My Ascension Body Activation: I Began My Ascension Process With A Physical DNA Code Activation.

My Ascension Body Activation: The Birth Of Understanding Consciousness & Activating The Information Center.

It has been about five years since I spontaneously activated to begin my Ascension Process on a physical level, there is nothing that I can say about that experience that I would say was easy. It happened over night in early 2014 and I was just left wondering what was going on. It hit very quickly and I didn’t have any time to process what was happening to me. There were bits and pieces that took a really long time to get used to, not to mention the fact that my body was going through the change. A change that had left me completely exhausted all of the time, but, it completely changed my entire life. I became more aware of self and that was something that I look back on now and I feel that it was necessary. It was always going to happen because I did agree from this Michael aspect to go through this process. 

I have been wanting to write about My Physical Activation since I began this website. However, because I was not ready to share more and more of myself up until this very point. I have waited a while until I felt more comfortable to share it. The material does involve a lot of personal information about My Physical Activation. How I physically began the ascension process. What I went through during those first few months and that first year. How I handled the change from what I perceived life to be and what it actually was. How I started to understand my past lives and those events that would be important to write about. This and all of those connections that I made about who I was and my abilities, which started to make much more sense to me. 

In early February 2019; I decided to start Energetic Earth because I wanted to discuss the energies and my own personal ascension experiences while living my own Ascension Process. Plain and simple. All that I have ever just wanted to do, was to be open about myself and the Earth. I wanted to inform every-day people, especially other Ascension Volunteers about what is currently going on for all of us right now. It is so important to be honest and open about these changes. From time to time I will be doing similar articles, that involve my personal experiences about me on my path. I started a new category which is called Energetic Earth & Stories of This Incarnation. In this category you will find specific articles about well me, you will learn about how my process progressed after my activation and all of the struggles that I encountered. This also includes what I felt on a physical level and all of the more darker aspects of my Ascension life. This category will generally act as a guide for others who come me and let you know what you can expect and most likely what will happen. It feels like this is the right time as we move into this next-level layer of bringing into manifestation New Earth.

This article is here to inform future Ascension Volunteers about what I and other current volunteers experienced at the beginning of the Ascension Process. What we experienced at this level. Learn now from another’s experience and you will be ahead of the game in your own. This article is also about what happened to me on the day that I was physically activated. It explains what happened to me and in full complete detail. It is going to focus more on My Physical Activation and how I began my Ascension Process on a physical level. The physical aspects are what I am trying to focus more on and to share, because there are so many people going through these similar spontaneous physical activations and those sudden Kundalini Awakenings. Especially, with more people set to experience these on a personal level in the future. To me that time period was extremely painful and it really was an overnight shift. Looking back on it now and knowing what I know now, I can see how it was happening before my actual physical body activated. At least before I became very aware of it. I could see how I was being prepared for this moment in other ways. Why I had to have thing’s happen the way that they did. In the end it was all part of the process and I do not think that thing’s could have happened for me in any other way. 

The first thing that I need to say involves the three animated gif’s that I found. The outline of The Being Of Light when I first saw it had me feeling nostalgic. I miss being a full and complete aspect of myself like I did and nostalgic because here I am in physicality and I miss home and Source. The animated gif represents who I am and all of you who are also physically enduring The Ascension Process. The visual of the being in light up against the darkness in the background and shining through it all at once, is exactly what it means to be living and breathing the  entire Ascension Process. Most of my memories about when I first began my physical process five years ago, were absolutely very confusing to me. The actual physical aches and having to pull through all of that. Even, during that time I knew that I was a really big light shining in a totally dark place. That is what a big part of this process is about, you being the light and helping to remove much of the darkness that is here. Not just to evolve and grow and merge with all of your aspect(s). You are here to co-create with Divine and make a better world and rectify your trauma from the past in this life and in other lives. Over time all of that confusion will slowly begin to disappear and this was what was happening to me and why I was feeling the way that I did. 

If your new to having started your own Physical Activation and are just finding this article, or, this website, know that so many more people have gone through the same thing that you are going through right now. They have felt those same physical and spiritual pains and they will continue to. They have experienced the same emotions. They have felt those really intense emotions, where you have a total and complete breakdown because of everything that you feel. They too have questioned their overall sanity. They have experienced struggles and challenges and constant interferences on their path. They too have felt alone in all of this. If your experiencing this as well it’s alright. It will be okay and you will be okay. Just know that many have done this before you and you are not alone in any of this. You’ll understand it and know how to get by in this lifetime by being smart about everything that is going on. It just takes some time. 

