My Egyptian Past Life {2}: Axial Tilt Cataclysm Shifted The Earth & My Memories Of Earth.

A Short Life In Egypt

If there is anything that I am 1000% sure of, it is that the past is never dead. The past is always with us no matter how hard we believe that it is not, we carry it around in our soul all of the time. We may not always remember who we were and what we have done, but for those of us who do remember. We understand that our past has ways of interjecting with our current lives. It does. I’ve experienced it on many occasions, and I’m someone who has always had to deal with the multiple lives that I have had. I have never gotten away with anything, and another aspect of my work in this life, is to release all of the karma that I have accumulated throughout all my simultaneous lives. 

In my second lifetime in Egypt, I was for the second time a female being who had agreed to incarnate in the year 9,510 B.C. This was my second incarnation in Egypt and it was the most traumatizing of the three that I lived. I experienced so much trauma from the events of this life, that I waited over 6,000 years to incarnate again. I did it one last time so that I could clean up the energetic imprint, that I left behind thousands of years prior. I knew that I’d never return to that part of the world ever again, I then moved on west in my other incarnations. I lived lives in Mesoamerica, in Ireland, in France, and then eventually ending up here in Canada, which if I am being honest it has been an experience that I will never forget. The experience of this trauma in this life has even left a physical imprint on my current body, as my body and face is slightly asymmetrical due to the physical death in this life. Take a look at some of the pictures that I put up in my about me section. You’ll notice it. This life was about the trauma that I experienced when earth’s axial tilt shifted due to a catastrophe, at that time which changed the way the earth functioned. As well as how the entire solar system functioned too.

Over the last decade since awakening in March 2014, I have been periodically lead to certain information that was important for me to know at that time. It’s like starving and then being given the best meal of your life. It’s the best because it came at the right time and the portions were exactly what you needed, I have always loved experiencing these little Higher Frequency Feedings. They come at just the right time and you get to understand information about you a little bit better. This has been happening to me more and more recently in regards to this ancient Egyptian lifetime, and all of the knowledge that I have acquired through reading specific information by certain other ascension writers has been helpful to me. It has triggered memories of this life that I didn’t know could be unlocked and accessed, it has and what I have learned is so important that I felt the need to write about it immediately. There are never any coincidences to what we end up learning and to what we know from that information once we’re tapped into it. 

I recently began reading Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow and to quickly summarize what the book is about: It is about the natural cycles of cataclysmic events that the earth has gone through. She writes about the earth moving into it’s most creative time period which is the age of light, which I believe that we are currently moving through today in 2023. One aspect of the book that I found the most important specifically was her discussion of the Axial Tilt that took place 11,500 years ago, which she believes took place in 9,500 B.C along with countless others who have wrote about it more extensively. Upon reading this information I immediately became aware of specific memories about who I was, about what I had experienced and there were too many connections for me to not believe this event in 9,500 B.C did not happen. How she explains all of those events and what happened is exactly how I perceive it, my memories go along with it and the final key to the puzzle. Barbara Hand Clow believes that we are a wounded species that has never dealt with our trauma properly, we are so afraid of everything that we catastrophize our entire life experiences. She believes that this event in 9,500 B.C was the starting point for this wounded species mindset, and healing this in the now moment as we move through the ascension process I believe is the only way out for most of humanity.

My Return To Egypt Without My Companion

As it naturally is in the higher dimensions, it came time for me to decide to have another lifetime experience which was offered to me this time. If you read about my first lifetime in ancient Egypt in 11,750 B.C, you know that me and my soul companion did agree to incarnate in that life together. We did agree to incarnate together to experience that life together, growing up together and learning from higher dimensional E.T beings together. That was a wonderful life that we had together, but in this second incarnation my masculine energy companion did not come with me in this life because it wasn’t needed. 

In this lifetime in 9,510 B.C I remember having a short life. I have vivid memories of being a young girl in this life and I don’t have any adult memories associated with this life. There were no memories of me having been an adult in this life. I didn’t make it to adulthood, I didn’t even make it to the adolescence stage in this life. This was the most traumatizing lifetime that I had in ancient Egypt, and it wasn’t anything like what I experienced the very first time. I returned this second time because I was asked to volunteer, the higher dimensional beings where I am from wanted me to volunteer for a short life. I don’t recall them telling me why, but they just communicated that they needed some volunteer higher dimensional souls who were willing to be at this place during this time. I agreed. Did you just think that you were a volunteer in this lifetime, we’ve been volunteering to return here countless times to help out during heavy transitional phases on earth. This was another one of those lives. There are only a few scattered memories I have of this life, and not very much of what I experienced the first time around is what happened in this life. A lot of it had changed in the almost 2,000 years since I had been there and there were only a few Higher Dimensional E.T Beings still present on earth. 

