Into The 3-3-3 Activation: Triality Consciousness Activating Within More Of Humanity At This Time.

Major Upgrade For Humans: Into The 3-3-3 DNA Activation Within Humanity

As individual energies within physical bodies only we can understand our own body when strange new thing’s are happening to it. Whether we are experiencing certain sensations that have never happened to us before,  and it could be that reality shifts into an unknown strange play that we never signed up to watch. The ridiculousness is really weird.  It can be and feel this way because we know who we are on some higher level, while the rest of the world is still stuck in the 3D play. The Earth was and always has been an experiment that we willingly agree to be apart of,  and that also includes these strange physical sensations and emotional responses to the world as the play continues on and you’ve left that reality. 

The 3D play is really existing in a space within itself. The 4D Astral Plane and 5D Higher Dimension are nearby which helps to mold and create NEW realities within that 3D reality itself. Which makes for a very convoluted and a dangerous place to live and exist within at times, there never was or will be structure and stability within reality itself. There are too many energies alive now in bodies with beliefs coming out from all different kinds of directions, there is too much polarization within consciousness itself. We would all need to leave the 3D play  together. We would need to leave Duality Consciousness and step into Oneness together (Triality Consciousness.) This is happening at some level now but the world is still stuck in the Duality 3D play that it is in. 

Over the last 29 years that I have been alive for while existing on this Earth, there has never been a moment where someone did not make me feel so isolated from the 3D physical plane. I think that I have experienced more separation due to the experiences that I have had with people as Michael in this life than in any other one. I always thought that it was odd and I even thought that it was all me, until I started to realize that I have no real issues becoming unified within a group on a conscious level. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I started looking back on certain key moments on my path, and it was always someone else trying to either insert themselves into my energy field inorganically or they would just dismiss me. The separation I felt from certain humans for most of my life had nothing to do with me, it was their own separateness from Reality and Organic Sourced Energy that was pushing me away. It wasn’t always the case and sometimes I have had to keep my distance from certain people. The majority of the time I was pushed away and automatically ostraciszed because I was holding light and working with energy.

I never really realized this in my younger years that Dualized Energies ran the show here and that those energies were keeping me and my energy away from them. I had no concept of Duality Consciousness in my youth and teenage years. I didn’t understand it because I didn’t function in a dualized manner and while I felt energies that was all I really needed to know within myself about who was around me. It helped me stay away from certain humans that were aligned with Anti-Source energies, and it really wasn’t until my very early 20’s where Duality Consciousness was first introduced into my full awareness. Then I really began to understand it. I understood it’s functioning as a full fledged adult and that I was always experiencing it in my younger years. I was the target and the one that did not fit in and most (Starseeds, Ascension Volunteers, Galactic Travelers etc,) also experienced this too. We did not fit because we took light with us into a place that did not want it to be here. 

Leaving Duality Consciousness & Now Arriving At Triality Consciousness

The Separation of Worlds has many components to it. It isn’t that it is a barrier between those existing in 3D reality and those living in 5D reality, those living in 3D reality don’t want to join the 5D New Earth reality. They do not want anything to do with 5D energies and frequencies, and those of you who are baffled by this should ask yourself why there are many who are repulsed by it. Could it be that they are really aligned with lower energies and the negatives? Yes! 3D caters to Duality and it always will to an extent. Since 2012 we have slowly been leaving Dualized levels of consciousness at high levels, this actual process began in 1987 during Harmonic convergence. We have been leaving Duality Consciousness and entering Triality and Unity Consciousness. 

The 3-3-3 Portal Way has opened up and it has been building in intensity since the end of February. There are many portals that are connected to Earth, many are positive while other ones are negative. The current portal that is opening up and entering the Earth is a positive one, it is carrying new coded information for the human DNA. Within this coded DNA is the first initial blueprint to begin the process for humans to understand Triality Consciousness. I am not to sure who exactly first used the term Triality in regards to the ongoing Ascension process, but I have heard the term used quite a few times. It means threefold. To hold an energy and consciousness that is threefold with the head, heart and awareness. There is a triangle shape associated with this energy and that shows how to be unified with self and how the collective can be in unity together. Consciousness at times can be very fluid and it tends to change how it operates, which is allowed because of free will. Triality and Unity Consciousness is allowing source to flow on New Earth and that is connected through the Spirit, Body, Energy connection of the Head, Heart and Consciousness. These DNA activations will continue to come in all month long, and today is the focal point for this energy where this information will activate more of humanity.

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