Here are my personal experience(s) that I have had as this Michael Aspect and this is what I experienced in early 2014; when I first got physically activated to begin the ascension process. 

My Ascension Body Activation: The Physical Activation Of My Ancient Repressed DNA.

The beginning of 2014 was hard for me. I had just quit my job a few months earlier and was thinking about quitting some serious habits. Personal habits, that I don’t want to share, but habits that were not good for me at the time. Everything, seemed fine. I felt like I always had felt. Except, something serious changed for me in January. I kept having dreams about death and or dying. I have always had serious psychic and intuitive dreams since I was young. So, when I started receiving those types of dreams I knew and felt that something was going to happen. Either to me or for me. A huge change. I just didn’t yet realize the enormity of what was going to shift for me at that time. 

Then March 1st happened.

I can still remember how I felt on that day. I felt like someone had pulled a switch inside of my body, it felt that different. The change felt that great and severe. Everything, just seemed to feel so different. It all just changed from one night into the next. I was not prepared for this sudden over-night, full body activation ,which left me feeling absolutely tired, in pain, and full of aches all over my entire body. In my entire life, I had never physically felt anything like that before. It was like I got hit with a truck. It was like I went to bed one night fine and healthy, then I woke up having been beaten in my sleep. I was just not prepared for the sudden change-over from being physically unaware to being a physical embodier over-night. I activated that night as a third waver within the three groups of the wavers. 

Energy Sick. This energy sickness lasted for the entire month of March. I felt a slight wobble in April and in May too. June was emotionally difficult. By July we had moved into our new house. From March until July I had physically activated. The house I had lived in all my life until that point was put on the market, then it was sold in May. By June we packed our stuff up slowly and then moved into our new home in July. I was now fully activated to begin my Ascension Process on a physical level. By the summer 2014, I was already embodying light energy on a physical level and I was aware of this. I’m pretty sure I was before, I just wasn’t fully conscious of it.

It was a strange time for me. I was experiencing so many changes that I became really lost. If you are also physically being activated to begin the Ascension process, you will likely experience a lot of changes happening in your life. A lot of stuff changed for me and it will change for you. It is easier if you can let go of some of the fears, ego wants and needs, issues, and whatever else your not wanting to change about who you are. It’ll be easier if you allow it to happen instead of fighting it all of the time. I have learned when I do not allow certain aspects of life to happen, it can hurt a lot more and be much more painful. 

My body changed. I left the house that I had lived in for 24 years. I left behind a really negative job. I lost contact with the few friends I had, or, that I had thought I had. My outlook on what life meant had changed. I eventually realized who I really was and that there was more for me. Then to write about it. In the end, despite how physically painful it was and still is. It can be really interesting at times. These are a few thing’s that you should expect when it happen for you. Everything changes and you physically shift and the world around you does to. Do not expect thing’s to remain the same. 

The physical embodiment of light energies happens quite frequently. So, you will have to get used to it. There is no way to control any of it and just surrender to the process. It happens when you least expect it. You will feel headaches, weak, tired and you will feel run-down but without the actual part where your sick. Your just so energy sick all of the time. Your body temperature will fluctuate up and down. You will feel head pressures, pressures in specific areas throughout your entire body. You will hear different ear clicks, tones, sounds and ringing. It is all part of the embodiment process and the physical aspects of being physically activated Ascension Volunteer. 

These were my personal experience(s) in regards to how I began the Ascension Process. It reads like a massive time for change, transformation, pain and then letting go of a lot trauma that had been instilled into my life. I released more of myself from all that I knew about me and the places that were familiar to me. It was all of those things and so much more. However, as I write these words in this NOW moment today; I feel so much more different. I feel ten times lighter. I have more self love. I also feel more in sync and I have a deeper connection to more of ME and that is an intimate thing that you just don’t get when you’re not aware. I feel more merged with myself and earlier in my life I always felt separated. Like I was so alone. I still do in many way(s), but this process started for me and what I gained is more than what I ever expected to. Despite all of these physical pains. This has been a beautiful experience and I would not change anything about it. Not for a second. 

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