different ways to word this, but this is the most accurate combination of words that work. A perfect description. There are many other Starseeds who are also working with Light Codes, but when I first awakened I realized that my soul work was to write about these codes as I perceived them. The majority of the time I will receive them mentally through Clairvoyance, and when I need to share them on this website I will find the best picture that shows these structures and their energetic properties. This is just me giving you an explanation of what these light codes are from the perspective of a Starseed. 

When I physically activated in March 2014; I immediately began my journey with The Embodiment Process. It was a over night experience that left me physically exhausted and I didn’t know what to do about it, as time went on I became more aware that I was doing something very different with my body. The body usually always knows what is going on before the awareness of it sets in, and my body knew that there was more going on than what I was picking up on. A short time after my brain began to change in NEW ways, because different aspects of it were coming online for the very first time. That Brain/Body connection was starting to merge for the very first time and that is when I realized that I was an Ascension Volunteer. A few months later; I had another wave of instant awareness grip me and I realized that I was a light embodier for certain Light codes. This brings us to 2019. It was at the beginning of this year where I realized that something had changed within my awareness once again, and that I was not only an Ascension Volunteer who was embodying light energies. I was also helping to manifest the New Earth reality. 

As a Starseed; I have come to Earth to help humanity evolve beyond the lower 3D reality that they are so used to existing in and I am not the only one. There are so many starseeds, who have returned to help usher in the Golden Age and help to manifest New Earth and this reality for so many people. My specific job here is to anchor Light Codes with my physical body, and hold that energy within me and manifest New Earth through it in whatever physical location that I am in. I am also a Transcriber of Light Codes as I receive them, I see them and I am called on to share what I see coming into this Earth reality right now. This is specifically an Ascension Volunteer lifetime, and while I also experienced seeing these Light Codes in other lives that I have had in those earlier time periods. These are not the exact same Light Codes with the same strutures and patterns, the vibration and frequency of those Light Codes are different from earlier Civilizations. They were stronger and people were much more in tune in those earlier Civilizations, now in this time the Light Codes are matching this current period which is one of an abundant lack of awareness. There can only be a certain level of Light Codes to match the frequency of Earth currently in the 2019 timelines, it has gotten much more better but there is still a lack of awareness overall. 

Light Code Structures & Energetic Properties: Light Forms Hold Energy, Shapes Have Energy & Using Shapes and Form To Carry Light Information.

If you’ve read any of my earlier pieces of writing, then you should know by now that I always try my best to include a component that shows exactly what I am writing about. I always have an angle; I want you to understand that everything I write about does have an Energetic POV (Point of view.) Everything on this Earth is an Energy. My writing always has intention of doing this, and you will always be guided to grasp information from this certain angle. I intentionally included 12 different images of Various Forms of Light Codes, in order to show you what I personally transcribe. Think of what I do as a recording which comes from my mind clairvoyantly, I am recording these Codes in order to share them. There are many Light Codes that are shaped very differently, then there are patterns that are drastically different than the other. The colors and the textures are different too, and each of these different Light Codes are very different in their vibrancy. The Energetic Structure is never the same. 

The Energetic Component of Light Codes are different from one another, light is never always structured in the same way (which means) that there is always a different component to its properties. When I use the term Energetic Properties; I am talking about what causes it to be what it is and how it functions in the way that it does. No two energies are the same, just like no two people are carrying the exact same energy within their vessel. It just doesn’t happen. Even if it looks similiar, how it functions could be on the opposite side of the spectrum. Which tends to happen very often. Light Codes in my experience have a way of causing different reactions that are different within people, animals and the Earth. The reason for this is because there are 7 billion different energies, all of them are on various different levels of the spectrum. Light Codes tend to influence people in very different ways. These are the Structures and Energetic Properties of Light Codes, the energy is never quite the same and as a Starseed what I see is never the same.

What Makes Up The Energetic Properties Of Ligth Codes

Light Codes have a Kinetic Energy component to its energy property, which makes it visible to the clairvoyant sense in certain Starseeds, as well as, a combination of Photons which is a particle of light which is essentially a packet of electromagnetic radiation. 

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