Embodiment Interruptus: When LowCon Humans Are Preventing Your Public Embodying.

Embodiment Interruptus: Public Embodying & The LowCon Humans Who Interrupt Energy Work.

Ever since the energy changeover from 2018 into 2019, I have noticed an increase in my need as an Ascension Volunteer to publicly embody. To preface, this is absolutely not an aspect of my Ascension Volunteer work that I enjoy doing very much of and there are reasons for it. This is absolutely nothing NEW to me as I have been doing it for years, the difference is in how frequent I am doing it now in 2019. The main issue with this for me is that it is being done in public and I can’t control how I react to the current energies when they come in. Another aspect of this that I find challenging is having to work around so many with closed minds and hearts, I know the group of beings that I work with out in public and none of them are doing this work at this level. 

There have been countless moments with certain people at work out in public who have outright tried to interfere with me and my energy on any given day, work shift, any task that I have been doing near them. It has been difficult sometimes to find a balance between knowing what is happening between Divine and your body, then having to find ways to do it without being interfered with by certain work colleagues. There have been many times where this embodiment interruptus does happen and there is no stopping it while it is in play. 

I have been working with my company for the last three years; there is nothing positive that I can say about working with this company. The location is not great energetically and the building itself has never had any repairs done since it has opened up. It is a run down building, with a scandalous past that is part of the old world that is slowly disappearing. There are only two people that I have made a connection with that do exemplify: what it means to live through the heart. Aside from the only two specific people that I like working with, every other person has been difficult to be around on any work day. This is just ME at this level learning how to resolve conflict with those who do exist within Polarity Consciousness. I don’t even want to mention that at this point in 2019, because that means I would be perpetuating polarity within the earth timelines. However, this is a school of learning hard lessons and there are so many reasons why many beings do come to Earth. The Ascension Volunteers are in no way immune from learning specific lessons just like everyone else. We are here to learn about conflict resolution with certain people who hold a much lower level of awareness. This isn’t easy to do but in the end there are reasons why we are experiencing different levels of polarity in our life and it really shouldn’t feel like we ourselves are perpetuating that level of consciousness. Take it as a lesson learned. 

I know that March 2019 is going to be more of the Ascension Volunteers working hard to create one more template into the Earth’s Grid, so that New Earth can be completely manifested before the human population begins to step into it. When is this going to happen? I do not know when New Earth will manifest itself in the future. I do know that during these periods where the Ascension Volunteers have been called on to create, it has been disrupted by certain beings who do carry a lower form of Consciousness. I call these certain human people LowCon People. This is my term of endearment for people who over these ascension years have knowingly or unknowingly messed with me, whether it was publicly or privately because they knew on some level what I was doing. They were likely being used by certain non-physical negative entities and they were not aware that they were even being infiltrated through their consciousness. This is happening more and more for me in 2019 where certain colleagues, neighbors, family members, are becoming much more disruptive. The main reason is: many non physical entities and unaware humans do not want New Earth to be created. I know how this must sound to those reading this who find it hard to grasp and I am not writing this to persuade anyone. I’m not here to influence you and I don’t care about that. I’m writing about my life as an Ascension Volunteer. 

The Upcoming {3-3-3} Portal: The 3-3-3 Frequency & The Important Energy Work Coming Up Ahead.

I knew that March 2019 was going to be a huge changeover in many NEW ways for a long time now, that all has to do with the next step of Energy Work that the Ascension Volunteers have to do before we finish creating New Earth. I am often called to work through certain areas where the energies are slightly lower than say in other areas in the world. This is what I am doing in this town that I live in, while I work in this small little building and where ever I do go I am creating New Earth. I am creating this New Earth through my small body and my heart. There is never an easy way to do what I am doing physically while being around certain people who are not aware through their hearts and minds; I have been doing it anyway whether I like it or not. 

In March 2019, we will be working with The 333 Energy Frequency and that will be embodied into the Ascension Volunteers via the Earth’s Grid System. This is important energy work that I know that the Ascension Volunteers will be doing, and already I have specific LowCon people who are trying to interfere with that work because they need me to do more for them. I started this work about a week ago. It has already started to hurt me in many various places within my body. It is also starting to hurt much more while I am out in public spaces, while I do have to be around certain co-workers of mine who do love to energetically urinate all over their lower conscious territories. They make me ache in various places when I am near them, because it physically hurts to be shifting into a higher reality, or dimension, while I have to be around them. They love work and they love money. They love their jobs. They love to steal energy and they love to start drama. They love to ignore their own inner work, that many of them need to do and have not done ever in their entire life. They love to place blame on others. They love to just be negative people, who work, and then whine about anything and anyone. There has been growth in the last three years and others do not blink twice to steal, do, or say, something that is inappropriate and then they go back to living their life in whichever way that they want to. 

We are just a few days away from the first intense wave of these NEW energies, as they begin to shift into the Ascension Volunteers. As well as into new spaces, into Earth’s grids, into the lands, into the oceans, into species of animals. Everything will be getting hit with these 333 Energy Frequencies as we continue to help create New Earth. There are four very important days in March 2019 which will hold the powerful sequence of 333. They are as follow:

March 2019 Important Dates

March 3rd, 2019 = {3rd month, 3rd day, 3 year}

March 12th, 2019 = {3rd month, 1+2=3 3rd day, 3 year}

March 21st, 2019 = {3rd month, 2+1=3 3rd day, 3 year}

March 30th, 2019 = {3rd month, 30= 3 3rd day, 3 year}

There are four days in March 2019 that everybody should be looking out for. Do not be surprised if you start to feel heavy on a physical level, if you can’t seem to function very much. If you seem to be embodying a lot of light coded energies, don’t worry about all of this for now. This is part of natural compressed evolution and it is how this works. Try your best to become one with these energies and to integrate them into your bodies and your higher home spaces, most importantly into your hearts.

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