Basics Of Energy Matter: How To Understand Different Energies On Earth & In Different Realities.

The Basics Of Energy Matter: What Is Energy & How To Understand Different Energies On Earth.

Energy. That word provokes indescribable emotions, that run through my mind and my body. It is a powerful word. Not only that, but it’s also a symbol of everything that we are as people. Infinitely existing. It is a subject that touches the very fabric of life and how we live it from our human perspective. We cannot escape it because we are a part of it. We as human beings are an energy. It is the most important thing for us to understand when we discuss energy. We are an energy and carry energy within us. The Earth is also an energy world that holds a set of Grids that expel and bring energy into her, we all agree to adhere to the law of Energy when we arrive here on Earth. We also agree to adhere to take personal responsibility for our own energy as well, some people do and some do not. We coexist with the Earth and we make that agreement before we arrive here, these are the basics of energy matter. 

The Law Of Energy: the law of energy states that you are what you bring into physicality in your body and that is subject to change in each life depending on how you grow. The energy that you are can slightly change depending on how you change it, what type of work that you did in all your various lives both on this Earth and in other realms. It can change it’s signature to either a more positive one, or to a more negative one. 

While having lived all that I have as this Michael aspect of ME as an energy for these last 28 years, the one thing that I have been able to do is Read Energies.  I have been able to view anyone and immediately tell what level of awareness that they hold within them and that has always showed through their energy pattern. I remember being able to do this as a young child and while many people around me had viewed me as an invalid, I could always see right through many of them by immediately accessing those parts of me that could feel their energy. The most important aspect of being an Ascension Volunteer is that you can take all of your higher awareness and tools with you; I have never enjoyed that I needed to look abnormal and deformed to the outside world in order to have access to them. The world has certainly changed and in the earlier days we didn’t need these certain bodies that we’re living in today. As adults reading energies has gotten easier to do because I and many of you have embodied much more, the world has changed even further and the longer we stay in these bodies the more these capabilities grow.

This article is going to focus on The Basic Aspects of Energy Matter and how that relates to the current Ascension Process. The most important part being: to understand what energy really is and how to understand the kind of energy that anyone carries. The whole entire point of being incarnated here right now, is so that you can have a first-hand experience within the confines of your body. This does include having multiple encounters with your energy and the energies of other people, I refer to these individual energies as an Energy SignatureEvery person alive now has an energy signature. This signature basically acts like your identity while you are down here in physicality. This also includes the energies of certain non-physical entities both demonic and higher dimensional E.T beings. This earth reality is here to allow anyone to have a higher understanding of their own energy and to work on modifying it, we do have opportunities to change that signature and that all depends on how you choose to live this current incarnation in the now timeline. Is my energy too strong or is it not strong enough? It is dirty or too heavy? How can I clean my energy up? What do I need to work on to settle it? How can I find a harmonizing balance within my own Energy Signature? We are all here to learn these lessons and not just the Ascension Volunteers.

The Basics Of Energy Matter: Energy Signature(s,) & Different Energies That Exist Within Different Realities.

What Is Energy?: Energy is the actual essence of our spirit. It is the essence of our existence and it is the essence of what sits inside of our body. Energy is the essence of life. It creates and it is the driving force of everything that we do, what we are feeling in the moment and how we do think about the entire experience of life. There is a specific component to the physical body and the energy patterning of the soul that is meshed with the body. That is the god force within us and the Ascension Volunteers know this, that our higher self is that wonderful extension of the Divine Creator. There are so many other non-physical entities that are also here who managed to infiltrate consciousness. This leaves a deep scarring and it morphs with our body and energy to the point where it causes many imbalances within a person. This negative manipulation of consciousness is happening all of the time, people do not take the time out to understand that because many people are not conscious of it at that level.

The earth also has it’s very own Energy Signature that allows it to have as many different energies on her at one time. These billions of different energies are all trapped here on her and mixed with her energy as well. There was an agreement for everything and everyone to be here right now, because on an energetic level there was a pattern woven into the Earth. Energy moves all over this earth in a circular pattern just like we do on a daily basis. Despite energy being the driving force in our world and in our lives, there are so many different types of energies. There is Positive Energy and Negative Energy. I have worked with energy my entire life as an Ascension Volunteer and in a deeply intimate manner for the last five years (on a very personal level.) I have had to maneuver my way around all types of forms of energy, some have been positive and others have been negative.

What Is Positive & Negative Energy?

There are infinite amounts of different energy in our world and within the entire universe. However, on this earth there are two main specific types of energies. There is a Positive Energy particle, as well as the Negative Energy particle and these two energies are what I work with the most. Negative energy is not what I seek out, it is however what I tend to attract towards me. That does have to do with a lot of thing’s – my work is based on energy. I am strictly an energy worker. However, most of the time I do work with light energy too. So, I am considered an energy worker. While also being a vessel for the light to enter through. 

Positive and Negative Energy feels very different and there are aspects that do connect them together. They are both an energy matter and they are composed of spiritual properties that form the consciousness. This can blend in order to form a specific entity or energy and some energies can be simply positive and negative. These spiritual properties that I am referring to include: Light codes from divine source and electrically charged magnetic atoms. An energy is and holds magnetic electrically charged components, which is why humans are deeply influenced by the Sun and can feel neurological changes to their body design. Who here has not experienced being shocked by a metal object or a surface? I have experienced all of this within my physical body a number of times. A Positive energy holds it’s own properties to it’s purest form and holds that energy. A Negative energy holds properties that have been distorted from it’s intended design, there is something that has interfered in the original energy. This Distortion Of Organic Energy can affect the energetic properties of an individual person, which will then alter the consciousness of that person. The energy will not feel the same and neither will the person or geographical location. 

The energy that I tend to work more with is more (People, Places, Objects,) that hold the more oppressive and heavier aspects. It is exactly what I do as a energy worker by feeling all of the energy in my atmosphere. I have transmuted ancient negative energy, while embodying pristine NEW positive energy. It has not been easy these last few Ascension years and at some point it will get much harder and harder doing all of this. Working as an energy worker is a wonderful thing, but it is unpredictable and it can be hard to figure out the mechanics of it all. The most challenging thing that I found difficult as an energy worker is that any-kind-of energy is changing everyday, it transforms into something NEW and uncertain. I find myself always trying to work hard at maintaining my energy while around other people, because they have a way of interferring with my energy. I have been experiencing a Spiritual Warfare while I have been working with all sorts of energy up close these last five years, the smallest change can alter timelines that are in place on the Earth. The most dangerous aspect to this work is when there are many people who are trying to influence you with their energy, another issue that I have is that there are many people who seek me out because of my Energy Frequency. I can go on about all of the mechanics of energy work that I have dealt with, the important part of this article is to learn about different Energy Matter.

This article was written in order to give future Ascension Volunteers The Basics of Energy Matter and so that you can take the time out to study them. To learn how to tell the difference between these two very different energies. This will be important for those in the future who will enter New Earth; who will specifically need to learn all about the basic principles of energy matter. Always remember to be careful with how you spread out your own energy, how much you take on from others that are around you. Also mind how you create with your energy too!  

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