Physical Body Template Changes: I Knew I’d Be Embodying More In Ascension Cycle Two.

Physical Body Template Alterations 

All of my life I have always been an observant person; I always knew where and who I needed to pay attention to when something felt off. This aspect of my personality has helped me many times during my life, steer myself away from specific people who I felt just weren’t all there. It is a read. I have always been able to read people, what they are thinking. How they are feeling, if they even like me. Who feels comfortable with my energy frequency. Who is an entirely different energy frequency all together. All of those important observational points of reference.

In saying that; I have also been just as observant about what is going on within myself. What feels different today as opposed to yesterday? How is my body functioning? Are these modifications happening via the Ascension process and energies that I have noticed? Usually, the answer would be yes or no. I have never doubted anything after precise internal examination. I always know myself like I know everyone else around me, and when something massive changes within my body I notice it immediately. Which is why February 2020 has felt extremely different, a sudden escalation from what we initially transitioned into in January. More Ascension Cycle Two changes no doubt, and all of it to my and most other volunteers physical body template. 

I have been physically embodying the ascension energies for the past six years now; I still have not pin-pointed a pattern in how my own cycle does work. What I can tell you is that I have experienced enough of the ascension process to know how I do feel. How it feels. Which is an important part in understanding how to notice specific transitions, to my body template when they start doing something different that I am not familiar with. This is what I have been coping with in 2020 and I have noticed The Physical Alterations To My Body Template. I knew that I was going to experience this kind of transition when we were first shifting into cycle two, and I got smacked with such a strong internal locution by my higher self. What my higher self was communicating was that my body was undergoing the beginning stages, of experiencing a slow down due to an increase in current diamond light codes. I then started to realize that I had to take it easy and to re-evaluate myself, and this sudden awareness hit me that I would be embodying more in cycle two of the ascension process. This is what my role is going to be for a while, and I promptly up and left all my cycle one associations which included my job. 

The Body Template Design is very different for everyone. There are reason(s) why everyone looks different, but why they look so similar and that has a lot to do with genetics. There are other reason(s) behind it too and usually one of the most prevalent, is just that you decided to look that way. You chose to have the very body that you have, prior to incarnating on this earth plane. The design is very different for normal folk, than it is for volunteers who agreed to undertake the ascension process. We have a body template design that is chosen specifically for the purpose of embodying source directed light energy, that comes straight into earth. We all age and fluctuate over the years naturally. However, we do tend to move a little more slower than the average human being. We were literally designed for this job and the proof is in what you can do within your physical body. Isn’t that amazing! I think so. I am convinced that mass humanity is also starting to realize their own designs, because many of them are feeling thing’s that I have over the years and it’s getting broadcasted in the news daily. 

In February 2020; I have felt a slight escalation in the current distribution of the Diamond Light Codes on earth and I think so has humanity. I had a pleasant start to the month with improvements all around, and part of that had to do with giving myself time to breathe. I’d forgotten how good it was to leave behind the busy and hectic 3D life, and it all feels more simpler. The physical aspect of life has gotten a bit more challenging, because my body is reacting to these new codes in a different way than before. The most immediate change that I have noticed is, there has been a shift in my brain halves. There seems to be an activation going on with both sides of my brain, and it has felt like a pretty intense experience so far. I haven’t yet understood it completely, and why it is happening now in early 2020 but it is noticeable enough to me. I’ll be doing a separate article on this and the connection to the diamond light codes. 

There have been a few other Body Alterations that have happened to me over the course of this month, that feel extremely familiar to me and because of that I am not as concerned about those ones.

February 2020 Body Alterations

Left Leg Tightness: I have experienced this this body phenomena for a few years now, and so I know that this is just ongoing with where the ascension process is at right now. 

Ear ringing: I have experienced ear ringing from the very second that I activated. There isn’t an escalation of it, because it always runs on a consistent tone for me. With only a few moments where it was as loud as a kettle at some points. 

Whole Head Movements: I have experienced this before but it isn’t a usual occurrence for me, it is this month though. There are movements going on around my entire head, and it’s been activating a lot of parts of my head that have never been activated before. 

Back Pain: I have experienced this on a few occasions and I have never really felt alarmed by it, although one time I had to stay in bed for quite a while in 2015. That was an intense March shift,

Bone Aches: I have experienced this before and it is pretty typical. This month it seems to be right near the knees and chins, which hasn’t been fun to experience. I can tell something huge is going on with the skeletal structure.

Increased Appetite: I have experienced this frequently enough over the years to know why this happens. I eat more the more that I embody and a lot of people are that way as well. 

Crown Embodiments: I have always experienced this high pressure energy movement, into my physical being through the top of my head. This month I have been experiencing this very heavily, and my brain has been exploding with new formations around my head. 

These are just some of the physical alterations that I have been experiencing, and it might also be exactly what you also are feeling this year. This will only escalate the further into 2020 that we go, much like it has throughout the years. The body template design seems to be getting re-worked for many volunteers and not just for the volunteers, but for those in the collective as well from what I am picking up on. It seems like just about everyone is going to be embodying in Cycle Two of The Ascension Process

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