What Are Past Lives: How Many Past Incarnations Have You had?

What Are Past Lives: Understanding The Multidimensional Self In Many Different Roles On Earth.

I am highly aware of the fact that I have already lived countless other past lives as different versions of me in past life timelines, as mainly many different women, with different stories, who had many different challenges, in different locations that were scattered around this earth. I’ve had these lives and I have been these people. In this lifetime, I am back again. This time in order to usher in the Aquarian Age and to help create the correct energy frequency for this Earth reality to function in. Which I and many other Ascension Volunteers are doing as we have been scattered all around the world. This is my role in this lifetime and while it isn’t much to brag about, I am fortunate enough to be one of the Ascension Volunteers who is here to build New Earth for New Humans as they continue to evolve. 

Does every soul with a matching energy incarnate? No, not everyone does this. There are many souls that choose not to and who have their special place in the higher dimensions of existence. Some souls are only just about to come to this earth for the very first time to have a human experience. Does a soul/energy reincarnate? Yes, it does. It all depends on where you are on within your evolution and where you want to go. Does that mean that everyone else is aware of this, not every person on earth is aware of this. There are many people who don’t even believe in any of this. A good majority of the current worlds population do not know that they are reincarnated. If they knew, it would be a scary thing for them to have to reconcile themselves with. There are many beings here who are having their first or first few lives and that do not have much experience yet. 

I have not always been aware of all of my past life memories for my whole entire life and they had first started to erupt into my awareness more detailed when I physically activated in 2014. It has been a few years since that activation and the more I get in touch with myself, the more that I do understand exactly who I am and where I have been. Who I have been and why I have been those personas during those periods of Earth and on my home star system. These personas have individually altered my current Energetic Signature to what it is today, it has added to the very energy that I carry within this Michael aspect in this timeline. As an activated starseed and Ascension Volunteer the past is more important right now in this life than at any other time, there are many people in the world today who are having sudden awakenings through activations of their own which does need to be talked about. There are many people who are beginning to remember their past in other lives on a conscious level, while there are other people only understanding their past life on a subconscious level. They see how the past is playing itself out once again and they struggle to make those changes. Which is why I have decided to start a new category called Reincarnation & My Past Life Memories. This category is going to focus on past lives that I have lived and I hope that when you read any of those past life memories of mine that they trigger your own. 

There are many past life memories that I recall having that I feel are important to discuss because of how they show our rich history. I have memories of living in Ancient Civilizations during specific time periods such as: (Atlantis, Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, Mesoamerica.) I also had multiple lifetime experiences with my primary soulmate in some of these ancient periods together, where we worked together in order to experience family life which is an important lesson to learn for many on this Earth. There were other lifetimes that I experienced where he didn’t come in or he did but it was short lived, in order to help me with a lesson that I needed to learn. I recall in one life in the middle east in the Age of Aries we came in together, we got married and had children together – but he soon died and left me to raise three children on my own as a single mother. This section will have many articles that deal with these past life themes, these lives during these times in order to help readers to seek out their own history on this Earth. 

What Are Past Lives: Soul Contracts Are Connected To The Energy Signature.

What Is A Past Life: A past life is when you have lived another life as an entity through your energy signature, it could either be on this earth. It could be on a different earth like world, a planet, a star system, or in a different galaxy and universe altogether. As there are many of them. You will never be the same exact person in any different life experience. However, you do carry with you tons of information and lessons that you have learned, but you also bring with you all of your weak points so that you can work on them. You do take on a new family. You take on a new body. You do take on a different aspect and personality. The energy you bring is the same with one catch, the energy has changed the more that you decide to incarnate. 

What Is A Soul Contract: A Soul contract is when you come to some form of agreement with Divine Source, to physically incarnate either in this world and into other worlds, universes, galaxies, star systems. This contract is more of an energy one if anything, because you are agreeing to take your energy with you to impact a planet and it’s inhabitants. In this energy contract you are stating that you are going to be this specific being, you will be in the specific location of agreement in order to have an experience. Whether a human experience or a galactic one on a star system. The sole purpose of this is to learn and evolve.  

