The Energetic Tribulation Event.

Evolution & Ascension; When It All Began

As it was in the beginning and so shall it be in the end. We are existing in the end times. The end times of everything that is not-organic, that is dark, that is out-of-alignment and that is disruptive to the natural flow of energy on this earth. We will be returning back to the beginning, when it was unified, in good, flowing harmony and filled with light energy. This is a good thing. An incredibly great thing. However, not a lot of people know that this is happening and not many people understand what it means.

This is only my third article but I feel the need to remind readers once again, that this article is part of a new category titled: Ascension Process: What Is It About? This specific category is all about the Ascension Process. In this category I will be writing generalized topics that discuss, information about just what the Ascension Process is and why it is happening. Everything, that I wrote at the beginning of my opening paragraph is true, we are all living in the end times. The end of polarity on earth. The end of the Piscean age. The end of negativity on this planet (which is a prison planet,) and the end of all lower consciousness and systems of the world. If it is not about serving the earth, or, humanity in a harmonious way, then it is going to be gone real quick. These corrupt people and systems are currently on their and its’ way out. 

The terms Ascension and Evolution are words that get thrown around all of the time, but they aren’t just words. They do mean something. They are both part of an important movement. They are both continuous movements through space and time. They are cycles that are dancing intertwined to the same song. To the same beat. To the same rhythm. They are life; before and after. They are in-between the hidden, and what hasn’t come yet. The unknown. They have been doing this dance interconnected with one another since the beginning of the Energetic Tribulation.

Energetic Tribulation: is my term for the big bang and the start of evolution and Ascension respectfully.

Evolution is an ever-changing, ongoing, process of growth from one form to the next. Ascension is a process of uplifting a state of an energy, a place, a person, an animal and a consciousness. While they are in many way(s) similar; there are a few differences. While Evolution focuses on making something change from it’s former state, into a better, advanced form of it’s former self. Ascension raises the Vibration and the Frequency of the very consciousness of the person, place, or thing that it is in the process of changing, into a new evolved version that never existed before. These two have been important players: Fate and Destiny; they have been doing this for a very long time and they are still doing this, at this time, in this time-period. 

The Beginning. The Energetic Tribulation Event is what many people call the “big bang” and it was magnificent. It was also violent, it was out of control and it set off a chain-reaction. It was like a throbbing vibration. A gigantic wave, of energy mixed with electromagnetic matter and it erupted, formed the galaxy, our universe, our solar system, our planets and as they evolved, they shifted to the current state that they are currently in today. This is when Evolution and Ascension began. Through-out time more smaller tribulation events occurred, which shifted the planets, which shifted our earth. The continents shifted from their spots, the harmony eventually stopped flowing, the in-organic parasites and dark entities started to take over, and they began sucking the energy from humans and it continued until now. 

We are currently beginning our journey through the End Times and this generally means that Evolution and Ascension; is cycling back into a time-period in the future that is much more organic, brighter, lighter and in alignment once again with the God Consciousness. Energetic Tribulation has been going on since the beginning of the creation of the universe. We are on course with the future, and returning back to the beginning. The world looks broken, out of control, diseased, but anything and everything not in harmony is going to be in harmony now. Everything must end. Malignancy is being cut out, fear is being turned into trust, insecurities are being transformed into reverence and self-confidence. 

The earth is going through one of it’s more extreme transformation(s). I call this The Ascension Of The Earth In The 21st Century and it involves the earth herself and all the life that lives on her. The changes, these shifts, and these increases in Energetic events. It has been going on for such a long time; so why is it even important? It’s important because of how the cycle is changing. It’s changing back to being in alignment. We have been seeing, hearing, and experiencing the end of so many cycles of abuse. These cycles of abuse include: (Abuse towards women, abuse towards higher consciousness, abuse towards differences, abuse towards other people, abuse in energies, abuse in self restraint, abuse of resources, abuse of the earth, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and all those who abuse for the sake of gaining some kind of power over others.)

These shifts are causing a lot of issues. Those who have tried to continue to abuse and abuse for the sake of power, or for ego centered means, are in for a serious lesson in evolution. The dark forces, ego centered beings, the in organic matter, density and those energies are all being removed by the shaking, shifting, pounding that is being caused by the alignment of pure organic light energy. It is the biggest tribulation that the earth has undergone since the beginning of time and the Retrograde Cycle it took some billions of years ago. This is evolution. This is the Ascension process. It is the Energetic Tribulation of the 21st century. We are apart of this process. 

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