March 2019’s Equinox: This Part Of New Earth Creating Is Almost Over Ascension Volunteers.

March 2019’s Equinox Shift: Creating New Energy Grids Through Embodiment, Timeline Work & Dismantling Old Structures.

There have been moments for me while on my Ascension journey where the energy work that I am doing is too extreme for my body to handle. This has been the case in March 2019 with the 333 frequencies and if you’re feeling this as well just know that this creating work is almost done by the Ascension Volunteers. It takes time to hold energy within your body and that has to do with the fact that your body is part of the creating process. This massive insertion of another layer of New Earth has been what we have been helping to create, this hard part Ascension Volunteers is now over. We have made it through that Equinox Phase and now it is nothing but the new from here on out, how you decide to create with what has been inserted into the Earth and the Grid Systems is up to you. 

When I first activated during my first stage of becoming a Starseed Ascension Volunteer, it took me a while to fully grasp the kind of work that I was sent here to do. The initial awakening happened on a physical level and not so much with my awareness, while I did in fact regain important information about who I was that came into my immediate awareness. I didn’t know everything about Me as this Michael aspect and why I was here, which also meant that I had to learn the type of work that I was supposed to be doing. I immediately started embodying and that was a difficult process for me, because it was all physical. That was my initial work and then later on I began timeline work, which I had already been doing by closing many timelines from past lives that I was involved with. Then I began understanding as the years went on that I was also dismantling the current structure of this old earth reality, and helping to create a New Earth for a New Human population to live on. As time went on my work changed from one thing to the next, and right now I am currently still energetically helping to construct this New Earth reality by anchoring these NEW energies. 

The energies leading up to the Spring Equinox have felt slightly surreal. It has been a strange time for me, as I can sense that the work that I am doing right now is happening in a much different way. This specific layer is being installed in a much different style as it was before, and I suspect that there is a reason for that. I believe that it has felt massively heavy since the start of 2019 because we are nearing the completion of New Earth. The work that I am doing is still physical but it has changed, I have noticed that my body is doing something NEW with these energies unlike before. The entire structure of my body feels different, and the fact that I am doing the hard part of this work while around non-activated LowCon Human Beings has been a challenge. One thing that I found interesting over the last few weeks; I have noticed that something was happening with the upper part of my body. My face especially has been where all of these energies are being activated, there are specific Light Codes that I have been seeing which I call Hexagonal Light Codes. I spent a few night’s feeling nasally congested and I was unable to breathe very well, which was exactly what these energies needed to do. 

This Part Of New Earth Creating Is Almost Over: Constructing The NEW Energetic Layout For New Earth.

The hard part is really almost over. The part where the Ascension Volunteers  have been helping to create this latest layer of New Earth. The timeline(s) have been shifting again, and I see myself having a much easier time than what I have been having for all of March 2019. Finally. This just means that we are almost finished Energetically Constructing the Energetic Composition of this new layer of New Earth reality. So, indeed the hard part is almost over and we have successfully embodied this NEW layer into ourselves. This is what completion looks like since entering the beginning of this year, and this work will only get further completed the deeper we go into the 2019 year. If you have experienced this year’s Spring Equinox in this manner, it is absolutely normal to have all of these distractions, extra work, extra irritating people around you, while trying to embody more energies and lift yourself higher. It is part of the process. 

The days leading up to this last week and up to the Equinox which was on March 20th, those were some of the most challenging days that I had. They were some of the most unbearable, unbelievably painful, and not to mention head-spinning days that I’ve ever experienced since January of this year. I personally started feeling these energies on Friday March 15thand there is a connection at least on a physical level. Before I get into all of that: Here are some physical changes that I experienced to my physical design.

Intense Cranial headaches: I’ve been experiencing these headaches for the last few days, and they always end up with me laying down with my head throbbing. Especially, leading into my lower neck. 

Leg Vibrating: My left leg has been throbbing and at odd times its been vibrating like crazy, due to these NEW energies being released into my physical body.

Ear Frequency Ringing: I always hear the energies thanks to this wonderful symptom of the ascension process, and I’ll hear many more energies from the future that are meant to raise and uplift this earth. 

Whole Body Aches: Since the middle of February I have felt flu like symptoms, and they’ve continued well into the month of March and all month long. That is quite normal and especially the aches, as we embody these NEW light energies.  

Sleepy & Hungry: I am going to include the both of these into one category because they go hand-in-hand. I have been super sleepy and accompanying being tired all of the time, is the need to eat, so I don’t float out of my body and leave this earth. 

These are only a few physical changes to my body design that I noticed for all of March 2019. There is a very important connection to all of this, this connection involves the Sun being much more active than it ever has these last few weeks even though we’re exiting the current cycle. Which is solar cycle 24. The physical Embodiment Process isn’t very pleasant, and I find myself not liking that part of the process many times. However, I understand what I am doing here as an incarnated Starseed Ascension Volunteer. I am here to help create New Earth and so are other Volunteers and Starseeds, as they bring with them their own unique skills that help to make this happen. This part of the New Earth creating is over and as we move into April and the rest of this year, we will see and feel ourselves start to physically move into New Earth. 

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