Welcome To The New Earth: Well A New Earth Is Here For Evolving Higher Human Beings.

Welcome To New Earth For Evolving Humans

My initial reaction to realizing that we had entered a new level of the ascension process, was that this was necessary for humanity. This was needed for more people to finally begin understanding who they can be, and where they can go. What I didn’t realize back in December 2019, was that we didn’t just enter cycle two of the ascension process. We also entered new earth! There might be some of you reading this who are wondering what this means? As of December 2019; the new earth that the volunteers have worked tirelessly to create. This new earth is the main earth reality that human beings can now access. It is the majority and it is slightly over taking the old earth, which is still around but it won’t be around forever. 

The new earth reality is the Ascending earth world I am referring to, that many volunteers have been endlessly helping to manifest within the collective. It doesn’t mean that everyone is automatically going to step into this new earth, and that isn’t how this world shifting process works. New earth is accessed through a person’s frequency range, you can enter through a higher energy and consciousness. Think of it as if you suddenly just got clearance, and then you begin accessing that specific office that you need a key card for. The only difference is that your energy is the code to enter this new earth reality, if you need time to re-read all of that please do. It can be difficult to take in and when I first started learning about timelines, and the separation of worlds I struggled too! You cannot see it unless your in it, when you are in it then you begin to understand that you’re here with a small portion of the population. The majority of them are elsewhere on old earth. When they make that shift, then they join us on new earth.

When I first Physically Identified where I was in early December 2019, I noticed that my location was not exactly where the majority of earth’s population was. I have been aware that my location has been elsewhere since 2007, if not earlier. I mention 2007 because it was the first time that I became aware that my location was indeed in another realm. That was the first time that I really noticed that I was occupying a different physical space on earth, that wasn’t inhabited by very many other people. It felt to me like a small group of people, that were splashed around the globe. I did not grasp what that meant at the time, and the only thing that I really knew was that I could identify the others to borrow a lost term. I could identify other volunteers who I was also in this same space with, but that was the extent that I could feel of these other beings.  

In 2007 at age of 17; I experienced a very specific and important internal message that came through to me through a higher dimensional female being. What she shared with me came through to me in the form of telepathic communication, what she showed me was a clairvoyant image of two separate worlds that stood beside each other. She stood in between them but didn’t say anything to me. That is all that was shown and that is all she did. I had very little indication of what that event meant at that time. I wasn’t physically activated to fully understand that message yet; I was only about 16/17. Still I was aware that I just wasn’t exactly on the same earth world that everyone else was, when I think back to that time I can acknowledge that I might have already been existing in that ascending world. There were also choices that I had to make and I like to think that I chose the ascending earth world, over the lower world myself. This important moment in my life is exactly what is currently going on right now for the world, the fact that mass humanity now has to choose which earth world they want to remain in. Also, the small group of people that I felt has now multiplied by ten since 2007. I feel it and them. This is new earth and it is the current location that I occupy on this physical earth. 

Humanity Has Access To New Earth

I don’t think that I need to tell anyone that human beings do not exactly function at their highest capabilities, because the truth is human beings are still some of the lowest forms in our galaxy. The earth itself is not the highest vibrating planet either, and there are other planets with other beings that are far more advanced. We have absolutely experienced improvements over time but essentially lower conscious human beings, only understand what they do. They are taught to not question anything, or anyone, and they are taught to continue to repeat the same old behavior patterns as their parents and grandparents. Meanwhile, allowing themselves to be consciously possessed by the negative alien entities. I have some stories that I could share about the people, that I had around me during my early childhood and teen years. They were challenging and relentless. That’s not the point of this article, so I am going to leave it at that.

Most of humanity has no idea that they have access to new earth, but they do and if they so choose to they can shift into that reality. They just refuse to shift into it and it’s their continued behavior, that stops them from doing it. This would open so much up for them, and that’s not to say that in the future the whole entire world will be a fully ascended earth. It will be and I’m sure that eventually human beings will all exist in this ascended earth. There just not there yet, but they do have access to it.

I have been aware that the Descending Earth World is still where a lot of people are located at, and that is generally the old world that many people are used to. Over the years; I have hated having to live around the majority of people who live through this earth world, because it’s such a primitive reality. There is no growth in this earth world, and chaos is everywhere that you go. It is your basic instincts kind of earth world and I found it exhausting living in that earth, and realizing after I quickly left it that I could still be near those who were apart of it. It isn’t anything that you can escape from 100% of the time, this earth world is the one that was the majority. Now it is slowly becoming the minority. In the future this earth world will be extinct, there will only remain a small population than what is currently on earth right now. The pay off is that there will be evolved human beings and that is the point, who will be able to live in and on new earth with a matching energy frequency. 

It all begins here right now. In December 2019 we didn’t just enter Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process, access to new earth became available for humanity to move into. Whether they make the physical and conscious shift or not. I want to share a link to an article that I wrote one year ago, that references to this exact topic as I knew that new earth would be accessible to humanity at some point.

Into A New Ascending Earth

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