Remainder Of Higher Dimensional E.T Beings Leaving

One of the more vivid memories that I do have involves the few and remaining Higher Dimensional E.T Beings, that were still dropping their frequency down into this earth reality. My memories of them were the same and they continued to teach many people incarnated about energy, energy formations, how to focus ones awareness, how to access higher awareness. There was just a small group of them left, but they were doing what I had always remembered in my first life. It felt very familiar but it just wasn’t the same and daily life had changed, to where these interactions with them were rare but celebratory when they did happen. At some point as I began to get older there were many extensive conversations, that we had with the remaining higher dimensional E.T beings, and they let us know that they were going to be leaving and that there were reasons why they could no longer return for anymore visitations. I don’t remember any memories of them telling any of us why they were leaving either, but I do have one vivid memory that sticks out in this life when I was 8 years old. 

The 6D Sirian Lion Being

As I approached the 6D lion being, you could only imagine how my 8 year old mind was just jumping with excitement. This was one of the rare few times that this happened to me in this lifetime, having a higher dimensional being visit with me again. The male lion was completely and fully materialized and speaking to a few of us in the group I was in, he was relaying the same message to all of us through his awareness. As he went around the circle that my group had formed, only the one in our group could understand him as he spoke with his awareness. On and on until it got to me. 

When the 6D lion being approached me around the circle in my group, he first greeted me with a smile and then he glowed in such a manner that a great light emanated from his very being. The aura around him became transparent and clear, and then the more that I looked at it his aura pulsated more brighter each time. It seemed to be getting lighter and lighter. He spoke to me with his awareness and first he showed me a symbol that represented his star home. This symbol looked like a sun that had sparkles pushing outward and then he began to explain that he was leaving. He relayed that all of the other higher dimensional E.T beings that were with him were also leaving, that they would not be returning to earth anymore. There was great shock in hearing that and many others in my group were distraught by this information, there wasn’t ever an explanation for why they were not returning to earth.

The Axial Tilt Shifted Earth

A short while after the last visitation from those groups of Higher Dimensional E.T Beings took place my memories begin to indicate that I and my location was exhibiting distress. There were specific changes happening that made me and the people around me that I knew worry for our lives, these same earth changes were also discussed in Barbara Hand Clow’s book. Along with her theories that a series of cataclysmic disasters, caused by a massive disturbance in earth’s crust 11,500 years ago. These connections do match up with what my memories from this life were about, and I’d like to share that it wasn’t just our planet that experienced this event. There was a massive cataclysmic event that changed all of the planets in our entire solar system, their orbit(s) and these changes are also written about extensively in Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C by D.S Alan and J.B Delair. 

My memories of this life in Ancient Egypt also involve how I died due to the same catastrophic events that these writers have written about, this is not my way of sort of piggy backing off of their work in anyway. However, there written work(s) have triggered my memories of that time in this life. It is more of a verification process if anything else, because of what I’ve experienced in that life and what I remember is actually identified in these books. 

The Axial Shift & The Collective Death

The moment that I experienced my death in this life as a 10 year old girl in Ancient Egypt, I remember being outside in the sun during the day. I was walking around near the village I resided in, and all of a sudden a small shaking began to rattle the earth. My awareness knew that this was not normal because I had not felt this before, so I had no clue as to what was going on and I was young. Confusion had set in quickly. The tremor which would be considered an earthquake, as that was what I perceive now having full awareness of this lifetime in my current life. The shaking got worse and then this roaring sound that felt almost electric grew louder, I remember being thrown onto my right side where I hit my head.

All of a sudden I was out of my body and I was being called out to by beings of light, that was my death due to blunt force trauma to the head and the right side of my body. Yes, it crossed over into the current body I have now because my right side is asymmetrical to my left side. Within the first moments of finding myself out of my body I became aware that there were other souls around me too, not too many but enough of us left physicality collectively to realize something serious had happened. This was a memory that I had 

This was a memory that I had during this time period when I was born in 9,510 B.C and that memory definitely felt like an indicator of those early changes that were happening on earth at that time. One thing about my memories is that I don’t remember the axil tilt shifting all in one moment, there was a gradual shift that lead to the eventual introduction of seasonality. Barbara Hand Clow writes about the precession and seasonality, how the axial tilt changed precession and how earth rotates on a wobble. I believe that this time-frame for these lifetime memories do fit in with Barbara’s theory of a cataclysmic event having happened at that time, that what I experienced in my ancient Egyptian lifetime as a ten year old girl is connected to the Axial Tilt Cataclysm That Shifted Earth. I’ll be leaving two links to my other articles from my first and third (final) lifetimes in Ancient Egypt. 

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