Higher Light Periods: Important Dates To Know, As We Move Into The First Half of 2020.

Phases Of Accelerated Evolution In 2020

I have been irrefutably aware for years’ that there are specific periods of time, where the ascension process slightly quickens up and begins to make advanced changes. It is like a cycle and it goes in and out during key periods, and these phases that we can get shifted into are acting as a natural build up for humanity. It does happen quite a lot with specific gateway’s and portal’s. It happens during the eclipse(s) and the full moons and new moons. It happens during the equinox and solstice. It happens and when it does, it can build up until it leaves you feeling drained and exhausted. 

I have referred to these very specific periods as phases of accelerated evolution. When you embody more light codes, or, when you experience more attacks from unaware people. When the energy builds itself up and reaches a climax and then it just erupts, and you are forced to make the necessary changes and modifications within yourself. It all happens very quickly and in a short span of time, so that it feels like you cannot make those adjustments. In reality you are and you do. 

All of 2020; I have received strong internal guidance that has let me know, that nothing will ever feel quite the same as we progress into 2020. This year feels different energetically, it isn’t just the fact that we have entered a new cycle of the ascension process. The codes feel like we shifted into a different dimension, and if I have experienced these differences then I’m sure that you have also felt it too. Over these last few years I have always done my best to give special attention to thing’s that feel either unusually advanced, or, massively underdeveloped and this year feels advanced. It continues to get more and more evolved, but I have noticed that specific days feel more energetically elevated than other days. There are reasons for that and humans create those fluctuations, but so do specific light codes that are directed to earth through the divine. This is an aspect of this New Ascending Earth.

There are a few themes that I can currently psychically see that will happen in 2020 which involve: (The slow end to any kind of abusive system, which includes the abusive people who work within these systems. Changes to various systems across the board. The systems of money, education, and religion. An emphasis on anything that feels like it is an organized structure is going to break, especially if it wasn’t all that stable to begin with.) I have heard this multiple times with these changes, these shifts, and it has either been removed already, or, in the process of actively happening. These changes will always be brought on by serendipity, and circumstance, with a little help from the current codes that will push changes that are necessary for Humanity to evolve. There will be certain weeks during specific months, that will set these events in motion. Along, with certain periods of Accelerated Embodying for the Volunteers. Here is a list of specific dates for the first half of the year, that are going to feel stronger than usual.

Important Energetic Dates In 2019

January 2020 Energies: In January, we have the Lunar Eclipse and the Full Moon right on Jan 10/11 and along with that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the sign of Capricorn on Jan 12. It is the initial shift into new earth and the first distribution of diamond light codes. Then we have a New Moon on Jan 24. 

February 2020 Energies: In February, we have four specific dates that stand out because of it’s energy code. There is a four day energy pattern that begins on; (Feb 3, 12, 21 & 29.) These days will feel especially advanced and on a physical level, 

March 2020 Energies: In March, there will be a Full Moon on Mar 9 that will build up towards the spring equinox on Mar 19. Then there will be Full Moon four days after the equinox, which will be another period of intense accelerated light codes. I suspect we’ll all be embodying more Diamond light codes at greater levels.

April 2020 Energies: In April, there is a specific energy code that is going to open up a very specific portal. Like in February the energy might feel accelerated and will help mass humanity evolve, There are four days that carry this same energy frequency; (April 4, 7, 13 & 22.)  

May 2020 Energies: In May, it might feel slightly quiet this month. However, we did move into new earth and cycle two of the ascension process. It could be a really intense month. We have a Full Moon on May 7 and a New Moon on May 22. The new Moon coincides with the Pleiadian Portal Opening, which could mean many of the volunteers might be called onto embody more new coded information.

June 2020 Energies: In June, this might be an extremely intense period. This might be the biggest accelerated time period of all. Both for embodying and mass humanity. We have two eclipses on Jun 5/6 and Jun 21. The solar eclipse is one day after the the summer solstice, which shows you how intense that 48 hour period is going to be.   

The intensification of life right now in 2020 is beyond what anyone could have ever imagined, and this list for the first half of this year looks very intimidating. It’s not easy working with these advanced energy patterns, yet we all agreed to come here and experience earth life whether we are volunteers or not. We agreed to deal with Rapid Evolution and Accelerated Physical Ascension Symptoms that came along with the energies of light. Don’t oppose these light codes, what I summarized up above are indications of what is going on for the first six months of the year. It gives you an idea what is going to happen and how it might feel for you, and it could be easier or more challenging depending on how you view the current landscape that you are in. Give yourself all of the time that you need to get used to these physical changes that are occurring, these are life changing energies we’ve been experiencing. Give the list another read and even if it’s already past the time frame, it’s helpful to go back to this listed time period and see how those months helped you on your path. 

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