The World Is Rapidly Evolving: Is Humanity Experiencing A Rapid State Of Evolution?

We Are Deep In Evolution 

In the past week; I have been picking up on the fact that we are in the beginning stages of something really big. A big change that involves the entire world at this point, a huge changeover and one that the world has never seen before. This tends to happen with me at times, where I can sense information coming at me through my higher awareness. At times from different points of higher consciousness, and from within higher dimensional realities. This familiar ability to sense this higher information, has led me to this very moment through other indications. It’s like walking up one step on a ladder, and reaching the next step above it. There is always that next movement into the next stage, and I believe that this next stage is one that the entire world is going to go through. 

These last few days; this has been on my mind and I cannot shake this feeling. That the entire population of the world is going to suddenly find themselves, moving into the Ascension Process in some capacity like the volunteers have been doing this entire time. So, what does that mean? Is the world already in deep evolution or are we at the beginning stages of deep evolution? 

It’s February 2020 and this entire year so far feels other-worldly, it’s like I am both here but I am not here simultaneously. That is a very familiar feeling and I’ve felt it many times over the years, but it’s definitely amplified. I first noticed this amplified feeling a few months ago. I can sense that the world has seemed to experience a change in it’s energy. An insurmountable amount of energy has changed within the collective, in such a short period of time. I have noticed this energy change in people, in locations, in the oceans, in animal life, and even in plant life. It is due to this reason that I have wondered, if we’re currently moving through a Deep Rapid State Of Evolution. It feels like we have and I never ignore a feeling, it’s an indication of something far greater than what can be physically seen. What we perceive should always trump what we are told, and I tend to follow my intuition more than what other people tell me.  

It is always so important to be sharing information, because it’s always good to examine why certain events are currently happening. Whether it is a personal event, or, if it is a (collective) world-wide event. We always learn something from someone else, and even someone else’s truth should be taken with a grain of salt. I tend to look at the facts and allow my intuition to let me know if I feel it is correct. I don’t care about what is credible and who has credibility. I personally don’t believe anyone has any credibility. There is no such person in existence (not even myself,) so you be careful when you read my writing too. You have to be careful with distorted information, but I can sit here writing this today and with all that I feel within me. The world has changed. It has escalated to a state of evolution that I have not seen before, and I would be thinking, and feeling, the exact same thing if I were in an energy form again in my higher dimension that I originated from. This place has changed and it is always modifying itself.

What Is Rapid Evolution?

The concept of what we believe is the (movement of time,) is actually progressing faster for me. At least this has been my experience. Since the end of last year, moving into the beginning of this year, it has felt like we’ve been moving at rapid speed. Moving at a rapid speed towards a much more evolved earth, earth world, frequency, and so much more. It all feels new because of new energies. Which is why we have all felt, (at least I have felt,) like this year has been more painful than ever before. Which is why I have a new term called Deep In Rapid Evolution. 

Deep In Rapid Evolution: is my term for when people, and our earth, quickly move into an advanced location into a higher frequency. Move into a higher consciousness. When this happens we understand Evolution and Ascension more than we did before, or, for the unaware, that they are a conscious being. For those who really are not conscious at all that they are. This is a big step for all of us. This is what I mean when I say we are deep in rapid evolution. We are literally moving higher and into new locations within the light. Except we’re evolving at rapid speed, and so quickly, that we feel like the chaos, physical pain, and opportunities to grow are too much to handle. This is how rapid evolution works. 

Not Everyone Has Been Evolving

I am going to get real honest now in regards to everything that The Volunteers have known about for years and decades. This involves (humanity.) The ascension process has been going on for years and even decades. We all know that. We understand it. However, a lot of people do not know this. When I say we all know that; I mean those of us who have been activated and began our own individual processes. I am talking about the volunteers here. We have been doing this awful, this harsh, this painful, and dangerous work. It has not been fun to live any of this physically, but there have been moments where I could not imagine myself doing anything else. I wouldn’t want to not be a volunteer. We’re not just in a period of rapid evolution, we are also extremely deep in the ascension process. So much so that there is absolutely no turning back now. A lot of people have been repeatedly fighting against the ascension process and evolution process and it has to stop. Just some clarification: not everyone has been embodying the light energies or living through the ascension process. 

Those of us who have been activated: (The first wavers, the second wavers and the third wavers.) We are becoming much more advanced, highly evolved human light beings. Not just human beings like we have always known. We are becoming real living embodiment of light, that is walking around in a human meat suit. Many other people who are not aware, these seem to be the people who have been constantly fighting the ascension process. This will not be in play for 2020 for much longer. The aware are going to find out the hard way in Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process. They are going to find out that they need to move up into a higher way of being, and living, the ascension process will do that for them this year. It already started in December. It will continue to do so for the rest of the year and beyond. This is also happening on a universal level as well. A galactic level too! The entire cosmic playground is going through the ascension process and rapid evolution. It’s not just in 2020 and on our earth. It’s in this specific time and in our entire galaxy, on those planetary systems too. For those beings. 

Some Changes Up Ahead

Expect everything that we have ever known to collapse this year. Every single destructive system(s) which will be dismantled and shaken to it’s core: The monetary system, the medical system, the governing systems, the schooling systems, businesses, employment. All of these systems are just going to continue to fail. For good reason to. They must end for the new way(s) to be created. These changes are occurring because human beings are changing. Which is a strong statement as I’m sure there are many people who do not give a damn about changing themselves either.

The earth is changing and it will forever be in this process of enduring these metamorphotic modifications. This is Ascension life and it is my belief that the world has entered this current state of Deep In Rapid Evolution.

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