What Is The Ascension Process?: The Evolutionary Advancement Of The Earth & Human Species.

What Is The Ascension Process: The Evolutionary Advancement Of Earth & The Human Species

I knew from the moment that I created this website that I was going to write about The Ascension Process. The interesting thing is that a lot of people have their own point of view about what it means to them, we live in a multiple viewpoint world where whatever level consciousness you hold is what you will believe. There is about 7.7 billion people in our world and that means we have 7.7 billion viewpoints walking around the world. What does the Ascension process mean to them? It probably means squat to the majority of them, but for the Ascension Volunteers it is our life and we do live it. We literally have it coursing through our veins. It is this advancement of Earth and the human species that we are always striving to embody more, to love ourselves more and to love the Earth much more than what we do. 

It can be really tricky to write about something that has already been written about, thousands of times by other Ascension Writers online and through countless books. What exactly would be so different about my interpretation? Well it is my point of view and I do make up one of 7.7 billion viewpoints in this world. It is the individual viewpoint that makes the whole entire point, that universal law of one really does come into play. I can only explain what I believe lies within my heart and my thoughts about what the Ascension Process is. What I know to be true and what I believe it means to me. I want to describe my point of view to you, in some way where you can see exactly where I am coming from without changing your mind. To read different perspectives on issues and from other people is the highest form of understanding, when you can show respect for another’s words and ways of thinking then your showing a level of advancement that is wise beyond your years.

I have been bouncing around for weeks now between specific information on my website like a ball, which involves the detailed light energy updates that I do and a much more generalized article of information. This week it will be no different and the roulette wheel of different topics continues to spin. This next generalized article is about information that I would much rather get out onto this website a lot sooner rather than later; I know that this is the right time to share this higher information. I am referring to The Ascension Process and the information that I have gained access to through my consciousness, when I physically activated to begin the Ascension Process back in 2014. This information is so important to me because there is something happening right now on this Earth and with reality itself, that does go way beyond what the majority of this world’s population can actually comprehend. There has been a rampant level of unawareness within the minds of this Earth’s population, there has been a slumbrous existence and we have ignored our intuition that we once had ancient access to a long time ago. It has been horrifying for me to reincarnate back into this Earth Reality once again, due to the fact that as a species we have Devolved and so has our consciousness. 

I have shared enough Higher Information on this website already, about what is and has been going on for Earth, and humanity, as well as, the changes that have been manifesting on this Earth as it transitions into a New Earth. The full disclosure of certain higher information can be a huge responsibility and I do not take that responsibility lightly, there is more going on within this Earth reality than what the majority of people actually think. I don’t always feel safe when I write about what I do, because there are real non-physical entities that DO NOT want this information made public. I am very careful with everything that I do; I have and always will be careful with certain information that I do write. There is a time for everything. This is another big part of the Ascension process and in order to understand it at this level of awareness, you have to be fully living the nitty gritty  bit of it all that are not always so pleasant.

What Is The Ascension Process: The Age Of Light, The Volunteers On Earth & The New Earth Reality.

From my personal perspective and my total conscious understanding of it. Ascension is the process by which every single organic (living entity, reality, human, energy, planet, universe,) is ascending beyond what it currently is. In the case of this Earth realm, the return of humanity as it once was long ago is what we’re doing here. 

Towards the end of the 20th Century; there has been an increase in the amount of Ascension Volunteers, Starseeds, Galatic Travelers, who agreed to return to this Earth to help to physically activate this planet and raise the frequency of the human species. We have also returned to create a New Earth for these new humans, who will incarnate here in the future generations to create what has been destroyed. Those who are incarnated now will have the opportunity to enter this New Earth now through free will and become the first generation, but many will choose not to. This will be a long process that will take decades and centuries to manifest itself in physicality, we will once again carry recognition of ancient intelligence when the Earth is formed as one again. When all of the continents are merged as one. With the future of our earth looking very different and New Humans looking different too. 

