Into A New Ascending Earth: The Ascension Volunteers Are Helping Create This New Earth.

Into A New Ascending Earth: The Ascension Volunteers & Sticking Out From Their Earthling Peers.

We have stepped fully into February 2019, I know that there are many Ascension Volunteers who are exhausted right now and that has to do with the hard work we have put in these last few weeks. We have been creating this now manifesting New Earth that is beginning to emerge. Many of the Ascension Volunteers have been doing this work in wave activations, the more that we have all activated throughout these years the more we have all been able to help each other. There are some specific Ascension Volunteers who are specialized in certain areas due to their abilities, my area of specialties is to work with light energy through my body and holding that energy down in physicality to be concretized. 

The rules have sort of changed since entering 2019, I can feel that we are moving towards this New Earth. Which I have become increasingly aware of these first few weeks, considering some of the experiences that I have had. Nothing is what is has been. Which is good to know. Which is the entire point of all of this. The Ascension Volunteers have known for years that nothing will ever stay the same and the old has to make room for the new. This is what is happening in early 2019 and some of the experiences that we are having, where we are continuously having to choose between 3D or 5D is part of the global Separation of Worlds. 

When I was growing up as a kid in the 1990’s I remember what it felt like living life in that world, at that time, which has probably exceeded well over 20+ years now in today’s time. At the time life was extremely different to me looking back on it. Everything and everyone was so condensed into one world, there really was an obscene amount of people in that old world. There were plenty of people that carried the same level of awareness and that meant there was a wider group of people who were exactly alike. I was young but I knew that I was vastly different than my young peers, who treated me like I was an invalid because of my current physical body. What they didn’t know was that my higher awareness could pick up on all sorts of things about them and about who they were. One of the most incessant themes that I could pick up on was that I was the only one who was an Ascension Volunteer, there were no other Ascension Volunteers around me when I was growing up and this separation from all of the others was necessary. Lonely but necessary. There were only the Ascension Volunteers at that time who were really doing the bulk of the work. It was difficult to do that physically as I didn’t need to be physically activated to work with energy and carry higher awareness. 

The world in the 1990’s was very different and life in the 2000’s was no better. We tend to measure change through the movement of time, but it’s different to me and in my opinion change is measured through the movement of energy. It was this energy back then that was all predominantly dark, it was far different than the energy of today in 2019. There was a certain level of light that our earth was holding onto but that was only through the Ascension Volunteers, now today that light quotient has changed dramatically. It has increased to the point where light is all that is here now. Which is only natural given the fact that we are involved in Evolution and Ascension Processes. The challenges and those struggles that I experienced when I was much younger, where I had to learn to deal with people and Polarity Consciousness within my environment was something that I wasn’t fully prepared for. I wasn’t ready for that experience and I could not understand why I was aware and why so many others were not in this time period, since my physical activation I have had less challenges now than I had before. The world that I grew up in no longer exists and I am glad about that. 

Into A New Ascending Earth: The Ascension Volunteers Are Creating New Earth.

Where exactly are we right now? We are in a transitional phase between leaving multiple realities and world(s) and moving Into A New Ascending World. I used this bolded line in the title of my website, mainly because it was what made the most sense to me. The world has been changing and so has the energy frequency of Earth and like I mentioned before there is more light here than there was 20+ years ago. This all started with the Ascension Volunteers and who did you think has been working hard to make this a reality? There has been no one else willing to do the job.

The Ascension Volunteers have been quietly, diligently, cautiously, working hard, to revivify the NEW Energetic Signature Of Earth. We have been doing this by physically activating in various locations and changing the actual wiring of Earth from that location. We are doing this through the Earth and her Grid System and the intention is to completely transform that entire system completely. There are many Ascension Volunteers who are already writing about how they have helped with overriding some aspects of this old system, through physical body work that changes the grid line that they are closest to. We are actively creating New Earth and right under regular people’s noses, we have been doing this the entire time. There is still a long ways to go with this and I want to make it clear that we have not moved into this new ascending world of light. However, we will soon which is why I feel that it is the right time to create this website. The Ascension Volunteers did it all first by continuously working hard no matter how tired we got, we have been carving the pathway and pouring the concrete so that others can have an easier time walking down that road. 

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