The Energetic Rewiring Of Earth: The New Earth Is Being Rewired.

The Energetic Rewiring Of Earth: Rewiring The Energy Circuits Of Current Civilization. 

When I stepped into 2019, I didn’t expect my life as a Volunteer to shift in the way that it did. There was something different about that 2018 changeover into this 2019 new year and this new frequency. There was a permanent separation that I experienced early this year and I had to leave a few people behind. I actually lost a little bit of faith in people at the January crossover, who they were was not what I thought they had been. I learned valuable lessons about myself and trusting other specific people in my life, that was a massive shift in my awareness and overall something that I needed to see for myself. 

In February 2019, I and the level of awareness that I am currently on is exactly where I need to be. There has been a lot of Volunteer work that I have been involved with since physically activating back in 2014, that has all been focused on creating this New Earth that many Ascension Volunteers have been working hard to create through their individual body blueprint. The Ascension Volunteers have been transmuting and embodying for years now, we do all of this to remove old energies and old recirculate from old Earth. Then we do work on rewiring these new energies through the grid lines of the Earth. This is what many of us have been doing for years and decades, while simultaneously working on doing the same thing to our body and awareness. 

February 2019 has been an outright exhausting month on top of the emotional January that I have had as an Ascension Volunteer, there is a reason for this and it has a lot to do with many of us Energetically Rewiring The Earth. There have been extensive moments since this year began where it has become very obvious to me that the work I am doing has changed, and that we’re doing something very different now. We are reaching a final stage to this process where we are rewiring the Earth and all of her grids. What does that even mean for those who are not doing this work? As an Ascension Volunteer the reason that I incarnated into this body in this time period, was to be a vessel for the Divine who had placed me in a different location on Earth to Embody The Ascension Energies. There are many Ascension Volunteers who are: Starseeds, galactic travelers, embodiers, seers, etc. The Ascension Volunteers all have our own specific missions on Earth, the work that we do individually is not always the same. Many of the Ascension Volunteers work very intimately within our bodies for the Divine (which is my primary job,) while many other Ascension Volunteers have missions where they visit certain locations around the world and they do work on energy distribution. That is why you will see many discuss their visitations to certain prominent areas where the energy is very strong, because a portal did open up there and they worked with that energy. We all have different jobs to do here and it is never the same. 

I started a third new category which Is called Manifesting New Earth & Energy Updatesso that those who are interested in knowing what is happening with the manifestation of New Earth can read all about it from my perspective. This entire section will be dealing with: Ascending into this New Earth reality in the 2019 timeline just before we exit this current Ascension Cycle. 

The Energetic Rewiring Of Earth: Energetic Ley Lines & The Supernatural Elements.

I first became aware of New Ascending Earth back in 2016; there was a moment where I realized that I was doing more than just Embodying through my physical body for the Divine. There was so much more happening underneath the surface of things and in that moment sometime in 2016, I knew instantly that what I was doing as an Ascension Volunteer was to help create something bigger than what I had thought. There was an emphasis on “New Earth being created,” that is when I realized I was doing much more than just working through my body for ME. I was also helping the earth rewire and create this New Earth through my body in my physical location, which was a profound moment for me when it came into my awareness.

How does the Rewiring Of New Earth even work? This Earth has Ley Lines which acts like a supernatural energy grid that connects certain areas together, if you take a look at the one image at the top of the Earth in blue with those white lines connected to one another that is her Grid System. That is what I am talking about when I say her grid lines, and its these almost invisible lines that act like a world wide template for which these certain higher energies do move into. The Ascension Volunteers are strategically placed in certain areas across the world, so that we can all help work on the designated grid that we are the closest to. Many Ascension Volunteers are called to leave one location only to find that they have to up and leave, then move to another location and work from that new location because it is needed. The physical process is very easy: The Ascension Volunteers embody new light codes, and then it gets distributed into the new grid system simultaneously. There is a special connection between the Ascension Volunteers and Earth because we agreed to do this with her and for her. This New Earth is slowly being rewired and created with many of the Ascension Volunteers soon to energetically step into it first, than the regular people will move into New Earth as well soon after. 

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