A New Earth Template: There Is A New Energy Making First Contact With Earth’s Grid Systems.

A New Earth Template: A New Formation Of New Earth Energy Making First Contact.

In one of my earlier articles; I wrote about how New Earth was being rewired and a big part of that process involves changing the template of the Grid Systems currently in place on Earth. That is easily said than it is done. The Ascension Volunteers do know how this process works and it is mainly through our physical body. Which we do by working with new formations of energies from higher dimensions, which then do get implanted through us and into Earth to override the current negative coding in our planetary system. It all sounds very confusing but this is how it happens and lately since entering 2019; I have noticed that there is a new template in formation. It feels like an ancient light that has not been around on this Earth for a very long time. 

This past weekend on Sunday (Mar 3rd) there was an Energy Gateway that opened up for humanity, which I have been referring to as The 333 Frequency. This is just my interpretation of this level of energy and my way of naming it, the current energies, and codes, that are entering the Earth right now. I had already been referencing this all February long, in a few of my articles. We are fully moving into them right now. This is also connected to the New Template that is forming and there will also be some slight removals of the negative coding that is installed on this Earth. 

I am a razor-sharp observer when it comes to noticing Energy Templates that do make any kind-of-contact with Earth and usually these energies are what I call a Repeater Energy. These types of energy are consistently entering our Earth and you can feel the familiarity within the arranged coding, so every once in a while there is a new energy with a matching template that does make first contact with Earth. I can usually spot this new energy as it makes first contact because that is how distinguished it is from a less vibrant energy, that is how a higher energy can feel different from an energy that is not as well formed in it’s patterned structure. The moment that we made that Energetic Transition into the 2019 year, is when I noticed that this New Earth Energy and that matching template was first making contact with Earth and humanity.

When I identify a certain energy whether it is a repeator or a new advanced one; There is a shift within the Earth’s Grid System and that immediately tells me that something is Making First Contact With Earth. I can feel it within my physical body as it begins to merge with the terra firma, the oceans, the wildlife, and most importantly humans. This recent installation of energy and matching template into the Earth’s Grid System is not like anything that I have ever felt before, there is something NEW but so familiar about it all at the same time. As we continue to make further transitions into the next age for civilization, which is the Aquarian age – we will be remembering certain familiar aspects of who we once were long ago. This new energy and that matching template has slowly oozed into the core of the grid lines, ever so slowly and it feels very familiar to me and yet I have never felt anything like this. I have not yet deceiphered all that I need to yet, I feel strongly that it is an ancient energy that was long kicked out of this Earth realm. My physical body is telling me that this is the very first contact and that there is more of this ancient energy returning to Earth. When is the rest of this ancient energy going to manifest itself? That I do not know; the energy felt very feminine and strong which is nice considering Patriachy has been running rampant on this Earth for eons. 

A New Earth Template: The Return Of Ancient Feminine Energy That Has Been Lost For Eons.

The 333 Frequency was this ancient Feminine Energy that I am referring to and the Ascension Volunteers have been embodying this into our physical bodies all month long. There have been many important milestones that we crossed as well in March 2019, Uranus shifted into the sign of Taurus. I felt personally connected to this event because I am a (Taurus) born entitity, the symbolism is there for me. You have a planet that causes sudden changes and transitions connected to a sign that will ask the collective to evaluate what they value the most. It also rules over the sign of Aquarius, the same sign that we are making small transitions towards within society and as a humanity.  What is it that you currently value right now in your life? Whatever time period that you are from and whoever might be reading this. If your not sure what is valuable to you then take as much time as you need to think about it. I value my own personal Ascension Path and Ascending beyond myself by transcending all of ME. 

I have long thought of myself as an Old Energy and what I mean by that is that I have been in existence for a long time. There are many people who forget that you are both an energy and that you carry a specific conscioousness. I have had many experiences throughout my existence on this planet, while also on other specific star systems in various galaxies. The various Energy Identities that I have lived throughout my own existence as an energy, there has been a gigantic disconnect between my earlier lives and the more modern ones. The earlier lives felt much more natural and because of that my memories are of a more organic kind, that was younger me in those ancient times. My energy had not matured then and my own Energy Template was not quite as refined. I have mentioned that this New energy and matching template did feel familiar, that was because it also triggered something within me. It triggered aspects of me as my younger ancient self and those memories of being me line up with this energy and the matching template that I felt as it made a brief return. There is more to come as we move further into 2019 and I am looking forward to unravelling this latest new energy making first contact with the Earth and the Grid Systems. 

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