Distribution Of Diamond Code(s): More Diamond Codes Are Hitting Earth and Mass Humanity.

The Embodiment Of Diamond Codes 

It has become apparent to me that life is beginning to change for mass humanity, changing to the point that I no longer suspect that people might be physically shifting. I am certain that this is what is happening to mass humanity. There is no doubt in my mind the more that I watch thing’s unfold, that this is what is happening right now for the world. We have reached this point in time where mass humanity can no longer avoid the ascension process, and this is what many of the volunteers have been experiencing for decades now. We create the path, so that the rest of the world can eventually walk through that pathway. 

During these last few weeks; I have noticed that my region has been getting hit with more diamond light codes. I have been embodying these new light codes as well, and they feel so different that the same physical reaction continues to happen. The more I get hit with them, and as time escalates I feel new activations happening within my body. It is mostly head and brain activations, because I feel energy shifting in those areas. I will be writing more about these activations down below in the article, and other connections that I am finding is happening right now.     

I have been physically activated as a Light Embodier Volunteer since 2014 and that initial frequency change was the most challenging period of my life. There was something very peculiar about the sensations that I felt, because everything physically changed for me over night. I went from feeling ordinary to waking up feeling a very unknown body frequency shift, my entire body had shifted in new way(s) that I had never felt before. I knew it was different from a regular flu and common cold, and this wasn’t any of these specific illnesses. It didn’t really feel like an illness, like a virus, or, anything like that, but it felt like a deep internal shift had taken place. It was almost like my body had been very dormant up until that point, and then it was sort of just energetically brought to life. There was a period of adjustment for me when this happened, and it took me about a month to acclimate to how I was feeling. When I look back I realize how much it took out of me, and I also realize how much my frequency jumped. It felt like I had moved into a space that I did not fully understand completely, and the best way I could describe that jump is to compare it to jumping timelines. Your leaving someplace that is slowly dying off, and you move into a timeline that is more stable and permanent. It’s a perfect match for you and your energy. 

The handful of times that I have read about Covid-19, and how it is affecting the world, a lot of the symptoms that they are coming out with, sound almost like what I experienced when I made that initial energy shift. When I watch the news coverage I hear about how people are randomly getting it, from one day to the next just like it happened to me and to other Volunteers. My immediate reaction to watching anything to do with Covid-19, is that mass humanity is physically shifting. I’m very good at paying close attention to my internal dialogue. This is immediately where my mind goes, and there is so much more going on with this that the collective just doesn’t know about. Which is why there will be confusion surrounding Covid-19 to come for years, and it is my belief that mass humanity and earth are embodying the new Diamond Light Codes. This is still very early on and I think there is more that needs to come out still, and remember that the separation of world(s) is still on going. What we know as coded light energy, is considered sickness and a virus to the less aware.

Distribution Of Diamond Light Codes

I had several personally challenging days on both {Feb 12} and {Feb 13,} due to the ongoing Embodiment Of Diamond Light Codes which have been activating some very specific areas of my brain. I have never felt these areas of my brain halves activated like this before, and when I first started to experience the brain re-wiring process years back. It never triggered the current areas that are now being stimulated. The embodiment process is evolving by the day in 2020, and I didn’t experience this specifically in January. It has escalated as we have moved into February, and there will be continued changes in cycle two of the ascension process as we move further into the year.

Wednesday, February 12th: On the Wednesday night; I began to feel a slight headache and some re-wiring happening when I noticed that I was embodying the diamond light codes.

Thursday, February 13th: Throughout the entire day Thursday; I had experienced headaches that had lasted all day long. I could not do anything. I just laid still as much as I could and tried my best to stay calm, throughout the re-wiring process. The interesting thing about the 13th was, that while both areas of my brain were being activated. I was being hit with depressive thought’s, suicidal thoughts, and taunting from demonic entities which I had to ignore. Why? I knew what I was doing. I was embodying the diamond codes, and they did not like it.

Friday, February 14th: Early Friday; I didn’t fall asleep until 2 am because of the new layers of light, that were expanding my glands, my brain, and downloading new information into me. Friday morning, I experienced tightness in my left leg, vibrating in my left leg, tightness in my back on my left side, and my head felt like it was going to erupt. I finally lost consciousness soon after. I had two excruciating days of light embodiment. 

The Diamond Light Codes that mass humanity is receiving in February 2020, they are the highest form that we have ever seen. I have never felt anything like this before in all the years since 2014, and it’s specifically head oriented. At least for me it is head oriented, there are aspects of my brain that are being activated in such a way that I have never felt before. This wave and the rest of this month is going to be important, and not just for the volunteers anymore. Mass humanity is slowly entering specific key timelines that, specific timeline workers opened up and walked through themselves. Timeline workers are contracted volunteers who shift the timeline(s) of the earth, and they do this to help earth and humanity to raise it’s frequency. They did this years ago so that humanity could get to this very point. The majority of mass humanity can no longer hold off on avoiding the ascension process, and many of them will still try to avoid it when it begins to physically happen to them. 

The Distribution of Diamond Light Codes is an energetic indication that what mass humanity wants, isn’t what they’re going to get. What I am picking up feels a lot bigger than what it really is, Cycle two of the ascension process is going to be very different. It feels like this is either a get on board opportunity for humanity, otherwise not many are going to energetically make it the new earth that is being created.

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