Attacking Humanities Air Supply: The Suppression Of Natural Air.

All of my life, I have struggled to quite literally breathe on this earth and while I am no longer a long-time asthma sufferer, I did indeed suffer asthma severely when I was a child. Despite years of not having to deal with intense breathing problems as an adult, that doesn’t mean that breathing won’t be a problem for me and for others in the future. If you take a look around and don’t you notice how awful the air quality is, how over-populated this earth world is. Then there is climate change. Then there are those who do in-fact cause heavy amounts of pollution, which those pollutants then spread across the world and damage the air. There is a heavy attack on people’s consciousness, and it is a war, but don’t forget that there is an even greater attack against the body as well. There is an attack on humanities air supply, and I have been very aware of this for a very long time. 

We are standing in the threshold of change; it is that transition from Pisces to Aquarius. That is what I am talking about here, there is a slow transition happening very quietly into the Aquarian Age. The collective population has no idea because they aren’t paying enough attention, they’re so distracted by all of the lovely technological advancements that we have made. The phone is one of the most important must have items for all LowCon people, they love their phone, and they will lose their minds if they can’t have it. There are multiple other distractions like work, working to afford anything. It doesn’t allow them time to go within and work on themselves, let alone acknowledge that their very air supply is under attack. That it has been for a very long time, and then they started to ask the public to wear masks. Which I’m 50/50 about myself, I hate having to wear one because it gets hard to breathe. Then when I’m out in public I hate how bad the air quality is that I put one on until I get home. The Aquarian Age equals anything that has to do with air, the sign is an air sign after all. 

This article will most likely infuriate the majority of those who end up reading it, and I know it already because there are a lot of people who actually think the air quality in our world is perfectly fine. However, if you’re reading these very words one hundred years from now, you’re probably nodding your head going I actually agree with him. Then you’re asking yourself why didn’t they believe it then? That isn’t the only reason this article will agitate tons of people; it’ll be the constant reminder that there are Negative Entities on earth that are trying to mess with humanity. I’m very aware of the fact that many people come on this website and read what I am writing about, then make some obscene comment to themselves about how I’m crazy and then leave as quickly as they came. The other ascension volunteers also know this too and it then makes it easier for us to know who you are, but it never stops you from coming to our websites and reading our material. Does it. You can sit there reading this and you can be infuriated, because no one told you to come here if you weren’t ready for the material.

I’m one of the small few Ascension Volunteers who is incarnated now, who has been attacked personally by these negative entities in so many different ways over the years. I have the firsthand experience to back it all up, and the balls to actually get online and write about them as well as what I have experienced in my life. I would say that I keep about 95% of what I do experience to myself, so I am really not sharing every single thing that I am going through. I just wanted to get this part out of the way and write about what I know from the experience that I have. Let’s stop pretending that I don’t know what the majority thinks of me. I most definitely feel you. I read you just like you read my material, let’s not be fake with one another.

Negative Attacks On Humanities Air Supply

There has been a big theme since 2020 began and Ascension Cycle Two started, where I have noticed that Air seems to be coming up in my thoughts a lot more. It can be air quality and the realization that there are a lot more people struggling with their breathing in the last few years. Then it turns into the changes that are happening to our bodies via the ascension process, to flashing images of some disturbing entities that are breaking through into the etheric layer and attacking people and their lungs. I’ve seen this happen with many people in the collective, and I have experienced this myself where I have had etheric (implants, tracers, latch-ons, negative injections,) that have hit me and different areas of my body. There has been a slew of people who are being infected by these negative viruses, parasite bites, and negative body programming, so that they can be used at any time for whatever purpose that these entities have for these easily controlled LowCon people. You just thought you were coming down with something. The air that you are breathing is most definitely under attack, the respiratory system is most definitely under attack, and your lungs is definitely under attack right now due to the fact that we are making that transition into the Aquarian Age. They want too completely cause as much mayhem for humanities’ air supply, and in these next few centuries the human template will look vastly different than ever before. 

I’ve had some intense attacks against me personally and my body over the years from negative entities, who were targeting me, and these attacks have never had anything to do with the Ascension Process. I have been physically activated for years and these entities have never, never ever, stopped coming for me since the second that I emerged and started moving away from them and their frequency. I’m good at picking up on this but the majority of those in the collective are not, there are other ascension writers/teachers out there who have also had the same experiences as me. Which makes it easier for me to write about these certain attacks against me, and to share it with those who will be entering New Earth for NEW Humans in the coming years, and decades, that will be curious about the Ascension Process. 

Changes To The Respiratory System 

As a volunteer to embody the Ascension Process, I know that when I do this that a lot of my internal template changes. It changes because a new template overrides the old one, and this tends to happen to those of us who are actively embodying. There are certain internal body organs that go through this process, where the New Internal Template Makeover happens. I noticed this new template being hand-delivered to humanity via divine source, right at the start of 2020 when we began embodying the diamond light codes. I have noticed a certain difference between when the ascension process causes physical changes, and when certain negative entities are trying to attack the body. What we’re experiencing even now today are changes to our respiratory system template, and this is all happening because of the current ongoing ascension process. The way that we breathe is being modified right now, because the earth is going through the change herself. The current human beings born today have these template modifications already set up. How our lungs circulate oxygen through our body is definitely changing, how pollution is destroying our air is changing that as well. 

There is a suppression happening with our natural air and there is more going on than it’s just climate change. In the coming decades, and centuries, the world is going to continue to experience viruses, unknown illness, because the ice is going to melt and the lands in both Greenland and Antarctica are going to shift. There are going to be continued attacks on humanities air supply, how they breathe, the respiratory systems, and because this is the Aquarian Age. Expect it. 

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