Earth’s Magnetic Field: The Earth Is Shifting Because Of Evolution.

Earth’s Magnetic Field: William Gilbert, The Magnetic Field, & Changes Due To The Ascension Process.

This Earth reality is experiencing a gigantic shift in how it energetically functions and the ironic part about all of this is that the majority of the human population has no clue about the Ascension process. When I talk about energetic changes, I mean the way that Earth and humans interact with one another on an energy level. In the old cycle everything and everyone was capable of doing whatever it was that they wanted, they were able to express their Energy Signature in whatever way that they wanted to. There was no limit for them and the Earth just was a matching frequency, that shows you how infiltrated the Grid Systems were by the False Anti-Divine Energy. Things are slightly different now in 2019 and it does not work that way quite anymore, that has to do with the work the Ascension Volunteers have been doing to remove this Anti-Divine Energy.

The Earth is changing those old cycle functions and we’re finding now that we are noticing certain aspects of Earth’s body looking different, that also does include how the Earth is reacting to these Ascension and Evolutionary changes. Everything is not working like it used to before and it won’t because that was part of the old system. One of the thing’s that is changing on Earth is the Earth’s Magnetic Field. The Magnetic Field is also known as the Geomagnetic Field, this is the magnetic field which extends from Earth’s interior out into space. This Magnetic Field interacts with Solar wind, which is a stream of charged particles that is emanating from the Sun. These changes do include: more frequent Solar storms which has been effecting humans much more than ever before. There are also changes to the North and South Pole which are referred to as the Geomagnetic Poles, these are also changing the way humans interact with one another and Earth. The Magnetic Shift Effect. 

The Earth’s Magnetic Field is essential to sustaining life on this Earth, because it acts as a shield for humanity and it always has. I cannot even begin to connect the dots with how the Ascension Process is currently changing the magnetic field of this Earth, without first giving you a history lesson about the origins of Earth’s Magnetic Field. This involves me giving you the reader information about who theorized that the Earth had magnetic properties, and when this theory became a factual reality. The past is always essential in learning about the present, even further what can happen in the future and so on and on. 

In the year 1600, a man by the name of William Gilbert published a book titled: On the Magnet and Magnetic Bodies, and on That Great Magnet the Earth. William was an english physician, physicist, and natural philospher. William describes in his book all of the extensive experiments that he did with a model of Earth called the Terrella, and from these experiments he then concluded that the Earth itself was magnetic. He was the first to argue, that the centre of the Earth was Iron. He also believed that magnets could be cut, each forming a new magnet with North and South Poles. He also studied Static Electricity using amber and was the inventor of the Electroscope, which is classified as an early scientific instrument that was used to detect the prescence of an electric charge on a body. Gilbert argued that Magnetism and Electricity were not the same thing, he was proven wrong when Hans Christian Orsted and James Clerk Maxwell showed that both effects were aspects of a single force. This is well known today as Electromagnetism. William Gilbert died on November 30th, 1603. What William Gilbert left behind was the knowledge that our Earth was magnetic and that it acts like a giant magnet. He correctly identified the Magnetic Field of Earth. 

The Eerth’s Magnetic Field: The Magnetic Field Shift Effect, The Earth’s Internal Design & Electromagentic Plasma Core.

The Earth’s Magenetic Field is something that I have been fascinated with for many years, mainly because you can see that things’ are changing physically on this planet. The world is facing serious issues such as: (global warming, change in weather patterns, a rise in sea levels.) It’s not just the issue of climate change. The whole entire way that Earth functions is shifting, which is effecting humans and their physical bodies at greater levels than ever before. It is effecting their brains in ways that they have never experienced before as well. In the old Ascension cycle, the Magnetic Field kept the world safe by not allowing solar activity from entering past the field. This is changing as much more activity from our Sun is in fact entering past the field, which is causing harm to the human population by aggravating the mind and body connection. When we’re not used to such a strong transmission due to our current body design, we’ll invent new ways in the higher spirit dimensions to accomodate the changes in our Earth. This mind and body connection due to increased solar activity entering our Magnetic Field and due to a shift in how our Magnetic Field functions, is causing instability in the human population and it is negatively effecting the human body design. This is what I am calling The Magnetic Field Shift Effect.

The Magnetic Field Shift Effect – Is an energetic process that exists right at the center of our Earth. The process begins when it pulls and pushes energy to and from specific locations from the inner core, that move up into the outer core and into the mantle which leads to the crust. This energy pushes upwards into the sea floor, through ocean currents, faults, that when triggered can cause earthquakes. It thrashes sesimic waves towards land and throughout the world. The magnetic effect then unleashes pure energies that vibrate to the top near the Exosphere. This then reaches out into the Magnetic Field and when Solar activity begins to  occur, it almost drops down where it meets which then causes friction. That is how this Energy Process works only now it is due to the Ascension Process, the normal functioing has changed slightly. In 2019 – The Magnetic Field is allowing much more solar transmissions such as solar wind and charged particles into the atmosphere, which is causing the human population to react in a disharmonious way. It weakens the Magnetic Field slightly and has shifted the regular cycle of the Magnetic Field for this Earth. 

The Magentic Field has a cycle all on it’s own and it is connected to not the inner core but another small core that is inside the Inner Core, as I suspect that there is one more component to the inside of the Earth which is the Electromagnetic Plasma Core. I call it the electromagnetic plasma core because this core is the magnet part of the inside of this Earth. It has a function all on it’s own that fuses both Magnetism and Electricity that works with the Magnetic Field. In the form of a plasma and it sits inside of the inner most core, this is the fuel of the Earth and this core has cycles of it’s own that has changed the Earth. I believe that this inner core effects the cycles of the Earth’s rotation, influences the Magnetic Field and effects human beings through the physical body. We as humans are a big part of this inner most core and the design behind it. Further more I believe that the Sun and our Earth are very much linked in even more greater ways than what we know today, the key to figuring out what this is exactly is to study this inner most core. The Evolution of Humans and Earth will lead us there and then we will have tangible physical proof that the Ascension Process is taking place through these cycles. 

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