The Ascension Volunteers are here to help create New Earth and to live as the first generation of this New Earth. Which means that we have to quickly evolve ourselves first, while we have to physically live in a three dimensional physical body. We have to begin this process while having a human experience all on our own, then shed all of who we have been and transform ourselves into these New Earth Humans ourselves. We are the first generation of these New Humans and we do have to start living like them, do you prefer the current standard of Earth living? I don’t. If I am going to fully disclose this information about Ascension and Evolution; I need to mention that this is an ongoing Galactic and Universal process. Every planet and star system in our galaxy is also experiencing the Ascension Process and they are also evolving. Many of them are at a more advanced level than we are, but this is very much a Universal process. It is not just one aspect it is multi-aspected. It is a muti-aspected process and it is also a Multidimensional Process 

The Ascension Process is a real physical one for the Ascension Volunteers and I have stated my interpretation of it and what it does means to me. However, there is another important connection with this and that is this earth reality and plane. The Ascension of Planet Earth is happening right now in this moment too and there are very important reasons for this. One of the most crucial aspects of why it is happening, involves you and me and the evolution of Spirit through having a physical human experience. The truth is this earth reality provides us with that, there is so much more going on here than what people realize and know. There has been a very dark and disturbing presence here on this Earth, which has been keeping this planet and the human species from completely awakening. There is much more going on that involves releasing the earth from these darker aspects and shackles. I’m going to share a memory that I remember before I reincarnated as this Michael aspect of my energy signature, and into this current human body that I have occupied this time around. All in order to help you understand that we’re here for the spirit’s advancement. 

Pre-Reincarnation Memories As A Spirit: Preparing My Energy Signature As An Ascension Volunteer.

One memory that I remember prior to returning to Earth; I was in the higher dimensions preparing my energy signature for this next lifetime as an Ascension Volunteer. There had already been a big call out in the higher dimensions for those who did want to participate, where ever it was that specific beings resided in. I had agreed to go but this agreement involved much more than that. I had to deal with all of my karma and then bring along with me as much higher awareness as I could, with a matching body that would allow me to do that. With a matching body that would allow me to embody what Divine Source wanted me to as a Volunteer. I did all of this while fully knowing that I was going to be a part of the clean-up crew, who was going to usher in the New Earth. 

After this initial call out; I immediately and slowly began planning my life. My higher self was involved with this, multiple aspects of me had to separate and I had to go through every possibility, scenario, of just how I wanted my life to look like. It was a long process. I also realized that despite me being a Volunteer, that I was choosing specific issues to deal with and learn from. Why? for the sole purpose of learning how to cope with the trials. I knew hesitantly that on some level that I as an energy would evolve and advance even more so than what I already was. It is all about the advancement of you and more of you. Even if you like it or you don’t like it. Many of us came back because we knew that we would be making that transition from the Pisces age into the age of Aquarius and that a New Earth would come from it. A new future civilization and way of life. 

The Earth is going through the change right now and because of that so are we. When anyone agrees to participate in this kind of Energetic Restoration Event we are experiencing mutations of ancient energies be reformed. This restoration and reformation of Energy through this planet is also happening within all of us on some level. There are many of us who can survive these evolutionary changes and there are many who do struggle with it. The Ascension Volunteers knew that we would be connected to Earth because we were a small extension of her, in the future this is exactly how New Earth for New Humans is going to manifest in this Earth reality. A huge part of experiencing the Ascension process does involve our connection to Earth via: (Global shifts, weather changes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, continent shifting to other locations.) This is our Earth going through the Ascension process and if you feel these events deep down inside of you your experiencing it too.

The Ascension of Our Galaxy is real to. Our galaxy and all of the planets and star systems in it are also involved in this great restoration event. The Galactic Federation is a council of beings that do congregate on important matters in our Galaxy; one of the most important galactic events that is happening now is about the ongoing Ascension Process. This Earth is not the only one that is currently experincing the Ascension Process as there are many other planets in our galaxy, this planet does get talked about quite a lot because of the fact that it is a human experience. There is no where else other than Earth where you can go and have the same human species experience but this one, which is why there are so many Starseeds who agree to come here to help them out. Myself included. There is a representative of each species in our galaxy in the galactic federation. There are other planetary homes and dimensions with various different multidimensional higher ET beings. This is a planetary, a galactic, and a universal process and every dimensional being and dimension is involved in this. 

The Ascension process is a complete (physical, earthly, galactic, universal process and it is happening along with evolution of every organic entity and energy in existence.) The Ascension process is here to bring the earth and human species back to a state of harmony with the Earth and with one another, to restore them back to their former selves. The Ascension Volunteers are here now to create and open this New Earth for many of them to step into, for the future civilizations of New Humans for New Earth. 

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