Physical Difficulties In 2020: So, Why Do I Feel Like This?

Why Do I Feel Like This?

Where am I exactly? How did I even get here? What am I doing here? What exactly is this? Where did it come from? Why do I feel this way? Why does everything feel like it’s broken? When will this go away? Will it ever get any easier? Is this even normal? Am I normal? What does this all mean? Who am I? This is all a normal reaction to what many people are currently experiencing, as there are many people who are physically awakening right now. 

All of March 2020, this has been exactly what has been going through my mind, and I am certain that it’s what you have been thinking too. Those of us who are volunteers understand that this just means that your embodying, and transmuting depending on what you’re doing. However, for those in the collective they are not aware that this is what they’re bodies are currently doing, and this confusion that they are left feeling about what is going on around them makes it ten times more difficult. Physical difficulties in 2020 all across the board, with little to no answers. 

These thoughts are some of the most common ones that I have heard, within the collective consciousness in these last few months since 2020 had begun. This is just throughout my entire area, and inside the minds of every-day people. It is endless. Absolutely, never ending. Especially, since the beginning of this year. In fact, I have felt a psychic increase in the internal dialogue of people since this year had begun. These thoughts never end and seem to be on repeat daily. This is what the majority of people are thinking about on a daily basis. Especially, for people around the world who are becoming Physically Activated and trying to understand what the Ascension process is. The volunteers are already thinking these exact same thoughts, the only difference is that many of us know we have shifted into a secondary part of the ascension process. It just feels slightly new to us and in new ways. We’re not wondering what is going on like everyone else, we know we have shifted into cycle two of the ascension process. 

We Are Living In Ascension Cycle Two: Did You Feel A Shift Yet? It Feels Like I’m In A New Earth.

I have discussed Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process already so there is no need to rinse and repeat. However, for those that want to understand more about why this secondary part of the Ascension process has occurred. I have left a link just above this paragraph. One thing that I can say is that this process was always going to be heavily felt this year. It was always going to escalate and to a ton of people this all feels like the end of the world. In many ways it is the end of the world as people know it to be, that is the difference. The new diamond light codes that are hitting the earth right now, are contributing to the physical difficulties and challenges that many people are enduring this year. It isn’t all SARS-CoV-2 and I’ll have to write an article about how they’re different. We are all feeling all of this and the volunteers even more, because it’s affecting us in new ways with new physical body modifications. A few weeks ago, I had energy running up and through my entire stomach area. I had never experienced that before in my entire life as a volunteer embodier. It has been a strange last three months. 

I was not going to write this specific article today. I had another one in mind. It talked about the collective consciousness and how we are all connected. However, I decided to do this one instead because I felt it might be needed by many people. There are a lot newer, and different, physical changes for this year. The whole entire purpose of writing this, it was to make a list of some body modifications. There are a lot of people who have suddenly just become activated, and they have no idea why they feel the way that they do. So, for those who are experiencing this for the first time and you’re not sure why it’s happening to you. Here is a list of physical symptoms. 

