Effects Of The Divine Pause: I Am Noticing That The Volunteers Are Entering New Earth.

Volunteers Moving Into New Earth

Every now and again I’ll get a notice from my higher self where, there is a drastic change in the type of Volunteer work that I am doing. Certain work will stop, and new tasks begin because things have shifted to that point, to the point where I’m moving into a new role. This notice came through earlier this year when I suddenly felt that we had moved into a new aspect of the ascension process. Which we did in December. Then when we moved through January it became clear to me that something felt different. I was guided to leave my previous job of four years and focus soley on the ascension process, because we were going to make a change then and we did. Cycle two of the ascension process began, but ever since it feels like I have been embodying more than anything I ever did in cycle one.

In cycle one of the ascension process, my role was to help embody and to physically create new earth for new humans. Many of the volunteers were carrying all of that within them, and now suddenly I find myself moving into new earth. Suddenly I notice that a few other volunteers scattered all over the earth, are entering this new earth frequency as well. This is something I have been perceiving and for a while now, and I wanted to make sure that this was exactly what was happening. I’m finding this to be what is going on for many of the volunteers.

When I first started to notice that The Divine Pause was first put into effect by divine source and in my area no less. I noticed how different everyone started to act, and even now a month into it I have never seen anything like this. It isn’t just in this area but throughout the entire world, and what I have perceived is that divine source wants to put everything back into order. The world at that time was also entering a very new stage in the ascension process, and there did need to be a period where people stopped moving around. Where everyone has been running around because that is how it has always been. This was a monumental event that was put into effect by divine source, make no mistake about it this is not the Elite. This is divine source putting a stop to people moving around and telling them to stop, because a new aspect of the ascension process is here. 

The outside world is a different place. I have never seen the streets so empty, and this state of desolation has stretched out into public spaces. At the grocery stores and big chain stores like Wal Mart, the lines outside have just been unbelievable. People have been standing around in masks waiting for admittance, with a sign separating them through distance. It has been so surreal but, in all honesty, I’ve enjoyed it, and I think that this should have been implemented a long time ago. As a volunteer, I have had issues with being out in the world with people who did not have the same energy frequency as I did, and there has been a sort of clash of the energies. I have had so many people come at me for no reason over the years, make small comments to me out of nowhere. I have even been threatened to be murdered as a joke. I have been waiting for this Divine Pause to happen for such a long time, because my energy frequency is not where the majority of people’s frequency is at. They can feel it too. Things have been so much better for me that while everyone else has been inside, I have been outside and enjoying myself for the first time in pretty much my entire life of living a quiet secluded existence. 

I’m No Longer Creating New Earth, I’m In New Earth

In March 2014, I physically activated to begin the ascension process and began doing what most first, second, and third wavers were doing at the time. I was helping to create NEW Earth with my physical body. We did this by embodying and transmuting and collectively raising the frequency of the earth, that is what our volunteer job was. The emphasis is on the word “was” because since moving into 2020 we haven’t really been doing this anymore, and it is something that I have felt very strongly. I have noticed some small groups of ascension volunteers, who have entered new earth and that matching earth frequency throughout early 2020. They aren’t the only ones who have moved into this new earth and its new matching frequency, I have also felt this movement into this new earth myself. It’s that realization that you’ve shifted from creating for years, and then stepping into what you have helped create. The volunteers always do thing’s first and then we leave it open for those in the collective to follow suit if they want to. 

I am no longer creating New Earth because I am in New Earth. If you’re noticing this shift as well and you feel part of these small waves of volunteers now moving into new earth and that new earth frequency, don’t worry about continuing to play that familiar role where you were embodying. Those jobs and that volunteer work is done and as 2020 continues, we’ll be seeing much more of the volunteers entering this new earth and matching frequency. I know this is a lot to process but for those who are not sure what this New Earth that I am referring to is, I’ll be leaving a link to an article that explains it all. 

Welcome To The New Earth: Well A New Earth Is Here For Evolving Higher Human Beings.

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