The Ascension Volunteers do know about their countless past lives and so do I which can be difficult. The ability to know all about our personal experiences as different aspects of ourselves in multiple different other timelines is something that many Ascension Volunteers know, we either activated to know about it or we were born with these memories. A good portion of us already know and while a few of us remember them, the majority of the human population does not. There are reasons such as higher dimensional beings just don’t want people when they return here to allow the past to hinder them in the present lifetime. Which is a good thing. I myself have had these experiences where I have known that a past life event was colliding with my current life. There have been moments where something feels like it is on repeat while it is happening simultaneously. I end up feeling frustrated when I know something from another life is intruding with me in this current life that I am living now. I have had to use my higher awareness to move away from certain people from other lives who are here and still have the same energy. We have recognition of our other aspects but it comes with many challenges, not that many people have that recognition.

Specific Questions That Get Asked: A Few General Past Life Questions To Think Over.

Why do some people know and other people don’t? It basically boils down to the fact that some of us agreed to remember, while others agreed not to. I chose to remember all that I could in this life as a volunteer, it was part of my energy contract to remember certain details. To remember certain lives. It was especially important that I know all about these other aspects of me, because I was going to do a lot of work in regards to clearing up those lives, the events, and experiences from my soul in this life. It was one aspect of my work, the work that I was going to be doing here in this current life. I also did choose to know, because I wanted as much information and knowledge about who I was prior to returning here again. I also took with me all of the prior lessons that I had learned, all my higher tools, light information, information from the council that worked with me because I wanted to be as aware in this life as I could be. I did not want to be unaware of anything that would catch me off guard. 

Why do we incarnate or reincarnate? We want the experience. The truth is a lot of us do want to reincarnate on this earth and while it can be hard, joyless, stressful, we gravitate towards these earthly experiences because we find them superior. It is something that we enjoy doing, and we evolve at quicker than usual rates. We can obtain that when we arrive here and while 40, 50, 60, 70 and or 80 to 90 years of life seems long. It really isn’t long in the grand scheme of things. As a soul this is the equivalent of a get rich quick scheme, because we’re quickly evolving beyond what we were. The Ascension Volunteers have done this before plenty of times and many of us are Starseeds that come from other planets and star systems. We understand that our role is to incarnate here to help during times of important energy changes.  

Who can have multiple past lives? Anyone can have multiple past lives. I do. Most likely so do most of you who are reading this. It can be rare to enter this earth and not have any kind of experience with incarnation on any other planets and star systems like Earth. It seems like in the last few centuries that anyone can get into Earth but that does not mean that a specific soul/energy is inexperienced or a newbie. Many people have had many different lives and so there is a comfort in coming back here. You sort of know what you’re going to get. It does not mean that your better because you have had more lives, it means there are other places where we can go in order to learn different things about ourselves. This isn’t even the most popular place to incarnate into and there are other higher vibrating star systems and planets than this Earth. Also not everyone wants to return here and plenty souls/energies refuse which after this life I will no longer return here.

Are Family and Friends part of this contract? Yes, they most definitely are! It is not uncommon for certain energies to come into a physical incarnation with you, there are souls/energy that agree to balance your energy signature. There are roles that they play and many times that isn’t always a very positive role, there have been many specific energies/souls that have come onto my path in order to show me how much they dislike me and the amount of light that I am carrying. There are friends and familiar players but that doesn’t always mean that you will get along, then there are the LowCon people who just get used by certain negative energy entities. There are a lot of energy contracts with certain people in your life and that can be both positive and not so positive. There are certain people that you reincarnate with who are not your energetic match, these energies can be down right abusive and toxic. 

Can past lives influence our current life? Whether we like it or not. Yes, our past lives can influence our current one. This has happened to me multiple times and I wish that I did not have to experience it, there are going to be situations in your life that you do not understand. It was most likely something from another life, that sort of snuck up on you and it manifested in a different way. Our current life is connected to our past lives. Here is one example: I died at a specific age in one of my past lives in my early 20s and it manifested in this life. I almost died during that period of my life as well. It can also manifest in a positive way too. Don’t fear it just go with the flow and know that you can change the outcome of your current situation.

What about meeting certain People again? Yes, this tends to happen. If there is something that could not be rectified prior to incarnating in this life again, the same beings tend to show up as different people in your life. The same patterns and behaviors will repeat itself until you decide to step into your power and end the energy contact once and for all. These life lessons and events will transpire with the opportunity to make different choices with the way that you do interact with familiar souls/energies, as well as with the certain LowCon people that are in your environment.

We have all had Past Lives whether we remember them or not. Here are some articles that I have wrote about in full detail about my personal experiences, in all three of my Ancient Egyptian past lives and one past life in the Pleiades where I learned to drive a galactic space craft as a female Pleiadian being.

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