Global Awakening Body Symptoms

  1. Left Side Of The Brain Activation and Headaches: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling, have been the left side of the brain headaches, pains, and activations. Since the middle of February, the left side of my brain has become more active, and I have felt sensations only on this side. It has felt unusual. As it can be doing stuff on the left side of my brain, while the right side stays normal, and nothing is being activated. This is a big one for those just activating. Your brain is being re-wired. You are being re-wired to understand yourself better. Who you are. What Ascension and Evolution is. You are slowly embodying higher intelligence information on higher consciousness and higher light concepts.
  2. Crown and Tops Of The Head Integration: In {2020} another one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the integration of light energy as it enters my crown and the top of my head. It is a normal symptom, but it has reached a whole new level. It is more intense, and I feel more pressure in that area than ever before. Those who are newly activated can feel this symptom to. It is okay as it just means that you’re aware of energy that is entering you, and it goes beyond just your understanding of what a headache means. It is more than a headache. You are actively embodying light energy. 
  3. Third Eye and Between The Eyes Integration: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the integration of light energy as it enters my third eye and in between my eyes. It is a normal symptom, but it has reached a new level. As it is now feeling heavier, and the pressure makes me need to close my eyes and try to stay calm. Those who are just activated. This is a symptom for you to. It means light energy is moving through the area in between your eyes and this can feel like a complete overload. It can cause blurred vision at times, with the ability to see light energy, ear ringing, and activate the re-wiring process to the frontal lobe of the brain.
  4. Eye Vision Issues and Sensitivity: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been blurred vision and massive sensitivity to light, brightness, which i have felt because of the fact that light energy is moving around in the area. This is a normal symptom. Those who have just become activated this is another one you will likely be feeling. It just means there is a change in your vision, where you are going to be able to see thing’s on a more spiritual level than before. Seeing lights, auras, and strange bright, white light structures, intersecting with regular everyday objects. 
  5. Closed off Throat and Parasitic Ties: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the closed off throat, a sore throat, tightness in my throat, trouble with swallowing, and in general parasitic black ties that are linked to my throat. I have been working on clearing these areas from my body. This is a normal symptom. However, it got more intense over these last few weeks. This can also be a symptom for those who are just becoming activated. This just means anything that is not in alignment within your truths, how you speak, and in general there can be some ear, nose, sinus, and throat issues. 
  6. Ear pain, Aches, Inner Ear Itches and Ringing: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been ear ringing, ear pain, itchy inner ear on the right side. I do have sinusitis and so I know when this flares up. The ear ringing has been a normal ascension symptom for me and that does include the auditory hearing of tones, songs, dials, patterns, and high-pitched noises. Those who are becoming activated will hear this symptom, and there are certain differences with ear ringing and having an ear infection. If there is inner ear pain and or itching check for an ear infection. 
  7. Kundalini Awakening and Whole Body Exploding With Light: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been a whole entire body experience where light energy has exploded within. It feels extremely warm, and it shakes your body slightly. This is a normal symptom. Especially of an awakening. Those who are activating will be experiencing this. It just means that the part of your spine has been open and activated and the energy within there has been awakened. 
  8. Tight Left Leg and Body Tightness: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the tightness in the body and especially the left leg. Some people experience this on their right leg. It just depends on which side of the body your more predisposed to this occurring on. This is something I have experienced from the very beginning. It is also a symptom where those who are becoming activated right now are experiencing. There can also be herniated disks associated with this as well, pinched nerve, sciatica pain. These are common within ascension.
  9. Dreams, Waking up Multiple Times, and Night Sweats: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the endless vivid dreams that all seem jumbled up, important dreams that involve old friends, old homes, old past life memories, night sweating because your clearing old information stored in your mind and body. This happens because you’re waking up and needing breaks at times. This is all part of the ascension process and this is as normal as it gets. Those who are being activated will feel all of this at this time. This just means that your body is going through an incredible cleansing process, so honor your body however way you can. 
  10. Psychic Powers and Heightened Abilities Activating: In {2020} one of the more unique and yet strange symptoms that I have been feeling. Has been the increase in heightened psychic abilities. If you have been feeling like you know things at a greater level, things that go beyond physical facts. Facts that you had no prior knowledge to. Feeling spirits. Sensing energies. Even setting off some electrical appliances because your energy has grown to the point where it affects the electromagnetic energy of those objects. These all come with ascension. Those who are being activated now will feel these right now. It is normal. It is common. It just means you are becoming aware of the fact that you are a very powerful being, who holds a powerful energy. 

These are not all of the unusual physical, mental, and psychic symptoms of what it feels like in early 2020. Also, for those who are being activated right now this is all very unusual, it is strange, it is new, and it is okay if you don’t comprehend it. I do want to emphasis one thing; that how you feel doesn’t necessarily mean that you have contracted SARS CoV-2 and there are differences. I will be writing an article about all of these differences. However, these symptoms that I listed are the main ones that I had/have been experiencing. Give yourself some time to familiarize yourself with them and see if this is what you have been feeling. Shut off the questions and your mind, and just trust your body. Get checked out if you have to. I did. I felt better for it. This is the process. Trust the process.

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