Coming To Earth As A Volunteer: Some Pre-Birth Memories Before My Life As A Volunteer.

Some Pre-Birth Life Memories 

Ever since I can remember; I would say that this started from about when I was the age of 5/6. I was already aware of the fact that I was a stranger on this earth, and that where I was did not feel like home to me. I could not verbalize that feeling that I had so much in words, but it was all in how it felt to me. That feeling was the single most important feeling that I had ever felt, and that I would ever feel. It would carry itself throughout my whole entire life, and to this day I still feel it. This feeling followed me to school and high school, and this very blatant loneliness settled in. I remember feeling very alone, and that I needed to remain quiet around other people. My entire life as a volunteer I have had to stay quiet, as quiet as I could, and a lot of the times what I was feeling, and perceiving, other people around me weren’t experiencing that. Especially, in the early years. 

As an adult who is actively living the Ascension Process, things are a little bit different now. I don’t really engage with the outside world, I go to work and quickly come home because I can’t stomach being out there for too long. I have acclimated to earth life in many ways, and I have created home where I am in my geographical location. It still hurts not being back home, but it’s not as bad as it was when I was a child. Now that I am an adult, and since I have physically activated. I have some memories of home and that helps, but I don’t have that many. I’m not allowed to remember everything and it’s blurred out for a reason.

As a Volunteer a big part of our job is to work on ourselves, to transmute energy, to embody, to do grid-work, to remove negative energy matter from the earth plane, to set up portals, to open and close timelines etc. There are lot’s of various jobs that any volunteer can choose to do. My own personal job is to embody and transmute, which is the hard physical work. This physical work is not always fun and it hurts. It is dangerous, and it isn’t anything like what I would have thought that it would be like from my higher perspective. I do have some recollection with how I felt about undertaking this physical experience as a volunteer, while still with my higher self. I initially thought that it would be a lot easier for me to deal with. There was some hesitancy on my part and mainly because you see various options. That is how I felt about it when I was back home, now that I am here and physicalized as this person and in this body. It has far surpassed my original assumptions. I’ve not quite had an experience like this before, and in such an overly populated time period. It can get in the way of the work for me, and while I was back in the higher dimensions I miscalculated how it would go.

Earth life is very different when you arrive here, then when you are back home in your dimension. There is no way to know what any outcome will be when your back in your home dimension, because life on earth can change fast. The higher dimensions require you to be at an advanced frequency in order to be there. Your highest self. That is how I remember it, so you can only see different trajectories from the highest perspective. Earth is not a higher frequency space and it isn’t filled with higher frequency beings either. Quite the contrary, the beings here are very low frequency. When you arrive here the actual experience is different, from how you viewed it from outside of your higher self. That includes from the higher frequency space that you viewed it from. It changes and your ability to navigate yourself becomes murky at best, like a dark mist that you have to walk through. 

What Is A Volunteer?

A Volunteer: A Volunteer is a higher dimensional being who agrees to physically incarnate and live the Ascension process, while on physical earth. A volunteer can look just like any normal person, but they carry with them a higher awareness. A volunteer can bring with them to the earth a specific specialty, one that they excel in that will serve to help them. That will serve to help the earth. Ex. Energy workers. Someone who excels at energy transfiguration, is going to bring that skill with them to use in this life. They understand their mission/job, and become activated via the Ascension process to undertake this journey. 

The few Pre-Birth Memories that I have access to before beginning this physical lifetime, they mainly involve the preparation process that I undertook in order to figure out what kind of life that I would live. What I would physically look like. Where I would geographically reside. What I would be doing. Who I would be (my identity.) Who I would meet, both intentional and non-intentional. What skills and specialties that I wanted to take with me, and all of this includes the types of situations that I would experience during specific periods of my life. One specific pre-birth memory that I have prior to incarnating in this life, was working on choosing the very best physical body that I would have. All beings choose a body and work on planning their life, but the body of a volunteer is a little bit different. We have to endure the physical embodiment of light energies, so our bodies are always shaped a little bit differently for these assignments. 

Choosing The Physical Body

Most of my preparation work in the higher dimensions, they involve the selection of my physical vessel. This and a few other pre-incarnational memories are all that I can remember before beginning this life.

In this memory; what I remember the most is being in a specific space of selection working with another higher dimensional being, with whom I always work with because we work together the majority of the time. We have worked together a lot whenever we come to this specific planet, and it’s natural for us both to help one another in specific areas. The memory involves me and this specific being, working on choosing the composition that would make up my physical body and the brain that would go along with it. There were many options to choose from, with specific genetic information having to be worked into the body as well. There were decisions and choices to make, with a lot of discussions about what would work and what would not work. I was also part of helping to decide this other beings physical vessel as well. 

A good majority of my other Pre-Birth Memories that I can recall involve small glimpses, into how I felt about undertaking this specific assignment this time around. What I remember the most about how I felt was how extremely hesitant I was to return to earth again. I have to mention that I am not a young soul energy that has an insatiable need to experience earth life, over and over again because I have lived very many lives here. I have lived lives during periods of time where earth was actually more advanced, with smaller populations of people. There was a certain harmony about it and you could feel it. It is too populated and chaotic as we enter the Aquarian Age, with how many people they allow to enter this place. Everyone is all just mixed in here together and it doesn’t matter at what level your at. I wasn’t looking forward to having another exhausting experience, and after a while these life experiences start to build up the more you do it. Your soul begins to feel weighed down the more experiences you have, it get’s harder and the more you have to work harder at starting over when everything else is with you. 

I remember having to be reminded that this is an important role, and that there would also be other’s who volunteered for this work as well. I had to be spoken to many times in regards to my hesitancy, because some of my other lives were so harsh and my deaths were also brutal. I had major doubts about whether I could accomplish all of what I needed to, and because I would be personally living the Ascension process and writing about it. That made it all the more difficult; I had to choose between what I should say and what I should not say. I still do even now. Eventually, I did manage to leave the higher dimension where I reside and I did incarnate. 

Physicalizing As A Human Being

The last pre-birth memory that I have does involve the actual moment where I fully entered the womb. The movement from an energy and combining with the body that I agreed to become, can be a very delicate process. A few beings tend to move right in and a few other’s wait until it becomes a situation where it is a walk-in scenario. I was never a walk-in scenario; I have been present since birth. 

My last memory that I could say is pre-birth was during the moment of actual birth during this current lifetime. I remember a glimpse only of me entering the physical vessel, just prior to being taken out of the womb through C-section. It was like a suctioning feeling, like your being pulled downward into a tiny little cocoon. It felt to me like I was suffocating almost. There wasn’t much room to expand myself to the fullest and I found that very difficult to deal with. 

I mentioned this already before but I only have a few Pre-Birth Memory recall. These are the few that I have: (Choosing a body with a special higher dimensional being, recall of hesitancy and doubt about experiencing another earth life, and the moment where I moved into my physical body at birth.) In the future there could be more memories that come up, and I might have to update this article when that does happen. If it ever happens. If there are too many memories than I might do a part two and continue the pre-birth memories. However, for now these are what I remember about my life before becoming a volunteer.  

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